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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Sephora Mascara

Sephora mascara is one of the most popular today. The main characteristics include production in Italy and a volume of 15 ml.


Unusual tool case made in the form of a spiral. It has silver color inscriptions that are not erased even with long use. The brush is small, the rubber bristles are not high and are made in the shape of a spiral, thanks to which a lot of mascara is applied to the eyelashes, and from this they look lush and spectacular. Although the bristles are small, they also stain each eyelash, even in the corners, lengthen and add volume. Also, thanks to the brush on the eyelashes, a curling effect is created. Also, the girls noticed good resistance, since throughout the day it does not crumble and does not contain lumps when applied.

The dispenser may seem very large and impractical, but actually very convenient and located quite deep: it takes out as much carcass as needed for one layer. It does not have a pungent odor, but on the contrary, it is very pleasant and calm. Mascara is water resistant, so you have to rinse off only with makeup remover.

To date, Sephora has 5 series: Black, Brown, Purple, Blue, Turquoise. All of them add volume and elongation, which made this line famous. Not every girl will decide on colored mascara, but with the right combination, beautiful makeup can be obtained. For example, blue or turquoise mascara goes well with a beige tone of shadows or any natural color. And for evening makeup, blue mascara at the tips of the eyelashes and "smoky eyes" will do. It looks very original and stylish. Blue and turquoise are suitable for brown-eyed girls, emphasize the depth of view. Gray-eyed can also safely buy it, as they will make their eyes brighter, and the combination of gray and blue always looked interesting.

  • Brown mascara is a classic option and fits almost everything except a black pencil or eyeliner. Against their background, brown eyelashes seem faded and inexpressive. And so suitable for any day or bright evening make-up. Also, a representative of any eye color can use it, it suits everyone. Looks especially impressive on blondes.
  • Purple mascara in the daytime it is better to apply one, but in the evening it will look good with green, blue and purple colors. If you are the owner of red or red hair, then this color is yours: it looks beautiful and unusual. Color eyeliners and liners are now in fashion, and if you want to use them together with colored ink, it is better to choose all of the same color or shade.

In order not to look vulgar, you need to choose the right lipstick and blush.

Ideally, neutral colors but if you want to add color, then for violet, lipstick with shades of pink is suitable, for blue and turquoise - peach, for brown - beige.

Mascara can be applied both over the entire length, starting from the roots and ending with the tips, or partially. The second option looks more interesting. To do this, first paint in 2-3 layers with black mascara, and then gently apply color on the tips of the upper and lower eyelashes. This image looks impressive and unusual.

  • Mascara Sephora "Outrageous Curl" has the effects of elongation and separation. For those with short cilia, perfect. Eyelashes are not glued, but neatly divided. As a result, eyelashes look bright, saturated, create the effect of naturalness. "Outrageous Curl" has 2 shades: Black and Ultra Black. And they are really different from each other. Ultra Black is suitable for evening makeup, as the color is very bright and saturated. Black - softer for daytime makeup. It emphasizes the eyes, lengthens the eyelashes and gives expressiveness.
  • Mascara Sephora "Full Action" It has four shades: black, brown, purple and blue. Gives volume to eyelashes, increases, divides and makes a bend. The brush is long, pile, bristles of medium length. It has high resistance, even at the end of the day remains on the eyelashes unchanged.

According to reviews, you can say that mascara is in demand and many like it. Of the pluses, such qualities as elongation, twisting, contrasting color, price, durability, comfortable brush, original design are most often noted. In cons, you can highlight its excessive density, since because of this it dries for a long time. Many emphasize such a plus as frugality. For daytime makeup, one layer is enough. And when two or more are applied, the effect of "puppet eyes" is obtained.

Reviews about colored mascara are most often left by girls who are not afraid to experiment, mainly with evening make-up.

They believe that this is a good way to emphasize their individuality, to stand out from the crowd. Most often, blue or turquoise color is used, although for the daily everyday make-up, many prefer brown. Violet is also often bought, but with it you need to be especially careful in the combination of makeup colors.

You will see a comparison of Sephora mascara with products from other brands in the next video.

Watch the video: How to Choose the Best Mascara for You. Sephora (December 2019).


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