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Cream blush

If before it was difficult to imagine cosmetics with a creamy texture, today it has become commonplace. Easy to use cream blush will not only give your skin a delicate blush, but also take care of its hydration and nutrition. Cream blush conquer the world.


Recently, creamy textures have become one of the most popular and unique products. Among them is blush. Today, such a tool can appear in almost any form - in an ordinary powder box, like dry texture or in a tube resembling a foundation. The blush sticks have become very popular.

In general, blush is divided into three types:

  • dry textures;
  • cream textures;
  • ball blush.

Not everyone knows the advantage of creamy products over dry ones. Everything is simple. The constant use of products with a dry texture irritates your skin and makes it drier. Dry blush will only underline the flaws and peeling of dry skin. With cream products, such problems should not arise. The oily structure of the rouge is obtained thanks to nutritious oils. Such a product will not dry, but moisturize your skin. Creamy textures are considered more resistant than dry ones.

The only significant drawback of the product can be called the need to carry out thorough shading, however, any girl can get used to it - for the sake of an excellent result.

It must be remembered that cream blush will not allow you to get the desired effect if applied to the powder. It is necessary to apply the product on clean skin or foundation.

How to choose?

Today, when creamy textures are at the peak of their popularity, most brands have begun to actively produce such products. Blush comes in the standard form, in the form of a stick, in the form of a cream, some go further and even produce double blush. However, in so many cosmetics you can get confused and choose not at all what you need. Here are a few budget and expensive cream blush options.

"Chanel Le Blush Creme De" - One of the best options for cream blush, not related to the budget. The product is presented in a traditional powder box Chanel. There are few shades, but they are all perfect to wear. The blush has no smell, the brush is also not included. Blush does not require long shading, they are very obedient and fit perfectly on the skin, very persistent. Suitable for sculpting faces.

"Lumene Raspberry Miracle Blush Sorbet" - gorgeous stick-shaped blush. The packaging of the product is bright, it immediately catches the eye. In total, four shades are presented. The advantage of blush sticks is their application - it is almost impossible to miss (here especially if you want to highlight cheekbones). The product is twisted out of the stick like a lipstick. It is perfectly applied, resistant, does not slide into lumps. The stick is very economical - it can be enough even for a year.

"Essence Cream To Powder Soo Blush!" - One of the best options for those who want a more budget product with the same quality. Essence represents only two shades - hot pink and pale peach. The texture of the products is very soft, delicate. Peach blush gives a little shine, pink give the face a natural blush. Both products are perfectly applied and lay, do not slide into lumps.

"Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick" - These blush sticks do not fit the budget of every girl, but they are worthy of mention. This product presented to the buyer in the form of a stick can last a very long time, it is economical. Total Dior introduced his blush sticks in three shades. All of them are very well pigmented, there are no problems with shading.

"H&M Blush Stick" -blush budget, presented in stick. They are perfectly worn, shades are pigmented, do not make the skin oily, do not give it shine. Do not slide into lumps.

"Manly Pro HD Cream Blush" - externally, the bottle presses the packaging for the foundation, takes up a lot of space, but is very convenient to use. Blushers are presented in one shade, however, he can easily claim the title of universal - perfect for girls with any skin color. The product is worn all day, perfectly applied, the texture is pleasant, oily, while not oily skin.

"NYX Stick Blush" - Another budget option that boasts excellent quality. The product is presented as a stick, Nyx offers many shades. They are very persistent, give the effect of naturalness, are easy to apply and hold all day.

Avon Perfect Shade - It is also impossible not to remember the double cream blush. Avon offers a double stick product. One side is blush and the other is highlighter. The brand introduced a similar product, but already in a dry structure. Universal blush, they can be applied to the lips. Perfectly pigmented, well cope with the task. In general, the idea is quite good.

How to apply?

Cream products are not as easy to apply as dry. However, everyone can learn to use them, just a little effort. The first thing worth noting - blush does not have to be applied exclusively with a brush. For this, they may be suitable other means:

  • Sponge - A great option, especially if you pre-wet it a little.
  • Finger - you can control the whole process, the shade will look brighter.
  • Lip brush - you can take a small, thin brush.

First you need to choose the right blush color. With creamy textures, the same trouble can happen as with dry ones - even the most expensive product will look bad on inappropriate skin color. If it’s hard for you to focus on skin color, you can easily find the right shade by the color of your hair:

  • To the blondes Light and pastel colors are suitable - soft pink, peach.
  • Ginger bright colors are suitable for girls - peach, orange, sand.
  • Brunettes all of the above shades may work, the main thing is not to apply light colors on dark skin and too dark on light skin.

Blush should be applied on top of the tonal foundation, for blending - smooth circular movements. If this is your first time doing this, sponge is best. He can shade the product, even if you go too far with it.

For more experienced girls, an ordinary brush, of medium stiffness and with a densely stuffed pile, is suitable. The brush should be moved in the same smooth and circular movements. A bad brush can kill the action of the most expensive product. The pigment simply does not lie on the skin.

Blend the product until you are sure that the pigment has spread smoothly over the skin.

In the case of cream blush, you need to be careful, you can create the effect of red cheeks. Such a blush is not suitable for any girl. Do not abuse blush with a high content of shimmer.

To properly apply blush, you must necessarily take into account the shape of the face:

  • Round - owners of this type of face always strive to make it visually narrower, to emphasize the often invisible cheekbones. To do this, you should choose dark shades, but not very prominent on your skin. It is necessary to draw a line from the chin to the ear, and then carefully shade everything in a circular motion.
  • Oval face - the product must identify the cheeks. With this type of face, just smiling is enough to see where to apply the product.
  • Square face - to smooth out rough features, you need to start from the bottom of the cheeks. At the same time, it is contraindicated for this type of face to strongly highlight cheekbones.
  • Heart-shaped face - it is necessary to apply blush in the cheek area and thoroughly blend the product. Excessive brightness should be avoided.

Rating of the best

A review of cream blush allows you to understand how this product has more advantages over dry textures. Numerous reviews of girls who tested the newcomer, this only confirms. Summing up, we can once again recall all the advantages of cream blush:

  • do not dry the skin;
  • universal in application;
  • differ in durability;
  • economical;
  • go much smoother;
  • nourish the skin of the face;
  • contain healthy oils.

Many girls around the world have long switched from dry textures to cream ones. Cream cosmetics is becoming increasingly popular. Not only such blush is produced, but also shadows, powders. Dry structures fade into the background because they have many drawbacks. Most girls, once tasted cream blush, will never go dry again.

The rules for applying cream blush, see the next video

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