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Concealer stick

The foundation of perfect makeup is, above all, healthy and radiant skin. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of an even complexion, and every girl occasionally encounters inflammation that occurs for one reason or another. The modern beauty industry offers a large number of masking and corrective products.

Often the use of even the highest quality tonal foundation is not enough to get the most natural result. To mask minor imperfections, it is better to use more precise means. Here comes to the rescue such a convenient invention as a face concealer. Not everyone knows the benefits of using this product and that with its help you can get a really amazing effect.

If you choose the right shade of the concealer and use it in combination with foundation, you can easily get an even complexion without the effect of a mask.

What concealers are there?

To achieve the best possible result and for ease of use, concealers are available in several forms.

Their main difference will be the texture and density of the product, the final result in its application depends on them.

  • Concealer pencil - This is a dry texture corrector. It should be used pointwise, which is part of salicylic acid relieves inflammation and redness of the skin.
  • Liquid in a tube shades well, covering the skin with a thin layer hiding pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes. Its delicate texture does not dry sensitive areas of the skin.
  • Concealer stick has a more oily and dense texture. It is convenient to apply and it is able to hide even severe redness.
  • Palette - This is a great option for modeling and contouring, which have recently gained more and more popularity in the beauty industry.

The difference between concealer and corrector

There is a common misconception that concealer and concealer are completely interchangeable products that have the same masking properties. However, this is not the case. Corrector is a more dense tool that can mask severe inflammation and acne. Thanks to salicylic acid, which is part of the composition, they relieve inflammation and, at the same time, have a strong drying effect, which can subsequently lead to peeling of the skin. In this regard, this tool can be used only in inflamed areas, but not in areas with increased pigmentation and not to mask bruises under the eyes. To correct these shortcomings, it is better to use a concealer, which, thanks to its composition, has a more gentle effect on the skin. He does not dry it and that is why it can be used even on delicate skin around the eyes. Most concealers have a moisturizing effect, which is especially true for sensitive areas.

Features of selection

Like any concealer, the concealer should be selected taking into account the color of the skin and under the problem that it should hide. To mask the circles under the eyes, more orange and orange-apricot colors are suitable, they even out the tone and blend well with the foundation. Those whose complexion is more dull and gray should pay attention to beige shades, they will perfectly hide the imperfections and refresh the complexion, making it more healthy and radiant. Girls with pale skin should avoid dark and saturated shades, pale pink and pale peach colors will do their job perfectly. It is also worth paying attention to the form of release of the concealer: so dense sticks are more difficult to apply to the skin around the eyes, in contrast to more liquid products.

How to apply to mask dark circles under the eyes?

Since the skin around the eyes is thinner and more tender than the rest on the face, it is worth treating it with special attention and caution. Masking dark circles is a very delicate action, as the concealer should not only even out the color, but also not emphasize facial wrinkles. To achieve maximum fusion, colored peach and orange color mowers should be applied under the foundation, and beige on the contrary on top of the foundation. The tool should be applied in the form of a triangle, and not a semicircle, such a method during shading will more effectively mask them. The borders should be well shaded, and after that apply a foundation that completely hides the border of applying the concealer.

According to reviews of those who use the concealer on an ongoing basis, this is an indispensable tool to mask minor imperfections. Also, with its help, you can slightly change the shape of the nose, if you apply a small amount of concealer on the wings, and from above use the usual foundation.

How to use the concealer, see the video:

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