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Foundation Max Factor

The modern image provides for impeccability in everything, this also applies to appearance, so every girl and woman should look great. Today, there are many cosmetic tools with which you can easily hide flaws and add your own personal touch to the style. One of the most popular ways is to use makeup. Makeup allows not only to change the appearance, but also gives the representatives of the fair sex self-confidence, the opportunity for self-realization.

Proper makeup is considered a whole science.

This process begins with the choice of the tonal foundation, which is the basis for creating the image. The ideality and naturalness of the appearance directly depend on this cosmetic product. It not only helps hide acne, bumps, age spots, but also uniquely evens out skin color, making it natural and beautiful. Among the chic range of products, the tonal basis of Max Factor deserves special attention. Due to its natural composition, this product does not cause allergic reactions and always pleases with an amazing final result.

What is a tonal foundation?

The tonal base of Max Factor is considered a multifunctional cosmetic product, the main purpose of which is to even out skin tone. This is the so-called foundation or base of makeup, without which it is impossible to distinguish the relief of the face. To date, when applying makeup, you can not do without using a base for foundation. It is also important to note that this tool is an excellent help for girls who have problems with the epidermis in the form of rashes, acne and acne. Recently, most women prefer to acquire the foundation Max Faktor, as it allows you to easily cope with the following tasks:

  • Makes makeup more resilient. The image remains unchanged throughout the day.
  • Effectively masking age spots, evens skin color.
  • Eliminates various bumps on the face.
  • Moisturizes, intensely nourishes epidermal cells and tightens pores.
  • It gives the face a matte, healthy look.

There are several types of base for foundation, each of which is characterized by its unique properties and functions. So, for example, the traditional foundation has cosmetic particles in its composition, thanks to which the tone of the face is perfectly aligned and all minor imperfections become invisible. Moreover, this product is not used on its own, it is used exclusively as a preparatory layer for powder or cream.

To mask age-related changes, wrinkles and age spots, the special smoothing foundation helps well, it gives the skin a healthy look, ideal for aging and tired skin.

If the epidermis is dry, peeling and has redness, irritation, it is best to choose silicone-based products. As for the Max Faktor matting base, it makes the makeup especially fresh and bright, stops the appearance of black spots and clogged pores, this is an excellent choice for problematic oily skin. Moisturizing foundation is designed to nourish the epidermis, making the face fresh and soft. For a healthy shine, you should choose a radiant base, it is often used instead of powder.

The tinting basis of Max Faktor comes in different shades. To mask inflammatory processes, acne, capillaries, a green base is used. The pink shade is an excellent choice for a pale face, it gives the image a more natural and healthy look. To eliminate excessive yellowness of the skin caused by metabolic disorders or smoking, use a purple base. The blue traces under the eyes will effectively hide the yellow tint, but the white base will give the face a beautiful look and a healthy glow.

Features and Benefits

To look beautiful, it is not necessary to apply makeup on the lips and eyes, but the skin tone should always be even. Of course, a full sleep, sports training, proper nutrition have a positive effect on skin health, but not all women can afford such a lifestyle. Therefore, in recent years, most of the fair sex has found a simpler way. This is the use of a tonal foundation that perfectly emphasizes the complexion and reliably hides all its imperfections. The Max Faktor tonal base is not a novelty in the cosmetics market; it has positively established itself and is very popular and in demand.

This tool was created specifically for natural makeup.

It has not only a tinting effect, but also reliably cares for the skin. The composition of the product includes unique microparticles that provide a complete fusion of the base with the epidermis of the face. In addition to all this, special reflective elements mask enlarged pores, fine wrinkles and various pigmentation. The main advantages of the tonal basis of this brand include:

  • Ease of use. The product is applied in a thin layer, does not clog pores. A tube with a pump allows you to economically spend the product, while maintaining its purity and freshness. To create makeup, just one press of the pump.
  • Mousse consistency does not create a mask effect.
  • Elastomer, which are part of the foundation give the skin elasticity and shine.
  • Provides effect marinating for 5 hours, without hiding the natural complexion.

How to choose?

In order to make the image look natural when applying makeup, it is necessary to choose the right base. Despite the chic range of these products, the selection is made according to the type of skin. For normal skin, a loose base is preferred, for a dry epidermis, a cream base is suitable, and for oily - a water-based. Also at the time of purchase, it is advisable to consider the following recommendations:

  • When choosing a tool, preliminary testing is performed, in which the tonal base is applied to the chin area. If there is no contrast between the face tone and the applied product, the base is suitable.
  • The foundation should not stand out against the background of the skin. If the complexion is pink, you can not apply the base exactly the same shade, it is worth choosing a beige color. For a yellowish skin, a pink tone is suitable, and for a dark skin - apricot.

Max Factor line

The foundation of this brand is popular all over the world. Today, among a huge selection of products, the Max Faktor makeup base of such series as Miracle Match, Lasting Performance, Facefinity 3-in-1, Skin Luminizer and Color Adapt.

Modern tonal foundation formula Miracle touch gives self-confidence and an ideal look of the skin, lies flat, effectively hides all the shortcomings of the epidermis and creates a natural smooth coating. Great for beginners in makeup, as it is easy to apply and allows you to quickly create the desired image. Lasting Performance foundation is characterized by resistance to blur, the effect of makeup lasts up to 8 hours. This series is well suited for sensitive skin, as it does not clog pores. It has various shades, which makes it easy to choose products for any face tone.

A well-proven cosmetic product Facefinity 3-in-1. The manufacturers in this database skillfully combined the corrective properties of the concealer and the resistance based on a liquid coating with SPF 20. Thanks to its unique composition, the product allows not only to hide all visible skin imperfections, but also makes makeup perfect throughout the day.

The cosmetic product Color Adapt and Skin Luminizer Foundation are characterized by a complete set of mineral elements that nourish skin cells.

In addition, the base blends harmoniously with the natural tone of the face and gives it a radiance.

Correct application

The cosmetic base is applied strictly to a clean face. To do this, you can use any traditional cleaning products. The application process is performed either with a clean sponge or with two fingers. Movements should be point-like and start from the center line of the face, smoothly moving to the hairline. The upper eyelids are covered with a small amount of base. To simplify the makeup process, it is recommended that you first make a zigzag markup on the face along the cheeks, a line in the center of the nose and on the forehead.


Today, more and more women prefer the tonal basis of Max Faktor, which has received many positive reviews. This product is considered multifunctional, as it not only allows you to create beautiful makeup, but also provides the necessary skin care. Using this database, you can achieve excellent results in the correction of appearance - to mask all the flaws and emphasize the natural beauty.

You will see a test drive of the tonal basis of Max Factor in the next video.

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