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Shaving in an intimate place for a man

Modern standards of beauty 10-20 years ago would have caused a wave of embarrassment, resentment and controversy, however, the world is changing, and many things are becoming the norm. This also applies to the old saying that a real man should be "powerful, smelly and hairy." Shaving the stronger sex has not only the face, but also more intimate parts. How to do it right and without harm to health, avoiding unwanted irritation - read on.

According to instructions

Most (about 80%) of men prefer to carry out such procedures at home. To do everything correctly and as painlessly as possible, you need to follow simple rules:

  1. If the vegetation can be called lush, for starters you’ll come to the rescue male trimmer (or ordinary scissors). Try to “mow the lawn” as much as possible so that the razor does not clog with excess hair.
  2. When the groin area is cleared, cover the entire working surface with foam for shaving or use a special gel for depilation. If you are familiar with the principle of action, then you know that rich foam helps soften skin and hair, providing better friction of the razor on the surface. The softer the machine goes, the more accurate is the shaving process. After applying the product, leave it for a couple of minutes, let it work. Do not wave the razor immediately after application.
  3. Since the skin in this delicate area is wrinkled, help yourself with your hands. Stretch the desired areas so as not to damage the delicate dermis.
  4. After shaving, the remaining hair and foam must be removed with water. Then you need to cover the affected areas with lotion. It will help prevent irritation.

Rules to help avoid problems.

You already know one recommendation regarding the waiting time necessary for the foam to work, but there is more!

If possible, experts recommend not using disposable razors. The reason is commonplace - their blades are terrible. Workmanship is poor, and the lack of a movable head limits maneuverability. In this case, such a mistake can be expensive.

If you have the opportunity to choose a shaving cream, pay attention not to the company, the color of the package and the smell, but to ensure that the product is hypoallergenic. The area is really delicate. Even if you used an electric razor, there is a chance to get a micro-wound and cause irritation. A good cream will help prevent such unpleasant situations.

If you do not live alone, do not use your partner’s machine, even if it seems very convenient to you. It is just unhygienic.

Get a few different razors for different parts of the body. The shaver you use in the groin area should not touch anything else — armpits, arms, legs, or face. This rule should again be attributed to elementary standards of personal hygiene.

If, following all the above recommendations, the procedure is still difficult for you, try to relax in hot water before shaving. Steamed skin will be better manipulated.

The last commandment for perfect shaving - the movement of the machine should be carried out along a certain path. Strictly in the direction of hair growth. If you act on the contrary, the ends of the cut hairs will become pointed. They will cling to underwear, causing discomfort. Most likely, you will want to scratch yourself, and this will cause even more irritation and itching.

Not everyone knows what to do if a sharp blade in the immediate vicinity of intimate places causes panic.

Do not worry, your fear is understandable. If you can’t overcome yourself, there are other ways to get rid of unwanted hair:

  • Try a special gel. It is easily applied and washed off already with hair. Yes, the result is not one hundred percent. Most likely, some hairs will have to be carefully trimmed, but most of the work will go unnoticed by you.
  • Machine to help. Due to the huge number of nozzles, an electrical appliance can greatly simplify the process and minimize all risks. It is important to flush the nozzle after each shaved area.

Hard to reach places

Down with embarrassment, you have to look fear in the face and use the mirror. If you do not want someone from outside to help you in this intimate process, you will have to use a glass.

Often it is inconvenient for men to perform the procedure while standing, and many prefer to do this while lying on a flat surface. So it really can be more convenient. Give it a try.

Important. When you go to the shower after completing the procedure, do not use gels or soap with aggressive ingredients. Not a very suitable product either has a sharp (albeit pleasant) smell, or has a too synthetic color, almost with gasoline overflows.

Ideally, the gel or soap should be white in color, without any particular smell. They should resemble a creamy texture or body milk.

Few men and women like to shave intimate places, but you should definitely not be afraid and worry before this procedure. If you have not tried to remove hair, it is worth starting. Everything is not so scary, but aesthetically and in terms of hygiene, the inguinal zone without hairline exceeds lush vegetation.

How to properly shave in intimate places - in the next video.

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