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Aloe Vera Cream

Modern cosmetology actively uses the unique properties of medicinal plants. Aloe vera cream is one of such products that combines both a caring and a healing effect.

Plant benefits

The composition of aloe is rich in vitamins, amino acids and valuable trace elements. This plant has an antibacterial effect, it is used in the treatment of skin diseases. It relieves irritation, accelerates the restoration of the skin.

A face cream based on this ingredient can be invaluable for any type of skin. Such a comfort cream will not only help in case of problems with the epidermis. It will give the skin hydration, a healthy color and youth, because one of its features is the activation of collagen production.

Product Overview

"Aloe" from the company "Spring"

Cream packaged in a 45 ml tube is intended for normal to oily skin. The product has a light texture and unobtrusive aroma. It perfectly moisturizes the skin, maintaining an optimal water-lipid balance. At the same time, aloe has a matting effect, reduces irritation, evens out complexion.

Despite the budget cost and composition, including a large number of synthetic substances, many Russians liked the cream. The tool is easy to apply, quickly absorbed, perfectly soothes the epidermis. The skin becomes soft and tender, acquires a more even color. The cream also helps fight peeling and small rashes.

Rosehip and Aloe by Avon

The cream in a nice green jar refreshes, soothes and mattifies the skin. The product is intended for women from 20 years.

It is suitable for owners of the combined and oily type of epidermis, copes with oily sheen. The product is also useful to those who suffer from dryness or irritation of the face. These problems disappear in a couple of days of its use.

The cream has a pleasant texture, light aroma. When applied to the skin, it is quickly absorbed, moisturizing and at the same time neutralizing excess oiliness.

The tool is great for use as a base for makeup, skin care in the hot season. The beneficial ingredients indicated in the title are at the very end of the product. However, customers consider it a worthy day care product.

Gel "Nature's Secrets" (Sri Lanka)

This company is known for its natural cosmetics made from oils, herbs, fruit extracts grown on its own plantations.

The concentrated gel contains 94% aloe vera and has healing properties. It minimizes irritation after depilation, insect bites, excessive tanning. The gel also copes with the treatment of acne.

According to reviews, the product really helps the skin cope with stress, soothes, heals, accelerates cell regeneration.

To-Plan from Japan

This Japanese product includes not only aloe, but also other beneficial moisturizers. These are hyaluronic acid, placenta and collagen.

The cream is universal. The melting texture is instantly absorbed, moisturizing and softening the skin. The product is ideal for daily care, and as a base for makeup. Aloe helps restore the epidermis, so the cream is suitable for men as an after-shave.

Judging by the reviews, the cream is really perfectly absorbed, leaving no feeling of a sticky film and moisturizes well. With daily use, the complexion becomes more uniform, and the skin is more tender.

Gel "Cooling Soothing" from France

This remedy includes 99% aloe vera. It is a therapeutic product that also includes panthenol, known for its healing properties. The product soothes irritated skin, provides a cooling effect, reduces pain and itching, accelerates healing.

The gel is easily absorbed, restores the water balance of the skin. Suitable for care after depilation and peeling. It can also save the epidermis in case of sunburn or insect bite.

The gel delicately helps to deal with these problems, reviews fully confirm all the declared properties.

"Kaoyo" from China

Moisturizing cream with aloe increases the elasticity of the epidermis, restores the protective barrier, preserves youth and freshness of the face. In addition, the product enriches the cells with oxygen and beneficial substances, soothes and heals the skin.

The product has anti-inflammatory properties, neutralizes irritation, helps fight a number of skin problems.

Like most Chinese products, the cream deserves a good grade. Moisturizing, toning, reducing inflammation - with all this, the product copes with ease.

Aloe Vera Gel from Thailand

This Thai product provides complete daily care for any type of epidermis. The composition of the product includes pure aloe vera gel, water and carbopol.

The gel moisturizes and softens the skin, restores it after damage (insect bites, shaving, tanning), accelerates regeneration. The tool reduces redness of the skin, soothes and neutralizes itching.

The product can be used as a moisturizing and regenerating mask. In this case, it is applied to the skin for 20 minutes. Then the face gets wet with a napkin.

Suitable gel and as a therapeutic agent for local use. For this, the product is applied only to irritated places.

Buyers note the excellent composition of the product and the noticeable result of its use. The gel is quickly absorbed, completely not felt on the skin. It perfectly moisturizes, neutralizes redness, is economically consumed. Suitable for face, hands and décolleté.

"Aloe Vera" by LR, Germany

Protective cream with aloe vera and propolis is a multi-purpose product. In addition to these two components, the cream formula includes 8 more active and skin-friendly ingredients.

The product softens and moisturizes the epidermis, increases elasticity, neutralizes peeling and irritation. It is ideal for restoring weathered skin in winter and after tanning in summer. The healing components help the quick healing of scratches and other minor injuries.

Customers are delighted with this cream. He is a real lifesaver for sunburns, dry heels, and peeling from the frosty wind. Moms often use this product for their babies. Diathesis, irritation, diaper rash - any problem is solved with it.

"Aloe Vera" by Tabaiba, Spain

Dermatological gel from a Spanish manufacturer is 100% composed of aloe vera extract. The tool is designed to moisturize and restore damaged epidermis.

The gel has a transparent, weightless texture, is easily distributed on the skin and is quickly absorbed without creating a film and without interfering with the skin's breathing. It refreshes, softens, soothes and heals.

Judging by the reviews, everything described by the manufacturer is true.

"Bark New Line" multivitamin

This cream with a rich formula provides complete skin care of any type. In addition to medicinal aloe, it includes a vitamin complex that charges the epidermis with energy and health.

Valuable oils nourish and soften the skin, phytoextracts provide protection against ultraviolet radiation and other external influences. The product also removes toxins and toxins, prolongs youth, increases skin elasticity.

Reviews on this product are controversial. Many people like the cream. They note the moisturizing and soothing properties of the product, confirm the improvement in the condition of the skin after its use. Others do not see the difference between this cream and the usual moisturizing analogues of other companies. The low content of aloe in the composition of the product is also frustrating.

Cream mask "Aloe" from Stix

This unique product with pectins combines the properties of a moisturizer and mask with a lifting effect.

The product is intended for night use. It deeply nourishes, moisturizes, tones, improves skin elasticity, evens out its color. In addition, the product has anti-inflammatory and decongestant effects.

Buyers confirm the improvement of complexion, increase the smoothness and softness of the skin. With daily use of the cream, you can notice a slight lifting effect.

A review of facial care with aloe vera cosmetics can be found in the next video.

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