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Women's Shaving Foam

Modern standards of beauty dictate their conditions to us in relation to everything from hairstyles to shades of tan. Smooth well-groomed skin is an absolute trend. To maintain the beauty of the legs and arms, we often resort to the simplest way to get rid of unwanted hair - to depilation. To soften stiff enough hairs, it is recommended not to neglect female shaving foam. It will be discussed in this article.

Advantages over men

Everything is very simple. The skin of men is much denser, coarser, respectively, and the thickness of the hairline is gender different. Women's shaving foams are more delicate, they often contain more oils and natural ingredients, which, in addition to facilitating the shaving process, nourish and moisturize the skin, acting as a soothing cream gel after.

Terms of use

To get started, remove from the bottle the right amount of product in the palm of your hand. Do not immediately apply everything to the hands, feet or intimate area. Dose shaving foam, because a small drop when applied turns into a large volume and you can simply translate the product. A standard bottle may be enough for a couple of months of daily use, if you approach the waste of funds wisely.

Apply the product to the shaving area in smooth circular movements. Try to keep your spaces free. Foam should lay down in an even layer, forming a very dense coating.

Let the remedy act. Wait a couple of minutes, no need to tackle your favorite pink Gillette Venus machines immediately. The product should have time to soften the skin and slightly raise the hairs at the root. Two or three minutes will be enough to make the shave go smoothly. After each movement with a razor, remove residual products and hair that have stuck to the machine with water.

If after you have shaved, the hair still has missed hairs, do not be lazy, treat the area again and only then proceed to re-shave. This is very important, because you have already damaged the skin the first time you go, so you should not injure it even more when processing without foam.

When you are finished shaving, wash the work area well in warm water. Do not leave the product on the body.

Hazardous ingredients

Skin irritation can be a pretty serious problem. If you do not want the skin of your legs or hands to become covered with red spots or a rash after shaving, be sure to look at the composition. Ingredients such as alcohol or methanol should definitely not be on the label. Peppermint extract is also undesirable.

Most Popular Products

Among women, one of the most popular firms is Gilette venus, it is she who tops our rating. Now in the product line there are more and more products that relate to hair removal (complete hair removal along with the bulb), but if you adhere to the classical methods, the line will suit you "Satin Care ".

It contains the following hair removal products:

  • "Satin Care " for sensitive skin. It contains useful vitamin E and aloe extract, which perfectly soothe the skin.

  • Gel "Pure And Delicate", which is amazingly suitable for allergy sufferers. It does not contain dyes or fragrances. If you suffer from frequent irritation of the dermis, give preference to it.

  • "Radiant Apricot" - A great option for normal skin. It has a pleasant peach aroma and copes with its direct tasks.

  • "Avocado Twist". As the name implies, it contains avocado oil. It is quite nutritious, so if you need good hydration, look for this shaving cream on store shelves.

  • "Violet Swirl", Developed in conjunction with Olay, provides super-hydration. The composition contains shea butter, which nourishes your skin with the necessary vitamins, making it radiant and unsurpassed smooth.

  • "Lavander Kiss" - This is another classic option. The product smells very nice of roses, lavender and gives a little aroma of lily.

  • "Olay Vanilly Dream" - the latest product, again created in conjunction with a friendly brand. Its formula helps prevent moisture loss during the shaving process, and the shea butter extract in the composition provides additional hydration.

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A worthy competitor of a company in the market is a company Arko. In addition to the large men's line, you can find funds for yourself. The "Soft Touch" series is perhaps the most popular. There are two types of products in it:

  • "Soft Touch" for sensitive skin. The composition contains vitamin E and aloe extract, almond milk is present in a small amount, which perfectly softens and soothes the skin.

  • The second variation is called “Tropical Freshness. ” Reviews about it can be called controversial, but everyone notes a wonderful delicate aroma of mango and mandarin. Almond milk is also present in the composition.

Despite the rule “for girls - to the right, for boys - to the left”, ladies often choose men's shaving foam for themselves and one of the leaders is the company Nivea. Their foams, although designed for men, are really very soft, gentle and perfectly help in the process of shaving. The company is famous for its incredible skin care and every product is made with the expectation of its nutrition and hydration. So if you have not found the perfect remedy in the female department, try to look into the male.

In fact, it’s not so important which shaving foam you will use. The main thing is that you have it in principle. Do not ignore this product, even if you have thin blonde hair that can be easily removed without foam. In the process of shaving, not only the fact of hair removal is important, but also the care of the dermis. TOA burn should be minimized, especially if you shave every day. Mechanical actions in any case will have a negative effect, even if you do everything very carefully or locally.

It is wiser to choose machines and foam from the same manufacturer. You probably know that products of the same series in a pair always work better. Shaving foam is not so expensive, and the skin, although it has a regenerating property, still needs your constant support.

Foam or gel - which is better for shaving? The answer to this question in the next video.

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