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Facial hair removal

No matter how beautiful the hairstyle and make-up, no matter how dazzling the dress a woman puts on herself, the whole impression can be spoiled by a small, seemingly, completely invisible detail - the hair on the face. Unfortunately, quite a lot of women suffer from this problem.

The reasons

There are a lot of factors that affect the growth of hair follicles on the face. According to the results of studies, it was found that follicles are very sensitive to various kinds of changes both within the body and to external influences. Consider the most basic causes of unwanted facial hair growth:

  • Change in hormonal levels. Very often, during menopause, women who have reached the age of 50 notice an increase in hairline on the face. This is due to the fact that just at this age they have an increase in the level of the "male" hormone - estrogen. In addition, young girls, reaching puberty, also note an increase in this indicator. It is also associated with a change in hormonal levels.
  • Taking contraceptives. Very often, women who take oral contraceptives face this problem, since they contain a large amount of hormones. Unfortunately, far few consult a doctor before taking the drug, based on the opinions of acquaintances. This subsequently brings many problems with the body, including increasing the level of unwanted hair on the body and face.
  • Heredity. Women of some nationalities have a distinct problem with excess facial hair. Most often this applies to women of Caucasian nationalities. In addition, there are times when this problem passes from mother to daughter or if someone from close relatives suffered from virtuosism.
  • Women's issues. Sometimes a woman who has several hairs on her chin or forehead does not even suspect that the reason lies much deeper than on the surface of the hairline. Polycystic ovary causes beard growth.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system. When a woman has problems, for example, with the adrenal glands, then she often increases unwanted hair growth, since the endocrine system is responsible for many processes, including hair growth.
  • Pregnancy. Very often, when taking multivitamin or hormonal preparations in pregnant women, there is an increase in fluffy hair throughout the body, including on the face.

Permanent Hair Removal Methods

If, for any reason, a woman still has unwanted facial hair, then she immediately wonders how to finally get rid of them. To do this, you need to act directly on the hair follicle in order to destroy it. There are several ways to permanently remove unwanted hairs:

  • Electric hair removal. A special device is connected to hundreds of small needles that pierce each hair and send alternating current through it. Due to the heat generated, the hair simply burns out and is no longer able to generate a new hair bulb. As for soreness, the procedure is far from pleasant; local anesthesia is almost always used. A huge minus of this technique is the high probability of getting a burn, scars and scars can also remain.
  • Electrolysis. The technology of this method is similar to electric hair removal. Many women prefer this method, since it is much less traumatic. A galvanic current flows through the needles, which kills unwanted hairs. Dead hair is removed with tweezers.
  • Light technique. This technique includes the most modern types of hair removal forever - this is photoepilation and laser hair removal. The principle of operation is approximately similar: A light beam destroys the hair that contains melanin. Only in the first case, the laser acts on a wide area, and in the second case on a specific area. This method contains huge advantages. For example, the skin is not injured at all, it is almost painless, the risks are minimal. Even after the procedure, the skin does not look irritated, no scars and abrasions. This unit copes with fluffy hair, for example, a mustache above the lip. Photoepilation is saving for women with very dense vegetation - in a matter of seconds it affects a large area of ​​even very stiff and curly hair. The only negative of this type is the inability to remove gray hair.
  • Elos - cutting-edge technology for hair removal on the body and on the face, based on the principle of laser depilation. It contains both methods, while acting on very fair hair, which could not be removed by the above methods. Therefore, people who would like to get rid of unwanted gray hair method Elos will be the best option. Another big plus in this method is the ability to stay in the sun of that part of the body on which hair removal was performed. Neither photo nor laser hair removal allowed this.

Contraindications for hardware procedures

Despite all the advantages of hardware techniques for removing unwanted facial hair, there are a number of contraindications. Therefore, if a decision was made in favor of this procedure, you should familiarize yourself with them. Here is a list of the most important contraindications:

  • Oncological diseases;
  • Hereditary predisposition to bleeding;
  • Cystic formations;
  • Neuralgia;
  • Breast or senile age (above 75 years);
  • Diabetes.

A special factor is the presence of moles on the body. If by themselves they do not cause inconvenience and no decision was made to remove them, then we can safely consider the possibility of hair removal of unwanted facial hair, because it provides for their presence. The only thing you need to identify the nature of the mole - benign or malignant. In the first case, you can gently epilate the desired areas, trying to minimize the effect with a mole, in the second case, hardware procedures are unacceptable.

Also, special care must be taken to birthmarks. They, unlike moles, do not carry the risk of acquiring cancer, but still it is advisable not to expose them to hardware cosmetology.

Temporary removal methods

Today, there are a huge number of ways to remove unwanted facial hair. The modern cosmetology market offers various ways to remove hair for every taste and budget. Consider the most popular methods:

  1. Depilation. You can often hear this word when it comes to hair removal. During depilation, the hair itself is removed, which is above the skin without damaging the root. Very often, hair removal is carried out at home on their own, but it should be noted that in a cosmetology clinic a person with a medical education will perform hair removal much better and the result will last much longer. Consider the main forks of depilation:
  • Shaving. With the help of a machine, hair is mechanically trimmed, but the root of the hair and follicles are not affected.
  • Sticky strips for depilation. Typically, paper strips on one side are impregnated with wax, which effectively adheres to the hair and then peel off with a sharp movement, thereby removing unwanted hair. There are many different manufacturers of waxing sets, such as Weet or set "Markell".
  • Chemical depilation. With the help of powders, lotions, foams and gels, there is an effect on the structure of regrown hair. It becomes loose and easily breaks off at the very base, thereby depilating unwanted hair. The procedure is less painful than using sticky strips, so it can be used on the face, if the manufacturer allows it.
  • Waxing. This method is also based on the use of hot or cold wax. A thick paste is applied to the desired area, then the time is waited for and the wax is mechanically removed with the hairs adhering to it.
  • Spring. A flexible wand tightly wound in a spring is available in a makeup bag for almost any Asian woman. The principle of operation is simple: scrolling on the skin, the spring captures all visible and invisible hairs.
  • Trimmer. To remove hair painlessly and quickly, you can use a special electric device for the face - a trimmer. A small, conveniently placed device with a sharp blade will quickly get rid of the gun or antennae above the upper lip. It can also even out the shape of eyebrows and remove hair in the auricle.

Popular remedies at home

Perhaps every woman knows how much hair removal procedures cost in salons and cosmetology clinics. It especially affects the affordability of those who have excessive “hairiness” - a real problem that needs to be addressed several times a month. The cost of services in the salons varies, but the fact that they are classified as expensive is for sure.

Therefore, more and more ladies come to the use of folk methods for removing unwanted facial hair. If everything is done carefully, you can independently get rid of excess hair without spending a fabulous amount of money.

For example, a lot of women prefer shaving. If you buy an expensive machine, then you can easily get rid of fluffy and blond hair above the upper lip. The only drawback of this method is that you need to work very carefully with the blade, as there is a risk of injury. In addition, the hair grows fast enough and gets tougher.

A very convenient method of dealing with excess hair is masks. At home, a mask, for example, from turmeric, is quite simple to make. It is enough to mix the spice with water to the desired consistency and apply on the face. With prolonged use, you can notice that the hairs become thinner and invisible, and their growth is noticeably slowed.

With ingrown hair on the skin it helps very well salicylic acid. By cleansing the top layer of the skin, the acid helps the ingrown hair "get out" to the surface, after which it can be removed. In addition, it perfectly relieves irritation, has antimicrobial properties.

One of the most popular folk methods for removing unwanted hair is hydrogen peroxide. She is an antiseptic, also part of home hair brighteners. Peroxide bleaches the pigment of the hair, and then completely destroys it. The hair becomes more brittle, and the follicle dies. But for the final result, at least 10% peroxide should be used.

Also, to infuse facial hair growth, infusions of herbs are used. Of course, they are able to remove hair in one application, but systematic application will help get rid of unwanted hair growth. Here are a few of these plants: nettle seeds, dope, saffron, turmeric, hyacinth, poppy. It is worth remembering that many of these are toxic and must be used with extreme caution.

Another way to remove facial hair is the use of compresses with soda. In an aqueous solution, gauze or cotton wool is wetted, fixed on the desired area and left overnight. After a few sessions, facial hair will be invisible or already fall off. It is important not to forget to apply a moisturizer to the face.

Hydroperite Solution as well as compresses with soda left overnight. The result is not long in coming, especially if you repeat the procedure every two days. The only drawback of this method is that the preparation is quite caustic, so the skin on the treated area can deteriorate very much, and you need to apply the solution in rubber gloves.

Skin care after the procedure

After the hair on the unwanted areas has been removed, it is worth taking care of the skin, because it is also very affected. Acne, redness and roughness - this is what usually happens on the skin after hair removal. You can use various methods to help her recover. For example, a male aftershave cream will help to relieve irritation after depilation or shaving.

After hair removal, some women apply baby powder, but dermatologists are not supporters of this method, since it clogs the wounded pores so that it can lead to infection.

To remove redness on the skin, you can use folk remedies: wipe the area with a decoction of chamomile, calendula or celandine.

Panthenol - just a savior for injured skin. It calms the skin in a matter of minutes, relieves redness and itching.

Aloe juice lotion will help the skin come in a comfortable state. A compress will be especially effective immediately after the procedure. So the skin will recover as quickly as possible.


As practice shows, many girls use a mechanical removal of unwanted facial hair for a quick result. Such as shaving with a machine tool or trimmer. Despite the fact that the hair soon reappears, these methods are the most popular due to the speed of removal.

The second most popular is depilation with a spring. The method is very effective, but quite painful. It's hard enough for hours to stand in front of the mirror and remove all the hairs on the face.

The best reviews women leave about light techniques for removing unwanted hair. The result is undoubtedly beyond all expectations, but the procedure is very expensive. But after several sessions, unnecessary vegetation can be forgotten forever.

As for folk methods, girls note the high efficiency of masks based on hydrogen peroxide and lotions that contain hydroperite. Despite the duration of the application, the result suits everyone - facial hair becomes significantly smaller and the growth rate is clearly reduced.

In the next video - advice on how to remove hair at home forever.

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