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Strips for hair removal

Every girl wants to be beautiful and well-groomed. Special attention in this area deserves a question related to skin care. Anyone wants the body to attract attention with its delicate and velvety surface. The presence of excess body hair can bring great inconvenience, which is what most women try to fight. Wax strips for hair removal have worked well in this matter, helping to eradicate unwanted hairs.


Many people wonder what is the difference between hair removal and depilation. Hair removal refers to the artificial elimination of excess vegetation by destroying the hair bulb or removing hair along with the roots.

A similar method differs from depilation in that with its help the hairs are removed along with the root. There are many types of hair removal, including wax strips. Depilation includes procedures such as the use of razors, depilation creams, because such methods do not affect the development of hair in the future.

Wax strips are small pieces of a certain type of paper on which the wax composition is located. Some manufacturers offer fabric options, but they have almost no differences from the paper type. This type of hair removal is related to cold wax. This suggests that the composition does not require heating in order for it to melt. For work, the warmth of the hands themselves is enough.

On sale there are strips of a universal type, as well as directed to a specific area of ​​the body.

They can vary in size, include various flavored compounds, and are also divided by skin type.

If we talk about the benefits of wax strips, then they are as follows:

  • This method of hair removal is very affordable. You can perform the procedure at any time, no matter where you are;
  • You don’t need to wait until the hair grows. The procedure can be performed on hairs, the length of which is only 1.5 mm;
  • the tool is economical. One strip is enough for several times. You can use it until the hair is glued to the material;
  • the effect of hair removal lasts up to 4 weeks. The exact period will depend on the growth rate of your hair;
  • wax strips injure the hair follicle, which causes a violation of the functions of hair growth.

Despite the many advantages, the tool has disadvantages. Negative qualities include:

  • soreness activity;
  • wax can stay on the surface of the skin, which leads to a feeling of discomfort;
  • hairs cannot be captured completely for one procedure, so the strip will need to be glued repeatedly;
  • there is a possibilitythat an allergic reaction to the composition of wax and other elements present in the formulation of the substance can manifest itself;
  • if you cannot ensure adequate skin fixation; abrasions and bruising may remain on it;
  • typical for wax strips elimination of fluffy hair, which gives a command to activate the growth of coarse hair with dark pigment;
  • body inflammation may be present during the day.

Each girl should be familiar with these features in order to weigh all the pros and cons and determine the type of hair removal.


There are three options for waxing: the use of cold, warm or hot wax. Wax strips are used for different areas of the body.

On sale there are clean strips that are used for hair removal on a professional level (products fromChistovye"). There are also products that already have a wax composition.

They can also be classified by their texture. There are paper and fabric. Paper is a budget option. These strips are disposable. Together with them there is a napkin that helps cleanse the skin of wax particles. Fabric strips have a significant advantage, as they are reusable. However, non-woven strips have a cheaper price tag, in contrast to the described option.

If we talk about strips that do not initially have wax, then they are used when working with a hot and warm type of wax, in shugaring, and even at home. They are perfect for hair removal, since they imply the use of not only a wax composition, but also sugar paste. Strips are made from cotton or paper. The difference may be in density, dimensions and brand.

The sale of this type of strips is carried out in a roll, the length of which is up to 100 meters. There are also pre-made strips of various sizes, depending on the application.

There are also gel strips that are very popular among women. They are suitable for sensitive skin types, reducing irritation.

Which are better?

According to practice, perfect wax wipes have not yet been invented. Even girls experienced in hair removal report that practice is considered the main point of this issue. After some time, you can get used to the type of your epithelium, the type of vegetation and decide on the most convenient way to remove hair.

For face

Many companies sell wax strips that are designed to remove hair above the lip, as well as areas above or below the eyebrows. Trademarks that produce products for this direction add special components to the composition, aimed at a gentle type of skin.

For armpits

For the armpit zone, you should take the help of your friends. This is due to the fact that you need to tear off the strip very sharply, as well as fixing the skin with your second hand.

If you independently carry out epilation of the armpits, you can cope with the first rule, but fixing the skin will be difficult, which can lead to bruises or abrasions.

For shugaring on legs

This area of ​​the body, as well as the hands are processed quite easily and quickly. You can independently use wax strips and get a body without extra vegetation. As a rule, work with this part of the body is accompanied by less painful sensations.

For intimate places

If we talk about the bikini zone, then with your own hands you can get rid of that vegetation, which is located along the line of linen, as well as on the pubis. Hair located on the inside of the thighs can also be easily removed.

Deeper removal is not possible because the strips are not intended for hard to reach places. Even if you cut the strips into thin pieces, you may not always be able to stick the material for hair growth and fix them well.

How much are and where are they sold?

The price tag of wax strips may vary. For example, products from Byly, designed for facial hair removal, can cost about 220 rubles, a trademark Shary offers cheaper strips, the price of which is about 170 rubles.

The price tag will depend on the number of strips in a pack. It is worth noting that buying large packages is more profitable. The more expensive category includes wax strips, which contain special components for skin care.

No one can say for sure how much hair removal from a certain part of the body will cost you, because everything is calculated individually and depends on the amount of vegetation and the area of ​​the treated area. If you plan to remove hair from the face, then packaging in which there are 12 strips may be enough for several times. You can spend the whole bundle per session on foot shugging.

You can buy wax strips for hair removal in any store. They are sold in pharmacies, beauty salons, specialty stores, and even large hypermarkets.

Popular brands

Many brands make wax strips. Among many brands there are those that have been able to win a wide audience of buyers and are in the ranking of the most popular. One of these brands is a company. Floresanwax strips "Deep depil". The basis of the product is beeswax, which allows you to carefully remove vegetation from the bikini area.

The strips contain chamomile oil extract, which is responsible for relieving inflammation along with preventing irritation. The material of the strips allows you to exactly repeat the shape of the body and ideally remove excess vegetation without damaging the skin.

Good results show strips for hair removal from Faberlic. The manufacturer is engaged not only in the production of decorative cosmetics, but also helps women in the fight against excess hair. There are several types of strips that are designed for different parts of the body.

Byly offers its customers series for three zones: body, intimate zone and face. The stripes have a pleasant smell, among which are chocolate notes, vanilla green tea and cherry. There are also products for different ages.

Wax strips from Shary proved to be a delicate and effective drug for eliminating excess vegetation at home. The manufacturer produces several types of products designed for different types of skin:

  • for tender skin with avocado;
  • strips for skin dry type with coconut aroma;
  • against hard hair with almond extract.

The kit contains six double-sided strips, a cooling gel in the amount of two pieces. It is also responsible for slowing down growth and soothing the skin.

Among the wide range of products for hair removal, a special place is occupied by the trademark Velvet. The series is aimed directly at home use, has available instructions for use and can be used on any part of the body. Strips are suitable even for sensitive bikini areas.

Velvet wax strips contain vitamins A, E, F along with natural oils. Such a composition helps soften, moisturize and nourishes the skin during hair removal. The wax strip is located on the fabric, which allows you to completely press the material to the skin, repeating the bends and features of the relief. This quality allows you to effectively remove vegetation along with the roots.

The next brand that deserves attention is called White line. Products are manufactured in Italy and contain unique elements that increase adhesiveness. The entire range is selected taking into account the type of hair of people who live in different cities.

Cliven beauty line many girls choose. These strips are comfortable in their use, the kit contains wipes for removing wax. The brand has shown its effectiveness and the ability to purchase strips for a specific area of ​​the body.

Wax strips Vox proved to be quality products. The epilator provides a firm fit to the skin, which guarantees the elimination of unwanted hair. This brand is preferred to buy women who are tired of removing the tendrils with tweezers above the lip. In addition to strips for the face, the assortment contains strips for other parts of the body.

Wax strips are offered by many manufacturers. Each brand tries to attract new customers with the pleasant bonuses present in the box, new formulas and a wide range of products. Each woman will be able to find for herself exactly the option that is suitable for her skin type and the necessary direction of action.

How to use?

To make hair removal in strips yourself, you need to carry out small preparatory activities. They consist in taking a shower and treating the skin on the necessary part of the body.

Processing is carried out using a degreasing agent. You can purchase a tonic for the body. Experts recommend sprinkling talcum powder on your skin if you decide to use wax strips at home. In addition to these procedures, you will need to cut the vegetation to a mark of 5 mm. This length will be enough to get the best grip on the stripes.

Now you can open the package. In addition to the strips, there may be a manual on the operation of the product, which describes in detail how to use the product at home. Some manufacturers add a small bag of cream after hair removal.

Also in the package may be oil-based wipes, with which you can get rid of the remnants of the wax composition on the body.

The strips can be folded into the packaging in pairs, touching the wax sides. Some manufacturers stack products separately. There is a protective strip on the material. You will need to warm the strip by rubbing the material in your hands. Thus, you will transfer its temperature to your own body.

The next step is to detach the two strips from each other along with peeling off the protective film. The strip itself needs to be attached with the wax side to the skin according to the direction of growth of the vegetation. Make sure the paper is firmly pressed against the skin. This is achieved by careful pressure.

Now you need to pull the skin and with a sharp movement remove the strip from the body, moving against the direction of growth of the hairs. It will be more convenient to stretch the skin if you use your free hand, and you can tear off the strip with your second hand. Remember that a sharp movement ensures the removal of the maximum amount of vegetation, as well as a decrease in pain. Remove hair along the skin, approaching it as close as possible. There is a risk of skin damage when heading up.

When you treat the entire problem area, you will need to apply a soothing cream to the skin. As a rule, after elimination of hair, a small amount of wax may remain on the surface of the skin. You can easily remove it with the help of napkins, which the manufacturer often puts in the package. If there are no napkins in the box, use plain paper towels, soaking them in olive or sunflower oil. Some girls practice using oily creams.

Do not be alarmed if redness occurs on your skin after working with wax stripes. This phenomenon is temporary and passes quickly enough. You can speed up the process through special tools aimed at relieving inflammation.

The elimination of excess vegetation using wax strips with your own hands can be done on any part of the body. Based on your needs, you can treat your legs, armpits, face or even a bikini area.

Keep in mind that it will be difficult to remove hair on your own in the arms and armpits, so ask your friends and relatives for help.

What can be replaced?

It often happens that for processing the problem area, packaging with wax strips is not enough. As a rule, a similar situation occurs when processing the legs. In order not to run after the new packaging, you need to have a cosmetic type wax with you and end the hair removal session with it.

Wax strips are easily replaced with needlework counterparts, which are easy to make from a fabric that is not prone to stretching.You can use paper strips with the right paper choice. The material should have an average density level, not be very thick or thin. If you make a competent choice, then the entire process of hair removal will be successful.

The use of home-made strips is completely identical with the purchased counterparts. One side needs to be greased with wax, after which the paper is glued to the treated area and removed with a sharp movement.

How to care for your skin

Epilation with wax strips is a stressful situation for the skin, so you need to help it recover. This is not a big deal, just follow some rules:

  • refuse contact with the sun for a few days. Do not visit the beach or solarium;
  • first days after the procedure Use warm water treatments. Going to the bath, taking a hot bath can cause inflammation on your skin;
  • forget about physical activity for several days after hair removal, because they can also contribute to the fact that irritation will appear on the treated area;
  • Do not forget to treat the skin with healing agents. You can use panthenol, hydrogen peroxide, baby cream, chlorhexidine or essential oils added to the day cream.


As a rule, those who use wax strips become loyal fans of this procedure for many years. Women report that the strips are much more convenient than hot wax, because you do not need to constantly apply the material to the skin and there is no likelihood that a burn will occur. When using this method of hair removal, users note that the vegetation grows much more slowly.

This procedure is not suitable for some girls. After epilation, severe irritation appears, which does not go away for a long time. Also, this method is not suitable for those who have a low pain threshold. Wax strips when torn from the skin cause pain that not every girl can withstand.

Most users note that wax strips have helped them feel confident. Excess vegetation disappears for up to two weeks, which is much more convenient than a simple shave, in which the bristles grow back on the next day. Manufacturers are constantly updating the wax formula, offering their audience strips with a moisturizing, nourishing and cooling effect. This property helps in skin care, attracting customers.

Many girls leave comments with their history of using this product. Most of the reviews are positive. Buyers report the availability of strips, easy use and pleasant bonuses from the manufacturer in the form of spatulas, napkins and other additions.

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