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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Highlighter Eva Mosaic

The leading fashion trend in modern makeup is sculpting, that is, creating a clear face relief. To achieve this effect, a highlighter is used. With the highlighter, you can highlight the desired areas, give them shine and shimmer. It is the black and white drawing that makes the face embossed and sculpted. The last highlighter who earned the respect of famous beauty bloggers was a pencil from the cosmetic brand Eva Mosaic.

The highlighter is released in the form of a pencil, which makes it especially convenient. A product in this form takes up little space, does not get dirty and fits into any (even the smallest) handbag. The Russian brand Eva Mosaic also took care of the design of the product: stylish black letters on a beige background look very harmonious. Under the cap on one side of the pencil is the highlighter itself, and on the other - a soft cushion for blending. The volume of the product is 1.41 g.

The color of the product is universal, light, with particles of a flickering component.

The hue is rather warm, caramel. The color of the product is convenient, as it fits the vast majority, regardless of skin tone and hair color. When applied to the face, it gives the skin a radiant effect and highlights the desired areas. The pencil itself is wide, so you need to buy a special sharpener with a wide hole. The manufacturer promises that the product is not washed all day. It is interesting that in the product description another way of its application is declared - as shadows.

Application Tips

The universal face pencil from Eva Mosaic has an unusual shape and original texture. For effective sculpting with this product, remember the following tips:

  • The pencil is not intended to be applied to the entire face. With its help, you can only highlight areas that should be highlighted. Such areas include cheekbones, nose bridge, fossa above the lip, a place under the eyebrows. It is in these places that a highlighter should be applied. Never use the product in place of foundation.
  • The product from Eva Mosaic has a satin shine, which means reflective particles in the composition. It is important to remember this when doing everyday makeup in the summer. If you go too far with the product, you can get a face shining in the sun.
  • Moisturize your skin before using a pencil. The dry texture of the product can tighten the skin, so you should take care of moisturizing in advance - for example, foundation or makeup foundation.
  • Be sure to blend the product, especially when making up on dark skin. Sharp stripes on the face are not only a sign of poor-quality makeup, but also spoil the entire appearance. The transitions between the shades on the face should be smooth.


Makeup sculpting with highlighter is a rather complicated technique. To accurately determine the desired place for applying a pencil with pearly gloss and not to overdo it, you need to know your face type. Professionals distinguish four forms:

  • Round form. Use a pencil in the area of ​​the cheekbones, slightly highlight the middle of the chin and gently blend a small strip on the forehead. So you narrow and stretch the oval of the face.
  • The shape of the oval. For girls with such a face, elongated and large features are characteristic. With the highlighter you can bring proportions into balance. To do this, apply the product under the eyes and around the temples. Blend well.
  • "Heart". A person of this type is distinguished by a large forehead and a narrow chin. To align the features, apply a pencil in a semicircle under the eyes and draw a small line in the area under the cheekbones. Satin shine will add extra relief to the face.
  • Square shape. For this type of face, sharp angles of the cheekbones and forehead are characteristic. Applying the product under the lower eyelid and on the fossa of the chin will help to make the features more rounded.


Owners of such a wonderful pencil from the cosmetic brand Eva Mosaic note the many positive aspects of the product. Ease of use comes first. Girls are especially pleased with the opportunity to carry the product in a bag and not be afraid that it will stain documents. Ladies note a beautiful shade and mother-of-pearl overflows, which looks especially beneficial in evening makeup. The pencil holds well and does not slide into lumps, does not clog into pores and wrinkles.

The highlighter texture also fell in love: it softly lays down, does not injure the skin and does not crumble.

Dry consistency allows you to adjust makeup throughout the day, wherever you are. The sequins included in the product are distributed uniformly and are not knocked out of the total mass. An interesting shade with mother of pearl allows you to use a pencil instead of shadows. The budget cost of the product (about 250 rubles) is very pleasing to customers.

Not without flaws. Owners of a pencil complain about the lack of a sharpener in the set. The product has a non-standard diameter, so finding a sharpener is not the easiest thing. Girls with dark skin were unhappy with the shade, for them it turned out to be very light. However, usually the estimates are still positive.

You will learn more about the products of this brand from the next video.

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