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Blush Highlighter

With blush, women can easily refresh their cheeks and give their faces a healthy and well-groomed appearance with just a few brush touches. Today, 2 in 1 blush highlighters have become very popular, which, in addition to the main color, give a slight radiance to the cheeks. They are produced by a variety of brands, both domestic and foreign. Next, we will consider the blush-highlighters from popular brands and talk about how to use them correctly, as well as share beauty tips from makeup artists.

Product Overview

As it has already become clear, blush highlighters can emphasize the “apples” of the cheeks or highlight cheekbones not only with color, but also with luxurious radiance. You can use them as stand-alone means and after applying the foundation. Among the many different brands that produce such decorative products, I would like to pay attention to the following products:

  • Perfect, luxurious and catchy blush with sparkle from the French brand Lancome attract a lot of attention. Blush has a harmonious name "La rose a poudrer". These blush highlighter look like a real rose. You can look at them forever and do not want to use them at all, they are so beautiful. With their help, you instantly transform the skin of the face, give it a natural glow and a healthy look.
  • The famous Burberry brand also has great blush highlighters. Recommended to pay attention to shining "First Love". Unfortunately, they are presented in a limited edition. But if you hurry, you will most likely have time to acquire this beauty for yourself. These blush have a weightless coating, barely felt on the skin, giving it the lightest velvet coating with a natural shine.
  • Among the limited editions there is also an excellent 3 in 1 remedy from the Collistar brand. "Giardini Italiani" are shadows, blush and highlighter. This tool can be used as versatile as possible.
  • Revlon Highlighter Palette - "Highlighting Palette Rose Glow". This palette was released specifically for the placement of a variety of accents in makeup. With its help, you can easily highlight the convex parts of the face, adjust its contour and easily highlight the cheeks and cheekbones with a delicate shade with radiance. The palette consists of 5 perfectly selected shades with a small shimmer that will easily make your face relaxed and fresh.
  • We recommend to pay attention to the double blush-highlighter from the brand Vivienne Sabo - "Teinte Delicate". With this tool, you can easily put the necessary accents in makeup. The composition of this product has special reflective pigments that not only give the skin a noble glow, but also cover it with a weightless veil, as a result of which you will not feel the product on your face all day. Also a good option to purchase from this brand may be a universal tool 3 in 1 "Mariniere". It includes highlighter, sculptor and blush. You can combine three different shades to get an unusual effect or apply them separately.
  • Blush Highlighter by Artdeco "Moonlight Blusher" A luxurious star print with a shimmering pearl finish. Suitable for any skin type. Do not clog pores. There are 4 delicate shades in the case, which can be harmoniously used together or separately.
  • No less interesting blush options can be found at Avon Be sure to pay attention to the double cream blush "Perfect shade." With their help, you effectively highlight the cheekbones and give a gentle blush to the cheeks. This convenient tool can be taken with you anywhere, and also used for lip makeup.
  • Compact blush highlighter "The One Illusion" can be found at Oriflame. They will delight you with one matte shade and a delicate shimmering option that can easily adjust the shape of the face and give it a piquant shade.

How to apply?

Any highlighter, whether it is liquid or dry, is intended to highlight the following areas of the face:

  • The upper parts of the cheekbones;
  • Areas under the eyebrows;
  • Ideal for the back of the nose;
  • And also it is applied along the edge of the upper lip and on the chin.

Always shade the product thoroughly to avoid ugly stains and streaks. Fluid highlighters can be shaded with a sponge, and dry ones with a brush.

Instead of blush, some highlighters can be applied to the eyes and even to the lips. But all the same, do not overdo it with a plentiful brilliance, this also does not always work in hand.

Step by step application:

  • Even out the tone of the face, using the base for makeup and foundation;
  • Mask all irregularities with the corrector;
  • Make eyebrows with a pencil or special shadows, and select the area under them using a light highlighter;
  • Distribute highlighter blush on cheeks “apples” or select cheekbones with their help;
  • Also place emphasis on other protruding parts of the face.


Today, blush highlighters are very popular among both young girls and older women. And this is not surprising, because shining particles in the composition of such funds can hide even small wrinkles. Many ladies note that they do not see a significant difference between the highlighter blush from the mass market in comparison with luxury ones. Both that, and others are spent very economically, especially dry options.

Women have noted many positive reviews of the blush with radiance from Revlon, Artdeco and Collistar. Blush from these brands perfectly fit on the skin and do not roll. The blush in the shape of a rose from Lancome is being called into question. According to many women, this is just a great cosmetic accessory for a shelf. In addition, the price of a "rose" is quite high.

In the video below - a review on Makeup Revolution cosmetics, namely on blush and highlighters.

Watch the video: How to Apply Blush & Highlighter (December 2019).


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