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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Essence Eyebrow Shadow

Essence is one of the most famous manufacturers of cosmetic products of European quality.

About company

The cosmetic brand Essence was founded in 2011 in Germany at the leading factories in Europe, over time, quickly took a leading position in the market for the sale of decorative cosmetics. Essence is constantly expanding its borders, and today its products can be purchased on all continents, in more than seventy countries. For girls who are experimenting with makeup and boldly changing their image, the brand annually releases about twenty new collections of the trendy trend line, updating almost fifty percent of the product. The range includes decorative cosmetics, skin care products. Essence is constantly investing in innovative technologies, thereby improving the quality of the product without incurring the cost of expensive advertising, television commercials with famous people and PR in glossy magazines.

Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set

The entire appearance of the female appearance depends on beautiful eyebrows. An inquisitive, seductive, curved line or a benevolent, smooth one gives the look a significance. Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set provides a clear line. This option provides two shades of powder. The applicator included in the kit will perfectly lay the hairs, and the exquisite colors will support the natural tonality of the makeup. Thin, thick or natural eyebrows can be styled using stencils.

Customer reviews speak of good quality cosmetics in the kit: a stable powder of natural shades lasts all day, does not crumble, is easily rubbed, stains well, convenient patterns create the desired shape of eyebrows, and color shades look natural. Among the shortcomings: in the packaging, the lid is removed from the side, easy to open - which creates inconvenience.


When working with eyebrows, it is better to follow some rules in choosing cosmetics that differ in structure and consistency.

  • The liquid structure is more water resistant.. After their application, fixing with varnish or wax is required. The Essence gel liquid mascara is not thick, it contains microfibers to create volume and is complemented by a convenient brush. When working with mascara, a pencil or shadow is necessarily used to create the correct shape.
  • Shadow cream has a delicate structure, marked by a moisturizing property, well suited for dry skin. They are convenient, easier and easier to apply, to get the desired line. They are decorated in the form of a pencil. The advantages of shadows are compactness and ease of use. Essence powdery pigment helps to achieve the effect of thick, defined eyebrows, and it is convenient to apply and color all the spaces with a soft applicator.
  • Wax shadows combine two functions: staining and fixing, subdivided in composition and purpose. Modeling is convenient to perform eyebrow correction. All their types (tinted, transparent, medicinal, dry) contain beeswax.
  • Essence wax pencils are used for styling and shaping eyebrows. Separate from the paint for fixing, a pencil is proposed - transparent wax. It is invisible on the surface, not lubricated, when applied, envelops the hairs, forming a light film, has no smell. The packaging provides a soft brush for blending on the cap.

Hue palette

Quality and the right color will make the face more expressive, its features are emphasized. It is recommended that the red color type be used for eyebrow color matching the color of the hair: red - will support terracotta, copper; chestnut - chocolate and graphite tones. Blondes should not acquire dark shades. The ash color of the curls will be in harmony with the gray colors for the eyebrows. Owners of wheat-colored hair will use chocolate or light brown shades. Brunettes can afford to paint a few tones below the color of the hairstyle.

Application Tips

Today, makeup focuses on several areas of application. In the trend - covering light tones over the entire width, with tinting the lower edge with a darker shade. This will correct the eyebrow contour. Partial drawing is possible if you need to fill in the gaps along the entire length of the arc. The effect of the transition from light to dark and vice versa - from the base to the middle of the eyebrow is relevant. Close-set eyes are recommended to be emphasized with the light color of the inner edge of the eyebrow, which is almost not dyed, otherwise, make the area closer to the bridge of the nose bright.

The following video is an overview of Essence Eyebrow Gel.

Watch the video: Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set Review. bingprojectawesome (March 2020).


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