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Matte lip gloss

Just a few years ago, matte lip make-up could be found only on the catwalk of a famous designer. Then the fashion trend caught on and spread throughout the world. Now lipstick with a matte texture or matte lip gloss can be found in every fashionista's makeup bag.


Matte lip gloss is a universal beauty product, the use of which will be appropriate in both day and evening makeup. You can not say about pearl and glossy analogues, which in the daytime can look too catchy and defiant.

Matte gloss has a creamy texture - lighter than lipstick. They lie on the lips nicely and do not dry the skin. However, they are well pigmented, have a rather thick consistency, due to which they create a dense luxurious coating.

If we compare matte lip glosses with regular ones, it can be noted that matte cosmetics do not give a sticky effect. Yes, and the durability is provided higher, which means that you will not often need to worry about fixing up your makeup.

The use of lip gloss with a matte effect has its own nuances. Firstly, they slightly reduce the volume of the lips, making them narrower visually. It turns out that girls with thin lips are better off. Secondly, the matte texture underlines the existing peeling and cracks. Therefore, when using such a shine, it is recommended to regularly peel the lips with a scrub and moisturize with balsam or cosmetic oil.

In addition, it is necessary to use matte gloss with age care with caution, as they attract attention to facial wrinkles.

It is important to know the main features of the implementation of makeup with matte lip gloss:

  • It should be applied from the middle of the lip to the corners.
  • Do not neglect the contour pencil - it will help to outline the line of the lips, slightly adjust their shape and prevent the spread of gloss.
  • If the gloss is quickly smeared, you may be applying too thick a layer. The thin one holds much better, so scoop up less shine.
  • To ensure maximum durability and not to resort to additional tinting throughout the day, use the following technique: paint your lips with gloss, and then pat them lightly with a paper towel. After this, apply a second coat of product.


You can find various types of matte lip glosses. Usually they differ in pure color, without sparkles, shimmer and other inclusions.

Matte gloss promises a lasting effect for the whole day, which can not boast of conventional glossy products that are quickly erased.

Popular manufacturers

Many brands have picked up a “matte fever” and acquired a line of lip glosses with this effect. You can highlight the most popular of them.

  • Matte lip gloss Compliment made in Belarus can be purchased for about 300 rubles for a bottle of 5 g. Such products have a beautiful rich color, quickly set on lips and hold fast all day, leave no residue.
  • Liquid matte lipstick Anastasia Beverly Hills "Liquid Lipstick" Gives a dense coating, intense color, a perfect matte finish and durability for the whole day. This is really a luxurious product (manufactured in the USA), which will cost more than two thousand rubles.
  • Super Lasting Lip Gloss Lipstick "Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick" Turkish brand Golden rose - This is a good budget option (the price is about 200 rubles per bottle of 5.5 ml). A convenient applicator ensures uniform application of the product, oils and vitamins in the composition moisturize the skin. The tool provides a dense coating - without tightness or stickiness.
  • Huda Beauty "Liquid Matte" - high-grade liquid matte lipstick (the price is about 2000 rubles for 5 ml of the product). Provides rich deep color, gentle lip care (thanks to the nutrients in the composition).
  • Lipstick "All Day Lip Color" from a greek company Seventeen available in a 2-in-1 format: two small 3.2 g vials, one of which contains color gloss and the other is transparent ("Top gloss"), for extra shine. Lipstick easily lays down, dries quickly, moisturizes lips, and saturated color lasts all day. The approximate price of such a lipstick-gloss is 650 rubles.
  • Giorgio armani beauty It presents a persistent matte gloss "Lip Magnet"which gives saturated color, impeccable durability up to 8 hours and a subtle matte finish. This shine is different from other analogues, its main "chips":
    • On the lips, the color becomes twice as saturated - due to the effect of "gradual evaporation".
    • It lays down in a layer 4 times thinner than other glosses, therefore it is practically not felt.
    • The unique droplet-on applicator paints the lips perfectly precisely.

This truly luxurious cosmetic product will cost about 2.5 thousand rubles.

  • Liquid lipstick, lip gloss "Selamy matte"- this is an excellent budget option (up to 200 rubles). The texture is medium-thick, very soft, evenly applied (thanks to a convenient brush), cares for your lips, perfectly holds and does not smear. Immediately after application it will shine, but will dry after a while, become flawlessly matte.
  • Polish company Inglot produces liquid lipstick-tint "Inglot HD Lip Tint Matte" with a matte finish. It is easy to apply thanks to a convenient sponge, perfectly stains, dries quickly and lasts for a long time. For a bottle of 5.5 ml will have to pay about 1000 rubles.
  • Minnow produces a super-resistant cream lipstick with a matte finish of a budget class (will cost less than 200 rubles). The lips become soft and smooth, like silk. Lipstick does not stick, does not dry lips, perfectly holds all day.
  • Thanks to liquid lipstick "Matte Me" from the british brand Sleek MakeUP You will get persistent matte lip makeup. A rich pigmented formula provides a dense and even coating.


Matte lip gloss can be found in almost any shade. To do this, you need to study the palettes of the above cosmetic brands.

  • Pomade Anastasia Beverly Hills "Liquid Lipstick" Available in 20 different shades. There are light and bright pinks, delicate peach and coral, bold red and berry, deep wine and burgundy options.
  • Liquid lipstick "Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick" from Golden rose represented by a palette of 12 shades: natural beige, bold fuchsia, classic red, deep plum and brown, as well as others.
  • Huda Beauty "Liquid Matte" It has a rich palette of 16 shades: many beautiful dark brown and berry shades (in addition to the classic ones).
  • Shine Palette "All Day Lip Color" from Seventeen very rich - 35 different colors with a warm as well as with a cold undertone. There are classic beige, pink, red, brown, burgundy, as well as a lot of complex combined shades. This is coffee with milk, melon, red-coral, brick, Marsala, many options for pink and purple, a rich range of berry shades. The choice is very large.
  • Lip Gloss Range "Lip Magnet" from Giorgio armani totals 18 magnificent tones of beige, pink, brown, red and others - for every taste.
  • Lipstick Palette "Selamy Matte" rich in vibrant and more subdued colors of pink, red and brown colors. The manufacturer offers 24 fashionable deep shades.
  • Tint Liquid Lipstick "Inglot HD Lip Tint Matte" It boasts 10 excellent shades, including beige, peach, pink, coral, red, cherry, brown, wine and even purple.
  • Matte Liquid Lipstick Minnow presented in a very wide range of shades - as many as 36! The assortment contains neutral colors and juicy bright, classic pure and complex combined tones, warm and cold of varying degrees of saturation.
  • Liquid lipstick Sleek "Matte Me" offers a wide variety of shades for all occasions. There are many muted and deep colors of a brown scale.

Manufacturers also produce whole sets with different shades of lipsticks to create new unique images every day.

Fashion trends

Like clothes, makeup has its own fashion trends. Cosmetics with a matte effect became a real discovery in the beauty industry, now it is simply incredibly popular.

Following the requirements of fashion, many manufacturing companies today produce matte liquid lipsticks and lip glosses. Many girls picked up this trend - and can no longer imagine life without such cosmetics.

Lipsticks and glosses with a matte finish allow you to create an incredibly luxurious and mysterious look. With them, the lips seem velvet. Matte lips always look very stylish, a girl with such a make-up will definitely attract attention.

How to choose the best?

Perhaps the most important and difficult thing is to choose the right shade of lip gloss. Therefore, it is recommended to proceed from the color of hair and skin.

When choosing lip gloss, it is important to pay attention not only to the selection of the perfect shade, but also to the composition of the product. A quality product should contain components that care and protect the skin of the lips (oils, vitamins, amino acids, UV filters). Often, manufacturers include beeswax to ensure durability. Be careful if you have an allergy and carefully study the composition. Gloss texture should be uniform, without compaction, and the smell should be light and pleasant.


Matte liquid lipsticks have a lot of fans. Girls really love them for their nice texture, dense and rich coating, ease of application and good durability.

Making a matte lip gloss with your own hands is very simple. About it - in the next video.



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