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Intimate area depilation

Depilation is the removal of hair from the surface of the skin, and its most famous methods are shaving and using a special cream that softens and removes hairs. Depilation does not affect the hair follicle and does not destroy it, unlike hair removal - hair removal along with the bulb. Depilation of the intimate zone is simple, painless and quick - the procedure usually does not take more than 5 minutes.


Not every girl or woman likes depilation of the intimate area - some are afraid of pain and irritation, others are quite happy with their vegetation. Like any procedure, depilation has positive and not very features:

  • Allows you to get rid of hair quickly and painlessly;
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors. Regrowth of hair (no matter in which place) is capable of holding droplets of sweat and sebum - sebum on its "body", and the latter tend to smell unpleasant, plus bacteria spread in the hairs. Especially this problem - excessive sweating affects pregnant women and just those whose hormones change;
  • Smooth skin in an intimate area recharges confidence with abruptly more expensive underwear, experts say;
  • Female depilation allows you to not clean the hair completely, but to remove the length or get rid of only protruding hairs from under the panties;
  • Depilation of a deep bikini implies the removal of hair completely and is especially common among young girls.

Speaking about the positive aspects of depilation, it is impossible not to note its negative:

  • May cause skin irritation;
  • May cause hair ingrowth;
  • Requires fixed costs - the purchase of a razor, cassettes or blades for it, cream and other accessories, including skin care products;
  • It does not have a long-lasting effect.

What is the name of?

The groin area in women is called a “bikini”, and speaking about this intimate zone, one cannot but say that depilation of a bikini can be deep and classic. Depilation "classic" bikini involves the removal of only those hairs that go beyond the panties, that is, all the extra, they usually look untidy and can cause disgust. A “deep” bikini is the removal of hair from the entire surface of the groin, including the labia and the intergluteal region, but as an exception, you can leave a small strip of short pubic hair.

Types and methods

There are two methods of depilation, that is, removing hair from the surface of the skin - using a razor or cream.


The easiest and most painless way to get rid of hair in the intimate area, but not the most modern and long-lasting - the hair begins to grow back in a day, and the intimate area looks like a hedgehog.

Now there are dozens and even hundreds of models of razors from simple disposable to modern with a floating head and an additional property to soothe the skin (due to the release of gel from the machine).

The razor copes well with complete depilation, that is, a “deep bikini” thanks to thin blades and a small razor head, but there is a chance to cut the skin.


Depilatory cream literally “dissolves” the hair on the surface, but its contact is undesirable on the mucous membrane of the skin (and it is present in the intimate area). This method is also painless, but not all creams cope with hard and long hairs on the body, to achieve the ideal effect it is often necessary to additionally use a razor.

Depilation cream Velvet qualitatively removes hairs and slows down their further growth; the brand line includes products for various parts of the body, including the intimate zone and sensitive skin as a whole. Depilation with the "mini-bikini" complex allows you to get rid of vegetation for a period of 3 to 6 months and even at home. The manufacturer says that his product does not remove hair, and only stops their growth, therefore, cream and oil should be used in the complex only after any hair removal procedure - using a home epilator or going to the procedure for shugaring or hair removal with wax. The opinion of this product was divided among consumers - some praise it for a "smooth" result, while others do not see anything special in the composition of the product and its operation.

By the way, about the composition of the "mini-bikini": a complex of saturated fats, organic acids, iodine in high concentration and rambutan seed oil.


Depilation is the easiest and most inexpensive way to remove hairs in the bikini area, and there are not many funds for its implementation.


It is practically painless and does not affect the underlying processes in the skin (unlike hair removal, when the hairs are removed along with the bulb). It is advisable to shave with a special gel, cream or foam so that the razor blade glides better on the surface of the skin, captures even small hairs, in addition, an additional tool will protect against cuts and overdrying of the skin.

Shaving violates the structure of the hair, as well as removing it with an epilator, sugar or wax. It can change the direction of hair growth, lead to irritation and other consequences from depilation or hair removal, and to avoid unpleasant moments, it is necessary to carry out the procedure according to simple recommendations:

  • Use a razor in the shower or after taking a bath on a moist, slightly steamed body - so the hairs will be easier to grab and remove;
  • Use a special cream, not soap (the latter dries the skin very much and does not provide a sliding surface for razor blades);
  • Remove hair by hair growth, if the skin is sensitive or thin or against - it’s more effective;
  • In addition, pluck the hair with tweezersif in some area they are rare - frequent shaving can cause the growth of new thick and dark hair.

Cream use

A known method of removing hair from an intimate area. This product is simple in its application: it is enough to apply it to the skin according to the hair growth using a scapula and leave it for a certain time, then remove it against the growth with the same scapula. Modern manufacturers of cosmetics for hair removal offer creams "for all occasions" - for sensitive skin, for the bikini area, legs and armpits, for normal dermis and others.

Which one to choose - stop focusing on creams for the intimate area or sensitive areas of the body, as their composition is usually simplified and "on hand" to the consumer.

Cream Velvet - one of the most famous and affordable hair removal products, including those from the intimate area. A cream is suitable for removing hair from the bikini area Velvet for sensitive skin with olive oil and chamomile, special "Velvet intim"for working with an intimate area with a camomile in the composition. It is inferior to the hot wax in the cartridge in the duration of the effect, but surpasses the notorious razor - the hairs grow thinner.

Ingrown hair can appear from any type of depilation, and a special cream or lotion will help prevent their appearance, for example, "Depileve folisan". The liquid form of the product is convenient for use on the bikini area. As part of a lotion against ingrown hairs."Depileve folisan"contains acetylsalicylic acid (dries the skin, relieves inflammation, redness), glycerin (perfectly moisturizes, nourishes the epidermis, soothes and stimulates cell renewal, effectively heals damaged or dry skin).

Folk recipes

Our great-grandmothers also thought about getting rid of hair, from which simple methods, or recipes, reached us.

Hydrogen peroxide or peroxide

"Old-timers"they recommend wiping their hair 2-3 times a day and suggest that the vegetation will soon acquire a lighter, invisible shade. This recipe cannot be called a 100% way to get rid of hairs on the body, but it is often used to bleach hair and especially often on the face.

Potassium permanganate

Or potassium permanganate. Excellent in combating unwanted vegetation - so they say "experienced". The essence of its use is to dilute a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate and daily rubbing of body parts with vegetation, in our case in the intimate area. The highly concentrated composition of potassium permanganate is dangerous - it is easy for them to get burns and especially when in contact with the mucous membrane (it is also present in the intimate area).

In addition, a solution of manganese gives a noticeable coloring effect on the skin from light yellow to brown.


A mixture of ammonia, classic alcohol and iodine effectively fights hairs. The recipe is quite simple: you need to mix 70 gr. alcohol, 10 gr. "ammonia", 10 gr. castor oil and 3 gr. iodine. The resulting solution should be wiped on the skin twice a day.


The abrasive surface of pumice is able to get rid of hairs - daily use of a “grater” for legs literally eliminates hair from the surface of the body, they say on the forums. It is worth noting that this method is traumatic and especially for the intimate area - the skin there is soft. The essence of the method is to rub the skin 1-2 times a day until slight redness and wait for natural hair loss.

Folk ways to deal with unwanted vegetation in the bikini area are rather dubious: it is not known how much hair will begin to fall out from daily rubbing with pumice or compresses from iodine and alcohol. It is likely that getting a burn or severe irritation will be faster than getting rid of hairs.

What is better to do in the bikini area?

A razor or cream - depending on how you are used to doing it. Daily shaving with a razor is not very good for our skin - it is irritated, drained and simply injured by frequent contact with the blade, the same can be said about depilation cream - it is simply impossible to use it daily. Irritation is the most common consequence of daily hair removal procedures and especially in the bikini area, it can be expressed by slight redness, rash, itching and even painful sensations on the skin.

If we talk about sensitive skin, you need to test and shave, and several creams for depilation in order to determine "their". With the growth of coarse, coarse and dark hair, you can try several brands of depilation creams, suddenly among them there is a product with the maximum return - the hairs in the bikini area will be effectively removed, will not cause irritation on the skin and they will not grow “like yeast” . Owners of thin blonde hair can also try to find their perfect cream or continue to use a razor, especially if new hairs grow slowly.

How to make at home?

The right preparation. The optimal time for the procedure - at 15-16 hours - this time, experts determine as the period of least susceptibility to unpleasant sensations. In general, depilation is known for its painlessness, which means that it can be carried out at home "on demand" if no pain or discomfort was previously observed.

Make a scrub before hair removal procedure - in the shower or after taking a bath. Abrasive particles will remove the dead skin layer of cells, raise the hairs at the roots and provide the razor blade with a good glide, and the cream - better absorption on the skin and destruction of the "body" of the hair.

Perform a depilation procedure in the shower (if it is a razor) or after if using a cream. Warm water will slightly vaporize the skin and provide better glide for the razor cartridge. By the way, it’s worth doing hair removal after a shower too, in order to cleanse the skin and prevent particles of sebum, sweat and bacteria from penetrating into the open pores, and it is not recommended to wet the skin after the procedure for another 2-3 hours (ideally - up to 12 hours).

If we talk about a razor, prepare a fresh sharp blade or evaluate the condition of the previous one - how clean it is, whether it glides well on the skin and cuts off the hairs, rather than tearing them.

Cream depilation requires no less preparation:

  • Take a shower - the depilated area should be clean. A scrub does not hurt;
  • Dry the skin and hairs completely with a towel and natural air - the cream will not lie evenly on wet skin;
  • Prepare a tube of cream, a spatula for applying and removing hair, a towel or a dense napkin;
  • In addition, you can wipe the skin with an antiseptic - lotion, tonic, if there are no contraindications on this topic in the manufacturer's recommendation.

How is the process going?

Razor depilation is best done in the shower - warm water will soften the skin a little and slightly open the pores. Pre-apply a little shaving cream or foam on clean, moist skin and distribute it well in the intimate area, the composition will allow the razor blades to glide on the surface easily and catch all the hairs, even the shortest ones.

The process of hair removal begins with the pubis - walk with a razor along the hair growth, top to bottom. Next, switch to the labia and the intergluteal region - you need to shave in these places in different directions to remove the vegetation effectively. Return to the pubis and appreciate its smoothness - if it is not enough, you can walk on it with a razor against hair growth, fix the result.

Cream hair depilation is slightly different:

  • On a dry skin, apply a little depilation cream with a spatula - do not distribute it with your hands;
  • Start the distribution of the product from the pubis and move down - to the labia;
  • It is important to distribute the cream evenly - there should be no gaps, otherwise the hairs will remain in place;
  • To effectively apply the cream for depilation "deep bikini", take a sitting position, bend your knees and maximize them apart - getting to hard-to-reach areas will become easier;
  • After the cream is applied to the entire area of ​​the “deep” bikini and distributed evenly over it, it is necessary to wait a certain amount of time (usually from 10 to 30 minutes);
  • It is necessary to remove the cream with the same spatula against hair growth, that is, from bottom to top;
  • It is advisable to begin to remove hairs from the interagluteal region and move up - to the pubis;
  • You can walk in the same place two to three times to effectively remove hairs.

Skin care after

Proper care after depilation is no less important than preparation. Let's talk about its stages for any type of depilation - with a razor or cream:

  • Wash off the hairs and the rest of the product (cream or shaving gel) from the surface of the skin and pat it dry with a towel. Do not rub the skin - this can cause irritation;
  • Wipe the skin with an antibacterial solution - a tonic or face lotion with aloe vera, chamomile, thermal water or any other composition without alcohol (you can use a decoction of herbs);
  • Dry the epidermis and apply a little moisturizer for the body or use regular baby cream, oil.
  • After depilation, it is especially important to use a scrub 2-3 times a week, this will prevent hair ingrowth;
  • Quality care may include the use of special creams or gels to prevent new hair from growing.

Timely hydration of the skin in the bikini area is very important: it will make the skin healthy, smooth, reduce the risk of skin irritation and injury (cuts with a razor).

To summarize: before depilating with cream, clean the surface with a disinfectant solution: it will remove bacteria from the epidermis and prevent the onset of irritation.Immediately after the procedure, walk with a cotton pad moistened with peroxide solution, for example, on irritated skin, do not forget to apply a moisturizer or oil every time after the procedure - this will soothe the skin and relieve dryness additionally.


Irritation is a normal skin reaction, but it can be different and sometimes causes a number of inconveniences and consequences. The most unpleasant thing is the itching that accompanies the girl throughout the rest of the day and even at night. If the skin is itchy, it is necessary to treat it with lotion with aloe vera or tea tree extract, a decoction of medicinal herbs or alcohol tincture (not more than 70% alcohol in the composition).

Severe irritation after depilation is expressed by redness and the formation of a network of pimples and simultaneous itching, which literally interferes with the course of ordinary life. It is necessary to treat the "wound" no more than once every half an hour with light soaking movements, rubbing the irritated place is not recommended. Baby powder will save you from strong and prolonged irritation - pour a little powder on the skin surface and leave.

If irritation appeared from the use of the cream, then the next time it is definitely not worth using it.

Inflamed acne as an unpleasant consequence of hair removal will have to be treated. They appear due to the ingrowth of hairs under the skin, and they must be removed correctly: treat the pimple with an antiseptic and keep the cotton wool and solution with you, try to press on the "mature" focus, the pimple should burst, and the hair should come to the surface.

Does it hurt?

The question is purely individual. Depilation with a razor and cream - the most painless methods to combat unwanted vegetation, "hot" methods, including an epilator, will definitely add discomfort.


It is impossible to get rid of unwanted hair forever, modern women have managed to come to terms with this. A lot has been said about depilation: a large number of girls and women give their preference to a razor or depilation cream. This method of hair removal is the most affordable and affordable, women are satisfied with it and continue to use it all year round.

They mostly respond well to depilation, however, there are drawbacks: hair grows fast, grows with prickly “stumps”, which makes it necessary to take a razor in hand daily. Depilation cream, according to women, is a great way to get rid of hair at home, but here you can’t do without trial and error. They will have to look for their perfect cream, consumers say, to learn how to distribute it and how to remove it correctly, but this is all the little things compared to the result - smooth skin from 2 to 5-7 days. After depilation with a special cream, the hairs grow less stiff, women say.

How to shave a bikini area with a razor without irritation, see the next video.

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