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Lip gloss

The habit of emphasizing your lips, making them expressive, is of the same age as humanity. Lipstick, and now shine, perfectly copes with this function, allowing women to always look attractive.

The market has a huge assortment of lip glosses with various textures, shades and effects. Let's try to understand this variety.

What it is?

Lipstick has been used by women since time immemorial. Lip gloss appeared much later, during the time of the famous ruler of Catherine de Medici. Scientists know that she was fond of chemical science and it was in her laboratory that perfume compositions and various cosmetics were invented.

Creating the first lip gloss, the queen used beeswax and red paint of natural origin as the main components. When applied to the lips, additional components had a nourishing and softening effect. The new tool quickly gained popularity among women and men, who were also actively using cosmetic products.

A little later, a way was also invented in France to moisturize and nourish the lips, giving them a pleasant seductive shine using a combination of various oils. Secular noble ladies avoided the use of such funds, since this was the destiny of the ladies representing the oldest profession.

Women of the USSR until the 1980s were familiar only with lipstick. Moreover, she had a poor assortment of colors and pronounced flaws.

Glosses are very popular due to the fact that they make lips more plump and attractive, add a seductive radiance to them and allow you to mask age-related imperfections.

Typically, such a product contains a fairly small number of dyes, because the color intensity is not its primary task. But it contains a composition of oils, nutrients, moisturizers and protectants. To give their products unique beneficial properties, many cosmetic brands produce natural products, the composition of which is enriched with vitamin complexes, organic oils, plant extracts. Such a tool is able to have a positive effect on the delicate epidermis, caring for it throughout the day, as well as protect it from the harmful effects of the sun and wind, and accelerate tissue regeneration.

Depending on its texture, glitter can be produced in various forms. Most often, liquid formulations are clothed in the shape of a tube equipped with a soft and fluffy or plastic applicator. Using it is convenient to apply the product. Solid options can be presented in the form of lipstick or placed in a jar. To apply it, you need to use a special brush, although many girls gracefully type the product directly on the finger.

Features and Benefits

Compared to lipstick, lip glosses have advantages that every woman can take advantage of.

  1. Most of these products include beneficial moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that allow you to take care of delicate dermis throughout the day.
  2. The content of natural oils can protect the lips from the harmful effects of the environment. However, cosmetologists do not recommend completely replacing balms with such cosmetics.
  3. Dyes in such a product are much less than in traditional lipstick, which means that their unpleasant effect is minimized. It is advisable to choose products that contain only natural ingredients, so you can completely protect yourself.
  4. An advantageous combination of coloring pigments and oils will make lips more voluminous and sensual.
  5. Neutral or transparent means perfectly complete the everyday image, making it light and weightless.
  6. Good makeup is not felt on the lips, remaining almost invisible to a woman.
  7. High-quality goods always lie flat, do not clog into folds, allowing you to disguise them. Therefore, many older women prefer to use it in everyday life to mask age-related changes.

Despite the presence of a large number of advantages, glosses must be chosen and used wisely to get the desired effect.

How to choose?

If the decision to acquire a shine is made, you need to choose it correctly. After all, the choice will depend on how well it serves you. To make a decision consciously, you need to familiarize yourself with some rules that will serve as an excellent guide in the vast world of the cosmetics industry.

  • Do not rush to purchase a product after seeing it in the catalog or on the lips of one of your friends. The catalog may not indicate the correct composition. This is especially important if you are a supporter of natural compounds or have an increased sensitivity of the skin. In addition, on the pages of a glossy magazine, the tint may look somewhat different from a real live product. Therefore, it is better to choose a color after a visual acquaintance, and preferably a test on your own sponges. After all, even looking at the shade used by another woman, it is difficult to say whether it will suit your eye, skin and hair color.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the composition of the goods. In order not only to improve the appearance, but also to get the maximum benefit with a minimum of harm, choose products containing natural nutritious oils, plant extracts, vitamins. It may also contain a moisturizing component, for example, glycerin or hyaluronic acid or protective ingredients.
  • When applying the product, listen to the sensations. High-quality shine should not leave lumps or grains of sand behind it, it should be practically invisible. If you clearly feel an unpleasant odor or a bitter aftertaste, the remedy is most likely damaged. There should not be any unpleasant sensations like burning, itching and others, perhaps this is how your skin reacts to any allergen in the composition. An exception may be only goods giving additional volume, but their description should indicate that there may be a short-term burning sensation and tingling sensation.
  • Do not try to get the cheapest option, especially for strangers who do not represent a well-known company. In case of financial problems, such a composition can be made with your own hands from available products.
  • For young girls, the use of bright colors is undesirable shine or applying it over flashy lipstick, this can give age and make the image defiant and vulgar. It is better to use soft tones with a light unobtrusive shade.
  • If you select a product for the summer period of time, Try to find one that has UV protection. This will help not only create the perfect look, but also protect delicate skin from drying out and aging.
  • If possible, Always use a tester before buying. If you experience unpleasant sensations, the presence of a repulsive smell or bitterness, immediately remove it with a napkin or cotton pad, and remove the residue with makeup milk, gel or micellar water.
  • Has the meaning consistency means. If it is too thick, it will be difficult to distribute, most likely the layer will be too thick. If the texture is too liquid, the effect will be short-lived.
  • Pay attention to the applicator supplied with the tube. for drawing. The brush or plastic should have a beveled shape for proper distribution. Completely round samples can be applied with a streak.
  • Be sure to check shelf life before the purchase. Buying an expired product is impractical and dangerous to health. Due to the fact that the substances in the composition can oxidize and deteriorate, such cosmetics will not give the desired result. Moreover, spoiled ingredients can cause severe irritation or an allergic reaction, especially on the delicate and sensitive lips epidermis.
  • See also the expiration date after opening. High-quality modern cosmetics can be stored after opening the tube for about a year without changing the properties. The longer the period for use, the greater the number of preservatives the manufacturer added to the composition. Preservative substances are not always beneficial and safe. It’s not scary if the period of use is short, this means that the product contains many natural components. A good shine is consumed quite quickly.

If you want to choose a lasting shine, pay attention to its composition.

Increased durability and even application are known to have beeswax among the ingredients. But, as you know, this substance is not suitable for everyone because of its allergenicity. Particularly durable products are produced by professional cosmetic brands. For important cases, you can also pay attention to moisture-resistant products. Brands have proven themselves quite well in this matter: NYX, Essencem Manhattan, Estee Lauder.

To create additional effects, you can purchase cosmetics that increase the volume of the lips or give special options for shine. For example, there are many modern products on the market that make sponges more sensual and puffy due to the presence of special irritating components in the composition. An ultra-shining version from the famous Avon brand, which creates 3D volume, may also be suitable.

For children's mornings or holidays, do not use products intended for adults. Children's skin is especially delicate and susceptible, so the product should be 100% safe, contain a large number of nutrients and only natural ingredients. The effect of lifting or volume increase is excluded in such a product. In fact, children's gloss formulations are very similar to balms that protect lips from dryness and chapping. Very popular is the children's shine "Princess", "Little Fairy". They have a pleasant aroma and beneficial properties.


The huge variety of lip glosses in the cosmetic store is constantly being supplemented by new brands, products with innovative properties and the latest in cosmetic giants. Consider the most popular manufacturers of this product.

  • Well-known representative of the Russian market of cosmetic products Oriflame represents a wide range of products. Cosmetics from Sweden are very popular among ladies, the choice of a product in the catalog is especially convenient, in which all the new products are presented and often there are convenient discounts.
  • Moisturizing option "Gordani Gold" Has light airy tones and translucent flicker. The moisturizing effect is achieved by the inclusion of hyaluronic acid in the microscopic spheres.
  • A multifunctional product with a cream texture of "5 in 1" is famous for which is 80% composed of useful components. For a long time gives a feeling of hydration, represented by glossy tones, has a pleasant texture and caring properties. Its coating is comfortable and non-sticky, and when applied in several layers gives the lips an extra volume.
  • Extremely durable "Color Unlimited" gives the surface a mirror shine and is able to hold up to 6 hours.
  • "Power Shine" It has a radiant effect, makes lips puffy and can withstand up to 8 hours of wear.
  • Victoria's Secret brand in addition to the well-known lingerie and swimwear has its own line of decorative cosmetics. The gloss produced by the company has a special sweet aroma and even taste, which is very attractive to some customers and somewhat confuses others. Products have delicate shades and a pleasant shine. On the lips they feel, stick, but have good durability for about three hours. They descend with dignity, without leaving a white strip and without slipping.
  • Cosmetic shop "L'Etoile" represents its own brand. The assortment of the company produces products in the usual liquid form, as well as in the form of a pencil.
    • Pencil Caprice It combines rich shades, a brilliant finish and care due to the enrichment of the composition with jojoba and shea oils. It has a high content of vitamin E, which gives a long-lasting moisturizing effect.
    • "Bijou" - a product with a special sparkling effect, has a cream texture, is perfectly distributed on the lips. Due to the content of hyaluronic acid fills and mask cracks.
    • Lip Enhancer Starlette Combines the effect of vinyl and a diamond finish. Has a modern applicator that perfectly distributes the texture.
  • BB-Shine combines five effects: moisturizes, cares, restores, nourishes and gives a soft shade. Has a sweet candy and caring properties.
  • Product from Max Factor "Color Elixir Gloss" has sixteen shades, allowing you to choose the right one for every customer. It is equipped with a convenient applicator in the form of a sponge, has a creamy consistency, similar to a balm and perfectly fits.
  • Levres Scintillantes, manufactured by the Chanel brand from France, is particularly popular. Great for spring makeup, according to cosmopolitan makeup artists. It has a pleasant texture and makes lips well-groomed. The disadvantages include the possibility of leaving a white strip between the lips when worn.
  • Brand Missha presents a large selection of sparkles and tints for different occasions.
    • "Glam Pearl" possesses pearl overflows and nourishes thanks to plant oils included in the composition.
    • "Neon Tint" It differs in the ability to adjust the color to the natural tone of the lips. Due to the 3D particles with the neon effect, it reflects the light incident on the skin. It has sun protection factor SPF15.
    • "Agua Gel Tint" has increased resistance. Increases the natural brightness of the lips by several shades, preventing them from losing naturalness.
    • "Tinted Jelly Lips" It has a jelly texture, due to which it is not smeared and does not spread. Caring for the skin thanks to the shea butter and cupuasu oil content and mango extract. The effect is complemented by a pleasant aroma of fruit.
  • The American brand Estee Lauder launches a variant with the Pure Color Gloss applicator. It has an incredible number of variations - 23 shades with a glass finish. Light aroma, moisturizing effect and good stability make it especially attractive.
  • Budget brand Art-Visage offers its customers a wide variety of products. Among them are matte and glossy designs with a large number of tones. About the product "Gloss", users generally respond positively, note its pleasant texture, good coverage and especially attractive price.
  • Urban Decay Introduces Revolution products with active pigmentation and luscious radiance. The following shade variations are presented: Scandal, Bitterswit, Savage, Assassin, Punch Drunk, Big-Bang Revolution, Kinky, FailBait.
  • New Catrice Lip Gloss Cushion "Lip Cushion" has a lot of positive reviews. It features an innovative cushion format. It has earned acclaim due to the noticeable care, masking imperfections, pleasant shades and good durability.
  • Glitters by Clinique have a large number of formats: traditional liquid with an applicator, moisturizing pencils, balms and bottles in the form of varnish. Lipstick is one of the innovations used by the Belgian company. It has an even coating and lasts up to six hours. It cares for the skin and is not felt when worn.
  • Guerlain Gloss D'Enfer It has twenty shades, a nice texture. It does not stick and is not felt. A convenient applicator emphasizes the shape of the lips, the consistency allows you to create the effect of naturalness or saturation, depending on the application. It has an unobtrusive vanilla flavor.
  • Erborian oil and shine in one product offers radiance and powerful care.The composition is useful and natural: Japanese camellia oil, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, jojoba and sesame seeds. These ingredients have a softening, nourishing and antioxidant effect.
  • Belvedere Company represents products with a balm effect and radiance. Saturate with color and protect the skin from harmful factors. It has sun protection factor SPF 20.
  • Ninelle Products have a nice price, sweet smell and medium effect. Gloss does not look very natural and is prone to the formation of a white strip between the lips.
  • Brand Isadora represents a shine pencil. It is conveniently applied, making sponges smooth and soft due to the texture of the cream.
  • Remedy from Eva Mosaic has a palette of 44 shades. Caring, does not contain parabens and mineral oils.
  • Product from Inglot bulges in liquid, oil form and a jar. There is also a set of two shades that create a 3D volume effect. Enriched with vitamin E and peptides.

Makeup artist secrets

In order to always look perfect using shine or tint, check out the opinions of makeup artists on how best to use it.

  • To keep the product longer, before applying it, you need to walk on the lips with powder or liquid foundation.
  • For a particularly bright effect, apply lipstick, blot excesses with a napkin. Apply a thin layer of powder, once again go over the lipstick and give the shine a shine.
  • To obtain a light natural effect, apply the product only in the middle of the lips and then stretch it over the entire surface, pressing it with your lips.
  • The evening version allows you to use shine on top of lipstick, this will enhance its color and give shine.
  • In daytime makeup, it is better to use shine separately. It will make the image sensual and light.
  • Despite the caring components, the shine cannot function as a balm. For full protection, use a balm under a shiny gel.


In the comments, the ladies especially highlight Estee Lauder, Chanel, and Pupa among the fluid textures. Among manufacturers of solid products, IsaDora, Maybelline and L'Oreal excelled. The latter brand is distinguished by the production of budget pallets with a variety of juicy and nude tones. Among the balms, buyers especially highlight Clarins, L'Oreal "Infaillible Sexy", Max Factor.

Learn more about lip glosses of various brands from the next video.

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