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Cream-highlighter Bielita-Vitex

A highlighter cream is required for a woman in order to give the face a certain sculpturality, “sculpt” the relief, emphasize the cheekbones, hide small wrinkles and give the skin a radiant look. Highlighter is the most consumed product, because it is used with every makeup application. It is important for customers that he copes with his direct duties perfectly, but at the same time does not eat up the lion's share of the budget. When testing this makeup product, it turned out that the Belarusian cream from the company is optimal in the classic price-quality ratio Bielita-Vitex.

Amazing radiance

This cream belongs to the line "Secret of radiance", the main component of which is cloudberry oil and vitamin C. Since cloudberry oil saturates the skin with moisture, fatty acids and microelements, the cream performs not only a decorative function, but also takes care of the skin, moisturizing it in the deeper layers. Vitamin C has an anti-aging effect on the skin due to its high content of antioxidants.

Additionally, the composition includes wheat germ oil, cocoa seed oil and vegetable glycerin. There are no harmful substances, silicone in the cream.

The cream is applied in two ways:

  • Apply a thin layer to the entire surface of the face. Thanks to its soft and delicate texture, it is evenly distributed on the skin, giving it a gentle glow and eliminating signs of fatigue. This method is great if you urgently need to put yourself in order after a hard day's work or a sleepless night;
  • Highlight areas on the nose, forehead, chin and cheeks. In this case, the layer is taken more dense than with uniform application.

The cream is packaged in a 30 ml white tube. Packaging is devoid of originality and looks at its cost - about 110-130 rubles. The lid of the tube is flat and round, which allows you to put the cream vertically and easily squeeze out for application. The dispenser of the new packaging is always covered with foil, so it will not work to test the cream before purchase. But for such a price you can not test it, but take it right away.

It is nice that the manufacturer on each tube indicates the methods of applying the highlighter and indicates the areas that are specially highlighted.

The texture of the cream is a little liquid, but that is why you can use it as a tool on the whole face, without leaving unstained stripes. Outwardly, the cream looks normal, no gloss is visible on it. When applied, it gives a gentle delicate highlighting of the skin. That is, using it as an evening shimmer will not work, but for daytime makeup is an ideal option. It can be bought to replace matte white shadows, with the help of which radiance is created on the eyelids and in the corners of the eyes.

It is necessary to rinse the highlighter, as usual cosmetics - tonic, micellar water, hydrophilic oil, foam or gel for washing. Despite the moisturizing effect, it is not a makeup product and requires removal from the face.


According to user reviews, the cream-highlighter from Bielita-Vitex best stands out on a tanned body or skin dark from birth, it is not very suitable for pale-faced ladies as an option for highlighting certain areas.

A huge advantage of this tool is that it suits both warm and cold color types. And on olive and peach skin, it looks harmonious, merging with the main tone.

When using, only one drawback was highlighted: the hole for the cream in the tube was too wide. Even with light pressure, too much content splashes out, which either has to be washed or applied to the face with a second layer. The girls hope that the manufacturer will listen to their reviews and make the dispenser a little less.

Some especially creative girls buy two tubes of funds at once and pour them into a small container with a dispenser, for example, from an old foundation (previously thoroughly washed).

Advantages and disadvantages


The cream is universal, it does not clog pores, so it is suitable for women and girls with problem skin. Even on teenage oily skin, the cream lasts for a day and does not require adjustment or additional application.

Dry skin is moisturized due to the presence of cloudberry oil and vitamin C. Not every highlighter boasts a moisturizing component, so the advantage of the Belarusian novelty is clearly on the face.

If you apply the cream in two or more layers, then it does not tighten the skin and does not cause the feeling of a heavy mask on the face. It does not feel at all.

Despite its white color, it does not fall into the pores and wrinkles, therefore it is not visible on the face. It can be used as a base for basic or heavy makeup (for example, for photography). The bright smell of the cream in the tube quickly disappears from the skin and does not interfere with the aroma of eau de toilette or body spray.

Highlighter hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation even in sensitive skin.


The cream is applied to dry, cleaned skin and requires quick shading. Drying of the product occurs in about 30 seconds after application and, if you do not have time to distribute it carefully, a clear application border may remain.

Girls with dark skin should not use the cream in the first way (completely on the whole face). It significantly whitens the skin. However, the second method (highlighting of individual sections) suits them better than the others.

Not suitable for those who prefer to create a hard sculpture on their faces.

How and why to apply?

To create a more colorful sculpture, it is necessary to apply it to specific places:

  • so that the eyebrows look more neat and clear, the cream is applied below and above them;
  • to make the nose thinner and narrower, you need to apply the cream on the central part along the nose;
  • to create the necessary contour of the face, the highlighter is applied to the cheekbones (not under them, but directly on them);
  • if it is necessary to stretch the oval of the face, then the cream is placed on the chin;
  • to give the lips a more puffy appearance, the cream is applied exactly into the notch between the lip and nose;
  • in the corners of the eyes, the highlighter is placed pointwise to give the look expressiveness and special shine.

Thus, this new product from the Belarusian manufacturer can rightfully be considered a breakthrough in budget cosmetology.

In this video you will find a test drive of the Amazing Shine cream highlighter.


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