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Clear lip gloss

Now make-up artists offer different trends. Bright matte lips and barely noticeable options on the lips are in fashion. This article will focus on such a summer trend as transparent lip gloss. Such a product has many advantages, which you will learn about now.


Stylish colorless shine protects the delicate skin of the lips from frost or the negative effects of sunlight. The product gives lips protection, but it also moisturizes and softens them. Another important advantage for girls is that the lips painted with such a shine look very sexy and spectacular.

Now there are many different options for a simple transparent shine. This is, for example, a variant with sparkles or with the effect of "liquid glass". Glossy glossy lips covered with such an unusual remedy look very impressive.

How to make at home?

Due to the popularity of sexy transparent glitters, they can be found in many brands - for example, Mac. If you do not like the purchased cosmetics, then you can try to create such a lip care product yourself. To prepare organic cosmetics, you will not need many rare ingredients.

As a basis, you will need a simple castor oil. It will need to be supplemented with vitamins A and E in different quantities. You can take a little fragrant fragrance - for example, strawberry.

Castor oil is chosen for the reason that it very well softens the surface of the lips and does not remain a thin film when applied. The product moisturizes lips well and makes them sexy, beautiful. Vitamins are good because they protect the lips from the sun and the negative effects of the environment.

You'll see even more lip gloss recipes in the next video tutorial.

As for perfumes, it can not be added to the base. But the fact is that castor oil does not have a very pleasant aroma, and the smell of sweet strawberries will muffle it.

Before use, this mixture should be poured into a convenient container and let it brew for at least a couple of hours.

How else to use transparent gloss?

Reviews of many girls confirm that you can use transparent shine in different ways.

On the lips

The most common option is to use a transparent sheen for its intended purpose. A barely noticeable flicker on the lips looks very impressive.

You can add such a neutral accent to your everyday make-up and a bright evening look with dark shades.

In front of my eyes

You may be surprised, but the transparent gloss itself can also be used instead of liquid shadows. Take a closer look at the images of models on shows and magazine pages, and you will see that many of them have the effect of so-called wet shadows on their eyes. It looks very interesting. To achieve this effect, it is not at all necessary to buy a special product or tint. Simply mix your favorite shadows with a transparent sheen. To do this, you can use simple matte shadows, and shimmer.

On the eyebrows

Another unusual way to use this shine is to use it to fix the eyebrows. Shine will perfectly keep the hairs in position. Very often, such a product is even more resistant than a special tool for fixing eyebrows. But for this purpose, of course, you need to use a completely colorless shine - without any sparkles. Otherwise, your eyebrows will look very strange.

In addition, we must not forget that the shine with the eyebrow should be washed off in the evenings, so as not to stain the bed.

On the face

You can also use transparent lip gloss as a highlighter. To do this, you need to put a little product on your fingertips. It must be very well shaded and distributed over the cheekbones, under the eyebrows or above the “cupid hole”. A feature of this technique is that it produces a wet effect. It looks a lot more natural.

Transparent lip gloss is a great find that almost every modern girl needs.

It can be used in everyday life, and in some special cases. Use it to make your look delicate, beautiful and very feminine.


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