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Wedding pedicure

The most solemn and touching event in the life of every girl is considered a wedding. In order for the bride to look perfect, it is necessary to think over all the details of the image in advance. The appearance of the girl should be framed in one style, the finishing touch of which is a wedding pedicure. Today, there are many options for nail design, which allow you to choose the most sophisticated and suitable composition for the legs.

A gentle pedicure looks very beautiful, which is decorated in the same design with the fingers. When choosing a wedding style, it is necessary to take into account certain nuances: the length of the dress, the model of shoes. Even for closed shoes you will need an original pedicure. Let it be hidden from prying eyes, but then, when participating in contests or other actions, it will pleasantly surprise others. You will be pleased with beautiful toes and on the sea beach, when after the wedding the newlyweds will go on an unforgettable trip, so the bride’s pedicure should always be on top.


Wedding pedicure is significantly different from the usual everyday design. First of all, this applies to the color of the varnish and the presence of a pattern. As a rule, experts recommend choosing natural shades. Good for a wedding pedicure is pink, beige and peach. At the same time, the picture can be anything - from the image of animals, birds and ending with flowers or patterns.

As for lovers of classics, it’s best for them to choose a French pedicure, in which the nail is varnished with a bed shade, and a white line is thinly drawn along the edge. To get the maximum effect, such pedicures are additionally decorated with rhinestones or original patterns.

The legs of the bride should be prepared in advance, so the cosmetic procedure is performed at least a day before the wedding.

Recently, most girls prefer a hardware pedicure, due to its uniqueness, it is perfect for both everyday life and for the bride to the wedding. Unlike the classic pedicure, the hardware is performed using a special grinding machine. Also, the future bride will not need to spend much time in the salon, to tear open her legs and treat the feet with a blade.

Before doing a pedicure, you should carefully consider all the details of its design and take into account the following recommendations:

  • Color selection. The main feature of a wedding pedicure is its tenderness and beauty, so the traditional jacket will be the best option for it. Excessively bright colors will not be able to harmoniously complement the overall image of the girl. On such a solemn day, the bride should look sophisticated.
  • Decoration. In this case, it is permissible for the bride to use applications, sparkles, rhinestones, but everything should be in moderation.
  • The choice of coverage. Usually, a decorative varnish is used for a wedding pedicure, you can also use biogel or gel polish. Such coatings hold well and can please the beauty of the legs for more than a month.

Fashion trends and trends

Every girl is waiting for the wedding, on that day she should look in a special way. Since the bride is constantly in the spotlight during the celebration, her image is selected not only taking into account personal preferences, but also in accordance with current trends in fashion. This season, the masters presented a choice of many options for the original pedicure. Now the classic version of the design of nails is very popular among brides, but girls who like to distinguish themselves with something bright can choose an extraordinary design.

If we consider the classics, then the French deserves special attention. He will always be in fashion and making a choice in favor of him, the girl is never mistaken. This pedicure emphasizes the elegance and tenderness of the bride. Experts also recommend using natural shades of varnishes for the pedicure in the new season, which can be slightly diluted with brighter colors. To do this, instead of the traditional white tips, blue, red lines are drawn.

Gold and silver pedicures also came into fashion this year. On the one hand, it looks simple, but at the same time it is decorated with taste. This option is perfect for brides who have a wedding dress or accessories have a brilliant shade. If the pedicure is done on extended nails, then you can experiment with voluminous nail art. The only thing that it is not worth doing in the case when the girl puts on the shoe closure, because this way the decor elements will not last long and the pedicure will be spoiled.

A novelty for a wedding pedicure is lace drawing. It is characterized by strength, durability and original appearance. Nails in this design will long delight with beauty even after the end of the holiday. The aquarium design, decorated with different stones and rhinestones, looks spectacular. This season, the main emphasis is on naturalness, so for a pedicure it is recommended to choose natural shades of varnish that would be in harmony with skin color.

Design ideas

During the design of the wedding pedicure, it is very important to choose the right design that would be both fashionable and appropriate. Among the huge selection of design ideas, volumetric decor occupies a special place, it is applied to pre-expanded nails. The only drawback of such a pedicure is that under a layer of acrylic natural nails deteriorate, so it can not be worn for a long time. Gel is an excellent alternative to acrylic, it is covered with nails, and then on a dried layer they are sculpted or decorated with sparkles and rhinestones.

For extraordinary girls, a pedicure in catchy colors is considered a good choice. Of course, such a design is not suitable for everyone, as it will look bright against the backdrop of wedding dresses. To his eccentricity harmoniously fit into the overall image of the bride, it is necessary to supplement the pedicure with accessories of the same bright color.

For lovers of constantly experimenting with images, the pedicure of nail art would be the right choice. This is a new direction in nail design, in which artistic painting is done with paints and stones. In this case, the figure is selected in accordance with the style of the image of the bride. Often painted pigeons, wedding rings or a unique number. It is also original to decorate several nails with symbolic inscriptions or initial letters of the names of the newlyweds.

Special attention should be paid to the tint pedicure, as the transitional colors and graduation are very popular in the wedding image. To do this, the nail is painted with all shades of the same color, starting with the lightest and ending with saturated, or the nail is covered with transparent varnish, and only then the color is applied. The combination of blue and pink looks original.

How to do it yourself?

You can make a wedding pedicure both in the salon and on your own at home. In order for the bride's legs to look amazing, you should stock up on a little patience and carefully prepare for the procedure. It should be borne in mind that pedicures should be done a few days before the celebration. Wedding pedicure consists of the following steps:

  • Training. Remove old nail polish from the nails using nail polish remover and cotton swabs. Then a special relaxing bath is prepared for the feet, in which essential oils and sea salt are added. Keep your feet in water until it cools. Then they are dried with a towel, using the pedicure tools cut the length of the nails and make the desired shape. The cuticle is also subject to care, it is pushed back with a wooden stick.
  • Peeling. The skin is cleaned with a special scrub, special attention is paid to rough skin. To remove it, use pumice.
  • Massage. With cream, the calves of the feet and feet are massaged.
  • Design. A basic coating is applied to the nails, then varnish, decorated with a pattern or rhinestones.

It should be noted that wedding pedicure, unlike manicure, is not difficult to perform at home.

Stylish ideas for a wedding manicure - in the next video.


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