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Dragonfly Manicure

Today it has become very popular to do unusual manicures. Beautiful nails always attract a lot of attention, and they also say a lot about their owner. Next, we will talk in more detail about dragonfly manicure, about various execution techniques, share interesting ideas and tips from nail industry experts.


A dragonfly’s nail design will never look boring or corny, whether it is simply painted or laid out with rhinestones and stones. Such a manicure can definitely be called universal, it will be a great addition to everyday bows and evening dresses. For everyday options, it is best to opt for a delicate color scheme and not very contrasting insects, but for the evening you can safely choose a brighter design.

Dragonflies look equally good on both short and long nails of various shapes. With the help of these beautiful insects, you can complement a variety of nail designs. Dragonflies look very elegant on extended and natural nails.

If you decide to choose this design, it is best to entrust it to the master in a beauty salon, but if the soul requires experimentation and time allows, then why not work out at home. Such an activity can be very exciting.

It is best to depict dragonflies on gel varnishes, draw with them or with acrylic paints. Such a manicure will be more stable and rich, and in addition, any decorative jewelry is perfectly kept on the gel.

Execution techniques

The dragonfly manicure is very variable, here the insects can be depicted on all nails or only on a few, make them modest and miniature or shiny and luxurious.

  • Perhaps the most popular and widespread and never out of fashion is considered to be hand painting with brushes. In this way, you can draw the most unusual dragonfly. It can be traced in such detail that it simply cannot be distinguished from a real and living dragonfly. They draw insects on the nails, as mentioned above, with special paints. In general, it all depends on the complexity of the drawing, very often it can be done at home;
  • Unusual and cute dragonflies can be done using the stamping technique, but for this you need a special set that can be easily purchased. The main thing is that you have the appropriate stencils and then everything will work out without problems;
  • The simplest and most harmless technique is the use of sliders and stickers, they are very easy to use at home, and high-quality options look no worse than hand-painted;
  • Too many experts do not use this or that technique in its purest form. Often a small painting is done with the colors of the future dragonfly, and the main part is laid out with stones;
  • On extended nails, insects are very often performed in an aquarium design and supplemented with various patterns and flowers.

Dragonflies are a simple but original way to decorate nails. Such a design will not look boring and will attract a lot of attention. If it is made in bright and rich colors, it will give a lot of positive to its owner. A variety of dragonflies are perfectly combined with all color schemes and combined options, so do not be afraid to experiment and give free rein to the imagination.

Interesting ideas

Recently, women do not have a shortage of ideas in the design of nails; in the salon they can offer a million options. Next, we will consider the most interesting and popular ideas for nail-design with dragonflies:

  • A simple, but at the same time boring idea is to paint all the nails in one color, and lay the dragonflies on the ring fingers with rhinestones and make a small sketch. This option is perfect for short nails;
  • Such insects will look great on the gradient in a variety of shades. The main thing is that the design is skillfully combined and the dragonfly does not match the varnish, otherwise it can just merge with it;
  • Many girls complement not only the classic, but also the color jacket with the help of plain dragonflies. This design looks simple, but tasteful;
  • Dragonflies in a laconic white color look very contrasting. But the main thing here is to make sure that the drawing is perfect, otherwise all errors will be noticeable;
  • A variant looks unusual when a dragonfly with a flower is located on the ring finger, while others are made in sand technique or covered with velvet or small sparkles;
  • A complex composition with a dragonfly is best placed on only one finger, otherwise you risk making the manicure too heavy. And since these insects themselves are "light and airy", the nail design with them must be subtle.

If your dragonfly is made of stones and rhinestones, add fingers to a few rings, but not with huge and elaborate stones. Fine gold options will also look great.

What is required?

To perform a beautiful manicure on nails with dragonflies, you will need the following materials:

  • Nail polishes. These can be ordinary options and persistent gel polishes. The latter require a base, top and UV lamp;
  • Nail polish remover;
  • Brushes for painting small parts. Necessarily thin and dots;
  • If necessary, acrylic paints;
  • Details for decoration: large and small rhinestones, broths, crystals, shiny and velvet powders, rubs, foil;
  • Stencils, if you decide to decorate with a dragonfly jacket or moon manicure.

Also, for a manicure, you should have a nail file of medium hardness for natural nails and more rigid for artificial.

Cooking nails

A dragonfly manicure in any case will look exquisite, therefore, the nails themselves should be in the best possible way. Before applying varnish and drawing, take care of their perfect shape, file them or cut them to the desired length. To remove the cuticle least safely, make a nail tray with oil or sea salt. Such therapy at home greatly contributes to the improvement of the condition of nails and their strengthening.

On steamed nails, it is easiest to move the cuticle with a special spatula and do the cleaning, also do not forget to remove all burrs. Inside, you may be offered to do hardware cleaning, which is considered even more secure and modern.

Also, do not forget about personal hygiene, wash your hands thoroughly before brushing your nails, and treat nail files and tools with antiseptics. Unnecessary bacteria can accumulate on such things even at home, so you should not neglect your health.

We carry out at home

If you do not draw very well and do not have free time, then it is best to choose ready-made stickers with dragonflies, with which it is very easy to make beautiful nail designs in a matter of minutes.

Next, we will talk about several master classes that may help you in creating dragonflies on nails.

1 option

This scheme will be quite difficult for beginners, since it assumes existing drawing skills. It is best to depict a dragonfly using gel varnishes. We will talk about the drawing on one nail:

  • We cover the nail with pink or any nude gel polish. Dry in the lamp;
  • Having chosen the position of the future insect, we begin to draw the body and eyes with a thin brush. We draw wings. You can choose any colors. This will be the initial sketch, which should also be dried in the lamp;
  • Next, we move on to a detailed drawing of the trunk, eyes and legs, as well as the wings. It is best to use black or dark brown;
  • On the still not dried gel we glue the decor: rhinestones, broths and a large stone in the middle of the dragonfly's body. You can also arrange these elements based on your imagination;
  • Dry the dragonfly in the lamp. We cover it with a glossy finish;
  • Dry again.

To make the drawing more lively, you can pre-train on paper.

Option 2

We also recommend that you pay attention to the simplest manicure using ordinary varnishes, which even a schoolgirl can handle:

  • Cover the nails with the chosen color of varnish;
  • Stick pre-selected stickers with insects on your nails. Let them dry slightly;
  • Cover with a colorless varnish for fixing.

Do not be afraid to combine a variety of techniques to create a design at home, use glitter and rhinestones. Imagination always plays an important role in creating attractive nail designs.

How to do a dragonfly manicure, see the next video.

Watch the video: DRAGONFLY Nails Pretty and Sparkly Painted w Gels On Top of Bug Wing Nails (April 2020).


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