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Hair Clipper Panasonic

Many men use the home version of a haircut to keep their hairstyle neat. This allows not only to save money on a trip to the hairdresser, but also to create a unique image. A hair clipper is suitable for this. Panasonic. It will help to tidy the hair on the head, make neat beard and mustache.


Perhaps not a single world-famous concern produces as many varieties of diverse equipment as Panasonic. Therefore, it is not surprising that he developed many models of professional hair clippers. And if you already choose a trimmer for home use or for a salon, then it is better to trust this manufacturer with many years of experience. This Panasonic products have the following advantages:

  • a wide variety of models and stylish design;
  • the convenience of use;
  • durability and long time of continuous work;
  • self-sharpening blades made of quality stainless steel;
  • rich equipment in most models;
  • the possibility of battery life.

There are other useful features depending on the model you choose: wet cleaning, battery charge indicator, length adjuster, dry or wet haircut. In addition to the fact that all models are as reliable as possible, the manufacturer also gives a one-year warranty on goods.


Models of clippers Panasonic ER Series several dozen are presented, it is worth considering several of the most popular. Model ER131h520 It has simple controls and a minimum set of functions, so it is ideal for home use. In the kit, in addition to the device itself, there are: two double-sided nozzles of 3 and 6 mm, 9 and 12 mm, a small brush, lubricating oil and a charger with a 220 V power supply unit. It takes 8 hours to fully charge the machine, and offline time 40 minutes.

Typewriter Panasonic ER131h520 It has a streamlined shape and is easily held in the hand, its mass is small - only 103 g. A cord 2.9 m long allows it to be used almost anywhere near the outlet. The plastic case has a nice white-gray color, there is only one button on it - on / off. Bilateral nozzles in the form of combs are easily put on and removed, after use it remains only to clean the working surface with a special brush included in the kit.

On the model body ER131h520 There is also an indicator by which you can determine the degree of charge. The battery itself is built-in, it can not be replaced. The motor speed is 6300 rpm, sharp blades per second can cut up to 34,000 hairs. The device works almost silently.

Model Panasonic EP 508 more functional than the previous version. It has an elegant black-and-white or blue plastic case, on the front side of which there is a power button, a length adjuster and a battery charge indicator. Full charge time is 12 hours, and you can work autonomously up to 60 minutes. The motor speed is 5800 rpm, sharp stainless steel blades provide a perfect haircut with very quiet operation. With this machine you can make almost any hairstyle thanks to four interchangeable nozzles. The hair length can also be set using the regulator on the body, which has 8 steps - from 3 to 40 mm. Included is a nozzle for thinning. Wet cleaning is provided. We can say that this model is already suitable for professional use, and by changing nozzles of different lengths, you can make model haircuts with different levels.

A professional model is perfect for cutting a head, beard and mustache Panasonic ER217s520. On the case of gray silver plastic there is a power button, an indicator and a round length adjustment knob. With the help of 14 steps, you can change the value from 1 to 20 mm, such a system made it possible to do without interchangeable nozzles. Men recognize this model as an ideal trimmer in order to trim the beard and give it a beautiful shape.

Of the useful features of the model Panasonic ER217s520 it is possible to note the possibility of wet cleaning of the blades, thinning function and built-in trimmer. It works from the network - the length of the cord is 1.9 m, or offline. The full charge time is 8 hours, and the battery life is up to 50 minutes. The convenient body and weight of 165 g allow the hairdresser to use it without any problems. The kit contains oil for lubricating the blades, brush and case.

Machines with telescopic fixed attachments are very convenient, since you do not need to store many separate parts, and you can change the length directly during cutting, without turning off the device. Adjustment is carried out in an instant. Oil consumption is very economical, a small tube can easily last for several years. Model ER217s520 It is recognized as very reliable and safe, the original product is given a 1 year warranty. It is very simple to take care of it, it is enough after cleaning to clean the working part with a brush and rinse under cold water.

Clipper Panasonic ER1611 with a telescopic nozzle is a very convenient and versatile tool. For battery life, it takes only 1 hour to charge it for 50 minutes. The stylish case made of black and gray shiny plastic has a button and a power and charging indicator, a disk length regulator. Using a trimmer, you can cut hair from 0.8 to 15 mm long, there is an adjustable knife 0.8 - 2 mm. Therefore, the machine is suitable for leveling the beard and mustache.

The speed of the motor in the model ER1611 10000 rpm, the number of length settings is 7. It is well suited for very short haircuts. The high power and sharpness of the blades allow cutting even the coarsest hair without resistance. This machine is perfect for creating a neat and even edging.

Model Panasonic ER221 - This is a truly professional appliance that is ideal for a prestigious hairdresser. There are 3 removable and 1 telescopic nozzle, which is adjustable with the help of a disk handle. Silver case with indicator and power button. The machine can be taken with you on the road, battery life is 50 minutes.

Trimmer Panasonic ER221 has an additional nozzle for thinning, beard trimming and wet cleaning. As in previous models, the quality of the material is excellent and suits most buyers. Engine speed of 10,000 rpm and sharp stainless steel blades allow you to cut up to 30,000 hairs per second without much stress. There are 16 length settings for any model haircut option.

How to choose?

Most of the modern models on the market are Chinese-made, although Panasonic Japanese concern. You should not beware of this, because there is the opportunity to purchase a branded model from China of excellent quality. The main thing is to know the features of licensed Chinese products Panasonic and distinguish it from cheap fakes.

First, the product must be carefully packed in a sealed box, and the kit contains all the items specified in the description. The machine must be accompanied by a technical passport and instruction manual. On the case itself, there are usually seal stickers and the brand logo of the brand Panasonic. It is useful to verify the country of origin indicated on the barcode on the package. It is worth checking how conveniently the nozzles are put on and removed, how smoothly the length is adjusted using the telescopic handle, turn on the device and look at its work for several minutes.

As for the choice of model, then for home use a budget option is suitable ER131h520for travel - typewriter ER1611which holds charge well. In a professional salon, you should have serious multifunction trimmers on hand Panasonic EP 508 and ER221.

How to use?

All varieties of hair clippers Panasonic should be used cleaned and dry. For prevention, periodically lubricate the blades with a small amount of oil, 1-2 drops are sufficient, but it is recommended to use only the original lubricant. After cutting or shaving, be sure to clean the blades, scallops and nozzles with a brush in the kit or other similar object. Rinse the working part is also necessary, especially since all models have the function of wet cleaning. It is best to store the machine and all components when folded in the original packaging.


Buyers like the stylish design and excellent quality of materials from all trimmer models. Panasonic series Er. The reviews say that the clippers are unpretentious, can handle any hard hair, and the service life is very long - a few years. Models with telescopic nozzles are appreciated for convenient length settings without the need for removable parts. This is the best option for cutting and shaving on the go thanks to the capacious battery. Moreover, it can be charged in advance, and used autonomously after some time.

The following video is an overview of the Panasonic hair clipper.

Watch the video: Kevin Luchmun Demonstration. Panasonic Pro Grooming at Salon International (April 2020).


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