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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Manicure with triangles.

Manicure with triangles is a real fashion trend of nail design this summer. It is not in vain that so many girls fell in love with so much, because this manicure is quite minimalistic. It is very harmoniously combined with any outfits and images. Another plus of this nail art - the design options for nails with triangles is simply countless, you can easily come up with new ideas, change shape and color schemes.

How to do?

A manicure with triangles does not require any specific shape or length of nails, so it suits absolutely everyone. Such a manicure can be both everyday and for special occasions - depending on the chosen design. To make the manicure more festive, you can simply supplement it with sparkles or rhinestones.

Such a geometric manicure looks fashionable and stylish, but is done very simply, so every girl can do it on her own - at home.

To perform a manicure with triangles, you need to check if you have a basic coating at home, varnishes of several shades, fixing varnish, stationery tape and scissors.

Before creating a nail design, you must certainly prepare your fingers and nails. To do this, you can make a salt bath by adding a drop of iodine and essential oils. After the procedure, it is necessary to remove the cuticle and give the nails a beautiful shape. Then you can proceed to design.

First you need to apply a base on the nails and wait until this layer is completely dry. After that, you can perform nail coating with the main color varnish. It must also dry completely.

Now use thin strips of adhesive tape that need to be glued to the surface of the nails in such a way as to form triangles. Leave the edges of the tape protruding beyond the nail for a couple of millimeters.

Then you need to take a varnish of a different color and paint over the resulting shapes. Let the varnish dry slightly and carefully remove the strips from the adhesive tape. Now it remains only to apply the top coat varnish.

Some important tips:

  1. Going to stick strips of tape, make sure that the varnish is completely dry, otherwise it will be damaged.
  2. Adhesive tape must be glued as tight as possible, so that the varnish does not fall under it.

If you adhere to these recommendations, you will certainly get a bright, stylish and interesting manicure.

Design options

Original nail art with triangles can be created using additional sparkles, as well as experimenting with the location of the triangles on the nail - from the edge, in the center and so on.

Nail design will look very stylish, in which the maximum contrasting shades of varnishes are involved. One option is black or brown pieces on a light background (white, cream, light pink). Blue triangles will look advantageous on a golden background.

If you want to create a more formal and formal look in a business style, a design with small black triangles on a white background is a great option. The figures can be positioned along the edge of the nails. This design can be attributed to the classics, and it fits any outfit - a business suit or dress.

Lunar manicure with a triangle, which has found many interpretations, is also considered trendy. The main thing is the location of the triangle at the base of the nail, as in a classic moon manicure.

If you draw thin triangles in the center of the nails, they will look like small Eiffel towers.

There can be several patterns of triangles on the nail, and they can intersect or be far from each other.

French manicure with triangles.

The most fashionable trend of this year. This design has come into fashion and is very popular. And not in vain, the triangular jacket looks beautiful, neat and very stylish.

In this version of the manicure, special stickers with strict shapes and sharp corners are used, they differ from simple strips for French manicure. However, the technique for performing manicure remains exactly the same as in the classic version.

Triangles can be placed on the edge of the nails. Before this, you need to apply the base and let it dry completely. Then you should cover the nails with white varnish, which will be the basis for the French manicure. White varnish should also dry completely. After that, you need to attach the stickers to the edge of the nail. Paint with contrasting varnish - as in the classic jacket. As soon as the varnish is slightly set, carefully remove the stickers, and fix the manicure with a special varnish. Manicure can be supplemented with small pebbles.

Nail Design with Rhinestones

Another very beautiful and unusual version of manicure can be created if you make triangles of rhinestones. This exquisite nail design will be the perfect solution for all kinds of special occasions when you want to create an elegant festive look.

To perform such a manicure, you need to paint your nails with the selected varnish and after it has completely dried, proceed to create figures from rhinestones. Do everything very carefully.

To make the triangles even, it’s best to also use tape to create the shape of the figure. Triangles can be placed near the cuticle - it will look beautiful and elegant. When you glue the adhesive tape and form a triangle, cover it with a clear varnish, give the tool a little time to grasp - and immediately start laying out the rhinestones.

Here you will need to experiment with colors and sizes - turn on your imagination and create.

In order for your manicure with triangles to turn out original, stylish and simply perfect, it is worth looking at photos of the most interesting ideas of geometric manicure. They will help you in creating the perfect image and, perhaps, will throw other interesting ideas.

How to make a manicure with triangles - in the next video.

Watch the video: 5 EASY Nail Ideas. Triangle Nails (April 2020).


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