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Pedicure shellac

A well-groomed woman is determined by healthy skin, beautiful hair, and perfect manicure. In the dynamic rhythm of life, do not forget about the legs. During the period of open shoes and sandals, they become a close object of attention. Pedicure shellac will help for a long time to maintain the perfect appearance of the legs.


Unlike regular varnish shellac (also called gel varnish) is a more modern durable coating. Appearing ten years ago, shellac firmly gained a leading position in manicure and pedicure.

The composition of a durable coating includes varnish and polymers, which provides it with increased resistance. Shellac is dried in a special UV lamp, with only a few seconds being enough for it to completely dry.

Shellac coating has a huge several advantages:

  • Durability. Shellac is five times more durable than regular varnish;
  • A high-quality coating in the process of wearing does not have chips, peeling, color changes and other troubles that can happen with ordinary varnish;
  • The coating is completely polymerized in the lamp, which allows you to immediately put on your favorite shoes and run on business, without fear that the miracle polish will be erased or stick to the shoes;
  • Shellac thickens its own nail, which allows you to get rid of delamination, fragility of the nail plate. Many coated women grow their healthy nails;
  • The finished coating is homogeneous, smooth and even. Such qualities can not always be obtained from ordinary varnish;
  • A wide color palette allows you to choose any shade of shellac - for every day or special occasion;
  • Shellac allows you to apply various effects to the nail coating - pearl or rainbow rubbing, prism, rhinestones, films, painting with acrylics and many other design options.

The disadvantages include the need to purchase special tools for shellac, such as a primer, base, remover, as well as a drying lamp and other additional tools. If you do pedicure or manicure with shellac coating in the salon, then the procedure will cost more compared to applying a regular varnish.

How long does it hold?

If the coating was performed in compliance with all shellac application technologies, the correction will depend on the growth rate of your own nail. On the hands, nails grow faster, so on average in two weeks you will need to update the coating.

A pedicure can remain ideal for up to three weeks on average, but no more. Do not go over with an overgrown nail plate - this is fraught with nail injuries, chips, infection in a stratified nail.


Pedicure involves the treatment of the foot and toes: removing the keratinized layer of the epidermis, removing corns and corns, cutting the cuticle, shaping the nails, etc.

The main types of pedicure are manual, hardware and combined.

The salon can offer you classic and unedged manual pedicures. In this case, the first type is considered traditional, it is also called regular. Feet are pre-steamed in a bath with salt and soap. Pedicure is done manually using tools for cutting cuticles, files, scissors. This type of pedicure can be completely performed independently, only the skill of handling sharp tweezers is needed.

The European version of manual pedicure is performed without first soaking the feet. Dry skin is treated with files and polishes. The cuticle with this pedicure is not cut. A softening agent is applied to the skin around the nails, dissolving the overgrown skin.

Hardware pedicure appeared with the development of the same name cosmetology. The main stages are not carried out manually, but with the help of an apparatus with cutters of various diameters. It is the milling cutter that removes coarsened skin, polishes the skin and nails, removes the cuticle, and shapes the nails. The device allows you to avoid excessive cutting of the skin, which means that subsequently it is less rough. Hardware pedicure is less traumatic.

In the salon, the master can offer you a combined pedicure that combines two technologies. At the discretion of the specialist, the feet are processed both using the apparatus and manually.

If the skin of the feet and heels is in good condition, or when the pedicure is done regularly, you can only process the fingers and make a beautiful coating.

Less common but The following types of pedicure are very pleasant:

  • Spa Pedicure - the procedure dispenses with the use of cutting tools using fragrant baths, scrubs, masks and creams;
  • Pedicure stoned - the procedure is accompanied by warming up of the legs, which alleviates muscle pain;
  • French pedicure involves a transparent or pinkish camouflage coating and a white nail tip;
  • Wine - involves the use of a scrub with grape seeds, a grape mask for the feet, cream with grape oil;
  • Chocolate - incredibly fragrant pedicure with a chocolate bath and lotion;
  • Fish - More peeling than pedicure. Feet ankle-deep in an aquarium with Asian Garra-rufa fish, which are engaged in the "processing" of the feet. The pedicure ends in a classic way.

The pedicure ends with the coating of the nail plate with varnish, shellac, gel modeling.

Fashion trends and news

The shellac pedicure uses a monophonic coating, as well as all kinds of designs.

Among the fashion trends of this year, one can distinguish a mirror pedicure, when a beautiful shine with a metallic effect is created using rubbing.

The real spring-summer trend has become liquid, incredibly shiny gels - gold, silver, pink gold. They look really luxurious, creating the effect of precious metal on the nails.

Plant and animal motifs do not lose their relevance. Images of flowers, faces of cats, bunnies, birds look cute and cheerful in a pedicure.

The geometry on the nails always looks stylish. This year, graphic animals conquer the hearts of shellac lovers.

The ombre pedicure with a smooth transition of color does not lose its position. Color can change the shade both within the nail plate and the foot. It is worth noting that the ombre technique is still popular in manicure and hair coloring.

Decoration of the nail plate with rhinestones will add festivity to the image, but do not use a large number of stones. Minimalism is in fashion this year.

Pedicure and manicure with printing is performed using special films that are heated in hot water and applied to the nail. The coating is smooth, durable. In this technique, you can recreate any picture on the nails.

The shellac pedicure is especially relevant in the summer during the holidays. On the beach, the marine theme looks attractive - azure, blue nails, images of anchors, shells, sea inhabitants, a vest pattern.

Color schemes

As for the color, in the manicure and pedicure fashion gentle pastel shades are relevant - beige, milk, powdery color. Nude pedicure looks very feminine.

Both plain nails and sophisticated French pedicures are popular.

When choosing a color, it is worth giving preference to natural shades - red, coral, black, gray, blue, burgundy. Dark pedicure is not inferior to its positions, but depending on the season there are trends. So, in the spring-summer period you want light shades, in the autumn-winter period - dark. A combination of dark pedicure and manicure of light tones is considered stylish.

The texture of the coating can be either glossy or matte. The effect of "non-glittering" nails is achieved by special matting agents on gloss.

Design ideas

A beautiful pedicure involves a high-quality and even coating of nails, plain or with an interesting design. You can choose one of the options you like, and each will look original on its feet.

The image of a cereal flower or butterfly on the thumb is a great option for spring. The wings of the insect can be positioned so that the butterfly looks fluttering.

The option with stones, rhinestones and sparkles looks elegant and festive. Most importantly, do not use a lot of gloss. Just a few stones on one finger of the hand or one on each finger. Rhinestones are best used with a plain coating.

Rhinestones may well replace flakes and kamifubiki - colored pieces of confetti for nails.

Acid shades of yellow, orange, lime, lime, lemon, coral will look great on the sea. Such a neon pedicure is the best for tanned fingers.

The matte pedicure of languid tones - blue, black, wine - looks luxurious.

Shellac, resembling fruit yogurt of light green, creamy or peach flowers interspersed with small bright particles, is an ideal summer coating option.

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The images of berries, ice cream, cakes and pastries look tasty and seductive on the nails.

In the design of nails, you can use various variations of textures, colors, prints.

How to make at home?

If you have a lamp and all the necessary tools for shellac, then you can do the pedicure yourself. The result, of course, depends on the experience and quality of the materials. Samples of finished designs can be borrowed from the portfolio of nail masters.

For shellac pedicure you will need:

  • Bath, file, grinding to remove the keratinized layer from the heels;
  • Tweezers, scissors, if possible, an apparatus with cutters for removing cuticles and shaping nails;
  • Ultraviolet lamp;
  • Primer
  • Base;
  • Gel polish;
  • Top fixer;
  • Degreaser, cotton pads, buff, nail files.
  • ‚ÄčIf there is an overgrown coating, it must be removed with a mill or liquid to remove shellac. Then, following a simple step-by-step instruction, you can proceed directly to the pedicure process.

First, the feet are placed in a bath with soapy water to soften the skin for 15-20 minutes. Then we start the pedicure with the treatment of fingers and nails - we remove the cuticle, cut the nails, grind them with a nail file and buff. To remove the cuticle, you can use any arsenal of tools - scissors, tweezers, emollients, apparatus (for those who have been doing pedicures and manicures on their own for a long time, they probably have one).

The next step is to remove coarsened skin from the feet and heels. After treatment, you can apply a nourishing cream or lotion to the feet.

Next, proceed directly to the coating. The nails should be thoroughly treated with a degreaser, polished with a buff.

The primer is applied to the nails, after it dries for a minute, the base is applied in air. The base is dried in a lamp for two minutes.

We cover the nails with gel polish in two or three layers, each layer should be dried in a lamp for two minutes.

A finish top is applied to an almost finished coating, nails are placed in a lamp for 2 minutes.

If the top is with a sticky effect, then at the end of the pedicure, the nails are wiped with a special tool.

The final step is to apply the care oil to the cuticle.

A popular french pedicure can also be done at home yourself. To do this, after the base coat, which can be colorless, beige, pinkish, apply white stripes in the form of a smile on the edge of the nail plate. You can make a strip with a brush or using special stencils. You can find examples of openwork, triangular, square stencils for French pedicure in the shops-salons of professional products for the beauty industry.

You can decorate the finished coating with rhinestones. To do this, a stone is attached to the nail under gel polish using a base. Means are needed just enough to firmly fix them on the nail plate. The finished coating is dried in a UV lamp.

How much time does it take?

Many people are interested in the question of how long the procedure for a quality pedicure with shellac coating lasts. It all depends on your skills or the skills of the master of the salon, whether it will be the treatment of the entire foot or fingers, the type of pedicure and the complexity of the design. So, for example, for complex nail design it will take more time than just covering them in one color.

On average, a shellac pedicure with a foot bath and treatment of the entire foot takes 2-2.5 hours. With heavily roughened skin with corns and calluses, it may take longer to remove them - up to 3 hours. It may take 1-1.5 hours to make a pedicure and gel nails with a simple design.

Is it possible in the hospital?

For the happiest moment in life, every woman will certainly prepare. This also applies to appearance - I want to be beautiful when meeting with a baby. A reasonable question arises as to whether it is possible to do manicures and pedicures with shellac coating.

The coating hides the true color of the nails, which can create a problem for the anesthetist in determining the condition of the woman in labor. Doctors say that coming to the maternity hospital with a coating is strictly prohibited.

However, many women do French or nude pedicures, despite the prohibitions. This design looks beautiful and gentle. The coating retains a look of grooming for a long time, which is very convenient for a young mother.

Before making shellac, it is best to consult your gynecologist. With the prospect of complex labor, it is better to abandon the color coating.


Pedicure shellac has a large number of enthusiastic reviews in women. This coating protects the nail, strengthens it. Women like shellac to retain its pristine appearance for a long time.

Variability of designs allows you to complement the image or give it a twist.

Pedicure shellac is indispensable on vacation - the coating does not change color in salt water, is not exposed to temperatures.

Shellac is a real find for women who want to stay on top under any circumstances.

Learn more about the shellac pedicure from the following video.

Watch the video: CND Shellac Pedicure Application Step by Step Tutorial. (January 2020).


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