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Clipper Vitek

Most men resort to a hair clipper almost weekly. It has a number of advantages over machine tools. The machine does not cause irritation, thoroughly removes hair, does not cause hair regrowth. However, most buyers often face the difficult choice of this device. Clipper Vitek - One of the best options among the range of hairdressing devices.

High-quality and reliable hair removal

Clippers are of three types and they differ in their capabilities, functions and, accordingly, prices. The best option is professional equipment. Often they are used in salons, require special skills in use, and also have a high price. Moreover, they are able to give excellent results. The second type of machine is semi-professional. This option is considered the most optimal. The price of the device is not so high, it has a number of necessary features, and it is also very convenient to use. Unlike amateur cars, such devices can last a long time.


All hair clippers are divided into two types, depending on the operation of the mechanism.

  • Rotary have a powerful mechanism. Such machines are able to cut hair of any length and density. They also have the ability to work without interruption for a very long time. Such devices are very convenient due to minimal vibration and noise. This greatly simplifies the cutting process, bringing less inconvenience. They are able to last a long time, carefully remove hair, and are very reliable in use. The disadvantages include the large dimensions and weight of the device.
  • Vibrating - such devices do not differ in great power and strength. One procedure can last about 30-40 minutes. After that, the device will require recharging. In addition, the machine makes a lot of noise, vibration can interfere with the haircut.

Hair clippers are distinguished by their functionality and scope. By this criterion, they can be subdivided into:

  • For beard cutting - a set of such devices includes several nozzles. Such machines are able to give the desired shape to the beard, mustache and whiskers.
  • Trimmers - These unique devices are equipped with several functions. Trimmers can be used to remove hair from the ears and nose, for the bikini line and generally throughout the body. A set of devices often includes many nozzles, many devices can be used underwater, most models work without connecting to a network.
  • Universal - Such devices have all of the above features. The kit includes several nozzles for different zones.
  • Sets - they include several devices for haircuts. They cost many times more.


Hair clippers differ depending on the method of recharging. First of all, among them it should be noted network. Such devices are inconvenient to use, they do not work without electricity. They cannot be used outside the home. In addition, you will remain chained to the outlet, and a tangled cord will only complicate your work. To make the use a little easier, it is better to purchase a model with a rotating cord - such a wire will not twist.

The second type includes cordless cars. They require recharging, but can work without it for about 30-40 minutes. The disadvantages include long recharging - the device will have to be connected to the network for about 8-9 hours. The machine itself becomes heavier due to the battery.

The third type is battery-powered, The best and best option. This device combines all the functions of the above machines. They can work without interruption for a long time. Such devices will cost you more, but will last longer and provide a quality haircut.

How to choose?

First of all, you should pay attention to quality. The operation of the machine often depends on its blades. Steel blades do not rust, but become very hot during prolonged use. Ceramic blades are not durable, but can easily break when dropped. The best option can be considered titanium blades - they are durable, able to cut even the thickest and toughest hair. However, such a machine will cost you more, but will last longer.

One of the important conditions when buying a machine is the ability to self-sharpen blades. If there is no such function, you must select a device whose blades you can sharpen yourself. Dull blades are not able to cut hair. They will cause only unpleasant sensations, can lead to injuries and ingrown hair.

You should also pay attention to setting the length of the cut hair. Such a function allows you to make the haircut procedure more efficient. This feature is especially important for owners of a mustache and beard.

Other functions

When choosing, it is worth paying attention to other important functions that can facilitate the cutting process. These include:

  • The presence of a vacuum will make the shearing process cleaner. It absorbs all cropped hair, thereby preventing dirt around. However, it should be noted that this function is only suitable for very short hairs. The container will not be able to accommodate long hair.
  • Highlighting will help you not to miss even the smallest and inconspicuous hair.
  • Very fast recharging - some devices only need 15-20 minutes to recharge. The charge will last for a short time, however, the haircut will be of high quality and the blades will work at full strength.
  • USB charge With it, you can charge the device from a computer or other USB port. A very convenient function, it is very useful on business trips, long trips and outside the home.
  • Water resistant makes cleaning easy. Thus, the machine can be washed freely under running water, without fear that the device will deteriorate.


Often cars are equipped with many accessories. They are necessary for a quality haircut.

  • Nozzles - the most important accessory for such devices. The most expensive devices include dozens of nozzles, each of them has a certain function. They can cut, shave, and shape your hair.
  • The charge indicator is also an important feature. She is able to indicate the amount of charge. Thus, you can always know how long the machine can serve, as well as how much time is left until the device is fully charged.
  • Waterproof surface - with it you can easily wash a similar device under water. Also, such a device can be used under water in the shower. The procedure will be much easier, in addition, the risk of irritation is reduced.
  • Replaceable blades are necessary for long trips and business trips. The blade can be purchased separately, although some models include several spare ones. The necessary disassembly of the device for changing blades does not require special skills.
  • A special stand is used to recharge the device, very often it stores the necessary accessories.
  • Oil - Some models include a small container filled with oil. It is necessary to lubricate some parts, this improves their work. This function is not necessary for all cars.
  • The case is very necessary for storing the machine. They vary in shape and size. Perfect for long trips, business trips, you can easily take the car with you, while reducing the risk of damage.

A specific set of accessories is included with the device. However, the final price depends on their quantity.

The best choice

Among the many devices, functions, accessories and nozzles, it is very difficult to choose the necessary and high-quality model. Often, customers are lost at the sight of colorful advertising slogans, beautiful packaging and fake manufacturer promises. The best choice is a clipper Vitekcharacterized by its quality. They differ in price, number of nozzles and accessories. Your attention is presented to some of the most popular cars of the brand.

VT-1351N B. It features multifunctionality and versatility. The machine has received the most laudatory reviews, while not costing much. The kit includes 4 nozzles, as well as a blade. By purchasing a similar device, you will receive a container with oil to lubricate the necessary parts.

The device is very easy to assemble, it lies comfortably in the hand and does not slip. The blades are made of high-quality steel, have the function of self-sharpening. Work with the device does not require special skills, everything is very easy and understandable. It works from a network, a cord of average length, does not twist. The device does not vibrate, makes a little noise, however, in acceptable standards, it heats up after prolonged use, but does not turn off, but continues to work until the end of the haircut.

VT-1357 - the device, which works only from the network, is equipped with ceramic blades. They can last a very long time, and they do not heat up even with very long use. The set includes sharp scissors, 10 nozzles necessary for cutting, a brush for cleaning the device, as well as a container with oil. The machine does not vibrate, but creates a bit of noise.

VT-1355W can work without a network, using a battery. It takes 5-6 hours to fully recharge. The machine lies very well in the hand, there is no slipping, it is very accurate and easy to use. Never cut off excess hair, while working with the device does not require special skills. The kit includes two nozzles, also the machine has a milling function.

VT-2514 GY / B can work without connecting to a network for a very long time. The kit includes a brush for cleaning, a container with oil for lubricating parts, several nozzles, as well as a trimmer with forms for haircuts. When working, it is completely silent. Very compact - such a device is ideal for long trips or business trips, it is very comfortable in the hand, there is no sliding.

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