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Remington Trimmer

What is a trimmer?

The trimmer is an ultramodern razor whose functional purpose is to remove hair, both on the head and from the whole body. The device allows you to trim and trim the beard, create an individual style. It is completed with additional nozzles providing high quality of work.

In the modern market, machine clippers are widely popular. Remington. The main advantage of the devices is compactness and multifunctionality. The high quality of the tool increases the service life and makes every haircut perfect.

Features and Benefits

The main features of the device are its compactness, versatility and high quality. The trimmer allows you to remove hair from any part of the body, minimizing the likelihood of irritation and rashes.

The main advantages of trimmers include:

  • Long term of operation;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Professional quality knife sharpening;
  • High engine power;
  • Possibility of functioning, both from a network, and from the battery;
  • Wide functionality.

Modern devices for hair removal have a long service life. Durability due to high margin of safety.

High-quality materials at the heart of the machine increase its service life and make the cutting process as convenient and safe as possible. During operation, the device retains its original appearance.

Professional quality of sharpening blades and a unique angle of inclination allow you to eliminate hairs of any thickness.

High engine power optimizes the process of removing unwanted hair, and the battery lasts about 2 hours. The user always has the right to choose: operation of the device from the network or battery power.

Wide functionality is designed to create hairstyles of any complexity. Improved models of trimmers cope with all types of hair and allow you to vary their length from 0.1 to 21 mm.

Modern cars have one key feature - the quick removal of unwanted body hair with the most positive result. Proper care and compliance with the main recommendations during the operation of the device significantly increase its service life.


Remington offers a wide range of body hair trimmers. Each device has special characteristics, which allows the average buyer to choose the right model according to personal preferences.

Typewriter Groom Kit Plus PG6150 - It is considered to be a universal set for a haircut. The set includes nozzles: 5, 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm. A linear type trimmer is supplied with the kit to remove hair in the nose and ears. It works easily both from the battery and from the network, the ability to recharge from USB is built-in. Titanium blades guarantee a quick and clean haircut.

Model MB4130 - A universal solution for the male half of humanity. The built-in OptiAngle technology aims to select the optimal tilt angle for cutting. The device operates without recharging for 50 minutes. As many as 13 length adjusting nozzles allow you to cope with hair of any stiffness and create a unique look. Finally, thanks to the innovative Capture Trim technology, any beard shape can be achieved and adjusted quickly if necessary.

Model PG 6030 - This is a versatile haircut kit that runs on battery power. Six optimized nozzles allow you to emphasize individual style and achieve its rapid improvement. Titanium-coated blades ensure clean and safe hair removal.

Model HC 5150 It features a trendy case, which is not only attractive, but also convenient in use. The main advantages of the design are a high level of performance, versatility and convenience. The device allows you to adjust the length from 1 to 42 mm. Many functions allow you to choose the optimal mode of operation both from the network and from the battery charge.

MB 4120 - a new collectible model. The main direction of the device is the removal of hair from a beard and mustache. The design is based on OptiAngle technology. Easy control and ease of use ensure high quality and maximum comfort haircuts.

WPG 2000 - This is a wireless kit for a modern girl. Precise trimmer eliminates unwanted hairs in the bikini area. The main advantage of the device is hypoallergenic, after its use any rashes and inflammatory process are excluded.

HC 5900 - This is an advanced clipper. Comes with stainless steel blades. It functions both from the network and from the battery. It is considered the simplest and most affordable model of its kind. Main advantages: ease of use and minimal cost.

Model HC 5035 allows you to create a unique image and emphasize all the advantages. Removable nozzles are supplied with the device, allowing you to adjust the hair length: 0.6; 0.9; 1,2; 3; 6; 9; 13; 18; 25 mm. Three micro-modes are aimed at adjusting the beard and hair.

Model NE 3750 controls the length of unwanted hair. The modern technology underlying the device allows you to quickly remove unwanted hair in the nose, ears and eyebrows. Thanks to her, every man is able to adjust the shape and length of his beard. The versatility of the device facilitates the process of hair care. The ability to adjust nozzles is aimed at correcting delicate areas of the face. The main advantage of the device is an antibacterial coating that prevents irritation and rashes.

Device NE 3150 helps millions of women and men look neat and attractive. Unique design keeps personal hygiene up to standard. The versatility of the device allows anyone to use it, regardless of gender. The main feature of the design is its low weight and minimal dimensions.

The blades are easily washed with water, and the functionality of the device is supported by standard AA batteries.

Model MB 4110 operates from the network. The kit comes with several nozzles that regulate the length of the hair at the user's preferred level. The blades are distinguished by a titanium coating, which ensures quick and unhindered hair removal. Battery operation allows you to actively use the trimmer while traveling.

Device HC 5400 - This is a compact machine designed for haircuts. Two nozzles are included in the kit, adjusting the length from 3 to 42 mm. The casting battery provides uninterrupted operation for 60 minutes. The device comfortably removes hair and allows you to create a specific style. Additional features of the device are self-sharpening blades and wet cleaning.

BKT 4000 - A modern wireless type trimmer for combating hair in the bikini area. The main advantage of the device is its convenience and compactness. The device is equipped with two combs 2 and 4 mm, the action of which is aimed at personalizing the style.

NE 3350 - A special line for men. The main feature of the design is a unique combination of high technology and classic design. The device is equipped with self-sharpening blades that are easily cleaned with water. The device comes with two comb nozzles that adjust the length of hair removal.

How to choose?

When choosing the optimal trimmer model, it is advisable to take into account its purpose. It is noteworthy that there are optimized devices suitable for both humans and animals. Choosing the best trimmer option, the following recommendations should be considered:

  • A device with a narrow nozzle is suitable for correcting facial hair. If it is necessary to remove hair from the whole body, it is advisable to look at the wide head, it is more practical.
  • An important function for people who want to not just cut their hair and remove facial hair is the ability to adjust the nozzle.
  • Devices whose operation depends on finger-type batteries are intended for periodic use for cosmetic purposes. For continuous operation, it is advisable to give preference to powerful models that operate on a network or battery power.
  • The duration of operation of the trimmer depends not only on the power of its battery, but also compliance with the rules of use. When choosing a device, pay special attention to the quality of the blades; in some models they require periodic lubrication with machine oil.

If a variety of models causes a storm of emotions, and a lot of characteristics literally unsettle, you need to look at two universal models. These are affordable devices with high-quality parts for quick hair removal.

Trimmer Bht 250 is a unique development designed for the male half of humanity. It is based on three comb nozzles 2 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm. The instructions for use indicate that the device is supplemented by Trim Shave technology. It allows you to achieve a hair length of 0.2 mm.

According to the review, the device BHT 100 is a 100% waterproof series. It provides a quick, smooth and clean shave without damage and allergic reactions. Hygienic blades guarantee accurate hair removal, grooming has never been so easy.

Rating of the best

Looking at the trimmer model, you should pay attention to the rating of the best devices, according to experts and ordinary users. The brightest and coolest in the literal sense of the word are:

  • Remington MB 4122;
  • Remington PG 6160;
  • Remington MPT 3800;
  • Remington MB 4010;
  • Remington NE 3450;
  • Remington PG 6130;
  • Remington MB 4130;
  • Remington VPG 6530.

Remington MB 4122 - This is a gift set of a limited version of the release. Suitable for removing hair from a beard and mustache, the linear component of the device provides care for the nose and ears. The device is equipped with nine lengths, and its compactness allows you to take with you on trips and actively use while driving.

Remington PG 6160 - A universal set that allows you to constantly control the length of the hair. Equipped with nozzles with a fixed length: 1.5, 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm. Eliminates hair from anywhere in Bel, ensuring maximum quality haircuts.

Remington MPT 3800 - The perfect helper to remove facial hair. The special shape in the form of a handle provides maximum simplicity and convenience during use. Allows you to adjust the shape of the eyebrows, remove hair from the ears, nose and décolleté.

Remington MB 4010 equipped with many nozzles, which allows you to meet the requirements of each person. Suitable for cutting and removing unwanted facial hair, including eyebrows.

Due to rotor nozzle Remington NE 3450 removes hair in ears, nose and eyebrows. It allows you to control the length and helps to create a unique image. Equipped with two compact removable nozzles.

Remington PG 6130 - It is considered a universal device, the length of its blades is adjustable from 1.5 to 12 mm. It features high quality and precision cutting, easy to disassemble.

Remington VPG 6530 provides maximum results. Due to the built-in lithium battery it is able to function smoothly for 60 minutes. This is an innovative product that cuts and removes unwanted hairs throughout the body.


When choosing a specific device model, special attention is paid to reviews. Real user comments allow you to evaluate the performance of any device and based on the information received make an informed choice.

A huge number of positive reviews was collected by the model HC 5500. According to users, it is equipped with high-quality plastic nozzles that provide convenience in the process of use.

Positive comments are directed to the model. MB 4045. According to buyers, the device perfectly holds a battery charge, has several convenient tips and is equipped with high-quality accessories.

Trimmer PG 6050 has no complaints. The device is made of quality material. Its main advantage is a quick haircut and a quiet mode of operation. Many attachments allow you to control the length of the hair, and the presence of a micro-usb connector allows you to charge the device even from a laptop.

Nano series striking in the number of nozzles and the quality of the haircut. Convenient design facilitates the process of use and significantly accelerates it. According to users, the main feature of the model is its moisture resistance.

The trimmer is a universal modern device, without which it is difficult to imagine the perfect haircut. Choosing the optimal model of the device, listen to the opinions of users and take into account personal preferences.

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