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Photoepilator Panasonic

In recent years, hair removal has become one of the most effective ways to remove hair. The peculiarity of this technique is that it allows you to remove hair with a root - in contrast to depilation. In modern cosmetology, several methods of hair removal are used, among which photoepilation takes pride of place. For this procedure, special photoepilators are used, the choice of which must be approached with all responsibility. One of the most famous on the market is a photoepilator Panasonic.


These devices allow home photoepilation as efficiently as possible. An undoubted advantage of such devices is affordable cost. You no longer have to pay for procedures in beauty salons. In addition, the use of modern photoepilators does not require special knowledge and skills. Among the distinctive features of the devices can be distinguished by their compact size, as well as ease of use.

Among the main advantages of Panasonic photoepilators are the following:

  • Complete absence of pain during the procedure. Photoepilation using Panasonic technology completely eliminates pain.
  • No touch exposure. During the procedure, the device is at a considerable distance. The presence of a large spectrum of frequencies allows you to have an effect on hair that grows at different depths.
  • Ease of use. Panasonic photoepilators are very easy to use, so everyone can figure out the control features. After the procedure, there is no need to conduct additional skin treatment, which also simplifies the operation.
  • High security. Panasonic hair removal removes the risk of skin damage. This result was achieved thanks to the non-contact effect on the upper layers of the skin.
  • Customizable for each user. Devices from Panasonic can boast of flexible settings, which makes it possible to select the optimal radiation parameters for each person.
  • Impressive performance: devices for photoepilation are able to remove hairs for a long time.

Principle of operation

Photoepilators Panasonic They are easy to set up and use. Before processing, it is necessary to choose the optimal hair length to ensure the most safe effect on human skin. The main feature of the work of products from the company Panasonic consists in the fact that intense light radiation pulsates, thereby exerting an effect on the hair, but not on the skin.

During the procedure, the temperature in the bulb increases. This effect allows you to influence the maximum number of cells. After the treatment, the bulbs and hairs are removed. This happens in a natural way, so the result lasts a long time.

Photoepilation using Panasonic epilators is almost one hundred percent effective. Having such a device at your disposal, you can forget about the hairs on the body for a long time.

Popular models

There are several models that users especially liked.


"ES-WH90-P820" represents one of the most popular models, which boasts high quality, reliability and affordable price. As planned by the developers, this device should save young ladies from the need to constantly visit treatment rooms in beauty salons.

main feature "ES-WH90-P820" lies in the fact that it can be used anywhere and without the involvement of specialists. This device was manufactured using modern Japanese developments. It guarantees the most efficient hair loss. This model boasts the presence of pulsed light technology IPLdue to which the device significantly inhibits hair growth, affecting the follicles.

Use process "ES-WH90-P820" simple enough: you just need to attach the epilator to the skin, after which it will start working automatically. For maximum efficiency, you need to move the photoepilator on the surface of the body. The use of innovative components in the production allows to increase the effectiveness of the impact.

"ES-WH90-P820" - this is the presence of five degrees of light intensity, which allows each person to choose the optimal hair removal regime for him. The device boasts a capacitive lithium-ion battery, providing its portability and mobility. On one charge, you can carry out up to 10 procedures. Even with maximum use, one lamp will last about two years.


"ES-WH80-P820" - An affordable model that will allow you to quickly get rid of unwanted hair on the skin (without the involvement of specialists). The compact size of the device and the ease of use make it possible to carry out the procedure at home.

Thanks "ES-WH80-P820" photoepilation is becoming one of the most enjoyable and effective methods for obtaining smooth skin. Now you don’t have to put up with pain or discomfort.

Main advantage "ES-WH80-P820" - in its versatility. One such device is enough to get rid of hair on the face, legs and other parts of the body. The impressive area of ​​the light window makes it possible to carry out the procedure in record time. Included with this model is a nozzle for treating the face and other small areas. The instruction is quite accessible and clearly describes the process of using the device, and reviews say that this model is one of the easiest to use.

Housing "ES-WH80-P820" made of high quality plastic, which lies comfortably in your hands and does not slip. The basis of the photoepilator is a safe and efficient system of intense pulsed light. IPL, which not only affects the hair, but also guarantees safety for the skin. The device boasts a capacitive battery: a three-hour charge lasts for almost 600 flashes. Thanks to its impressive autonomy and small size "ES-WH80-P820" boasts mobility. You can take this model with you when traveling.

Panasonic photoepilators are among the most popular on the market. A large selection of models allows everyone to find the best option that will suit you completely.

You will learn how to use the Panasonic ES-WH80 photoepilator correctly in the following video.

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