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Head shaving machine

Shaving the head is a very responsible and painstaking task. After all, you need to thoroughly get rid of all hair - and at the same time avoid cuts. To do this, you need to find out what a head shaving machine can be and how to choose it correctly.


Shaving the head is a process in which the hair is completely removed from the surface of the skin (and in such a way that you cannot detect it with your eyes or hands). To achieve this effect, you must use the right tool. Not only the quality of the procedure performed, but also its safety will depend on the choice and proper operation.

That is why it is very important for men (and in some cases for women) to choose the most suitable shaving machine for the head, which can be used regularly without fear for their safety and for the quality of the result.

It should be understood that there is no one particular machine for carrying out this procedure. Today, shaving of the head is carried out using several different devices.


To completely shave off the hair from the surface of the head, both in the hairdresser and at home, you can use the following machines:

  1. Normal hair clipper. In this case, do not use any nozzles and cut to zero. It is impossible to achieve perfectly shaved skin in this case, since the length of the remaining hair will be at least 1 mm. Such a procedure cannot even be called shaving - it is more an ultrashort haircut. But in cases where the scalp is very sensitive, when there are many injuries on it, this option fits very well.
  2. The trimmer is a device that has appeared on sale recently. It is used to correct the beard, to remove hair in the ears, nose, as well as to correct and shape eyebrows. Such a wide range of applications made me think about whether it is possible to shave their heads. It is worthwhile to understand that such a procedure is very lengthy, and it is impossible to perform it only in cases where there are practically no hairs on the head. It is better to give preference to a 3 in 1 trimmer, since it has a lot of power.
  3. An electric razor has long been used precisely as a razor for the head. It is better to give preference not to rotary models, but to mesh ones. So you can not be afraid to get a cut or irritation after the procedure. But in some cases (for example, with too dense vegetation on the head or a special structure of the skull) there is simply no way to milk the desired smoothness of the skin using this device. An electric shaver also cannot be used in cases where the scalp has damage or irritation.
  4. Straight razor. From the name itself, it is already clear that you should not use such a device as a shaving machine at home, the risk of injury is too great. Yes, and in the salons of its use today refuse more and more. However, using such a machine, you can achieve the desired smoothness of the head, but you can also get a big injury, and the result will be short-lived.
  5. Normal razor. It is such a shaving device that has gained the most popularity among supporters of the home procedure. It allows you to achieve the desired smoothness of the skin as quickly as possible. The machine is quite safe and does not require special skills in use. And you can shave baldly with its use on a regular basis - without any help.

The range of devices designed to shave baldly is quite wide. But you need to know some of the subtleties of choice, so as not to be disappointed in the final result.

How to choose?

If you need to shave your hair to the very root, then it is better to give preference to either an ordinary razor or a dangerous razor. In this case, the first can be used at home, but shaving hairs with a dangerous machine is recommended only in the cabin. These two devices are suitable for use only in cases where there is no damage on the epidermis and the scalp is not very sensitive.

If there is practically no hair on the head, and the skin itself is quite susceptible to even minor damage, then you can use a trimmer or electric shaver.

When there is a lot of damage on the head, and the shape of the skull is convex, it is better to use a conventional hair clipper (without nozzles). Perfect smoothness will not work, but it will be possible to avoid complications after shaving.

How to shave your head?

When choosing a hair clipper, trimmer or electric shaver, they are used in the usual way. In all other cases, shaving the head is performed as follows:

  1. Too long hairs are shortened with scissors or a clipper.
  2. The head is washed thoroughly, rinsed and slightly dried.
  3. A special shaving agent is applied. It can be gel or foam.
  4. The tool must be absorbed into the upper layer of the epidermis - for a couple of minutes.
  5. Hair begins to shave from the head in the direction from the forehead and to the neck. So it is necessary to process the whole head, strip after strip.
  6. The remnants of the product are carefully removed from the skin with a damp cloth.
  7. Shaving agent is reapplied to the skin.
  8. Now the machine should move against hair growth. First, the forehead and the crown are treated, then the hairs on the temporal parts are shaved, and in the end, on the back of the head.
  9. After the procedure, the head is washed thoroughly in warm water and wiped dry.
  10. The skin is treated with aftershave.

The procedure of shaving the head is a rather complicated and painstaking process, although at first glance it might seem the other way around. If it is performed for the first time, it is best to go to the hairdresser. The specialist will not only tell you in detail and show how such a shave is performed, but also help you choose the most suitable shaving machine for the head - depending on the type of skin and hair, as well as the structure of the skull. In the future, such a haircut can already be done at home independently.

How to shave your head, see the next video.

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