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Hair clipper Dewal

Modern manufacturers offer many different hair clippers. Each device differs in certain functions, availability of nozzles and cost. Often, the buyer faces a difficult choice. In this case, pay attention to the hair clipper Dewal.

Convenient and reliable device

Hair clippers Dewal are divided into several groups, depending on their functions and the work performed. They are united by one common goal - all devices remove, cut and trim hair. Standard hair clipper Dewal - a device that can cope with hair in any part of the body. She can easily remove even the toughest hair. The manufacturer attaches several nozzles to modern models. Devices have a number of special functions.

How to choose?

German brand Dewal professional produces devices and devices for hair removal. Hair machines from this manufacturer are notable for their low price, the presence of many different functions. They are one of the most popular devices in the world market. Dewal hair clipper is distinguished by a number of features that distinguish it from other brands:

  • The device can be used by a beginner and a professional. It does not require special skills, but it copes with the task perfectly.
  • The models have a bright and attractive design. They lie well in the palm of the hand (due to special notches) and do not slip.
  • Most models are able to work both from the outlet and without it. The device can be used at home, and you can also take it on a trip or business trip.
  • All haircuts are made from environmentally friendly material.

The main pros and cons

Like any machine, the Dewal clipper has several advantages and disadvantages. When planning to make a choice, it is worthwhile to carefully study each of the models.

The positive qualities of the device include the following:

  • The device can work offline for several hours. The battery holds charging well.
  • All cars are compact, they will not take up much space. Differ in ease, conveniently lie in a hand.
  • The kit includes accessories for the care of the device.
  • There is no extra noise, which is a big plus for such a device.
  • The blades are very easy to change.
  • It differs by a small price (in the presence of many useful functions).

Devices also have negative qualities. They are not so important, however, they require attention:

  • Blades must be sharpened manually.
  • There is no special vacuum that can suck after shaving.
  • The kit usually does not include a case for storing the device.

When choosing a hair clipper, it is also worth considering some features:

  • Owners of coarse and thick hair should choose a machine with a powerful mechanism. The power of the device depends on this.
  • Nozzles can simplify the shaving process. Having received a device with a large number of nozzles, you can create the most unusual images.
  • It is worth choosing devices with length control. This feature is perfect for beard and mustache owners.


In the assortment of the brand, you can find many devices for cutting hair. It is worth considering some of the best and current models. "Dewal Aspect" - Perfect for experienced professionals (and even beginners). Very convenient to use, does not require special care. "Dewal Aspect" It has a special curved shape, due to which it lies comfortably in the hand and does not slip. There is a slight vibration, but it does not interfere with the shaving process at all. Knives are very easy to remove for cleaning. The device works both from an outlet and autonomously. If you do not have time to charge the device, there is the possibility of functioning from electricity, since the device has a very long electric cord, which greatly simplifies the cutting process. The battery lasts up to two hours. The device copes well even with hard and thick hair. He collects the most positive reviews among buyers - due to excellent quality and low price.

The set includes spare knives, four nozzles, a charger, two replaceable batteries, oil and a brush.

"Dewal Jet Clip" - the device copes with the task. Able to remove even the toughest and coarsest hair. "Dewal Jet Clip" includes four nozzles, greatly facilitating the process. It can work from the socket and independently. After recharging, this device can last up to two hours. If you did not have time to recharge it, it’s okay - there is the possibility of working from electricity. The device has a long electrical cord. The set includes a brush, oil, as well as an additional accessory for recharging. The device does not become a source of excess noise, it does not create vibration, does not slip. The kit includes a stand for the device. The device is distinguished by quality and convenience. The device copes with the task. It is able to cope with almost any hair, collects only positive reviews - due to quality and low prices.

"Dewal Smart 03011" - This device has the ability to work from the network and autonomously. Without a power outlet, it can last up to two hours. "Dewal Smart 03011" It takes 5 hours to recharge. The kit includes a brush, oil, four nozzles, as well as an additional battery. The machine produces very little noise, a long electric cord can also be attributed to positive qualities. The device lies comfortably in the hand, does not slip, produces a slight vibration, but this does not interfere with the process. Reviews collects the most positive.

"Dewal Techno" - It is able to work from the outlet and autonomously. The manufacturer included two knives in the kit - metal and ceramic. The device is very light, fits comfortably in the hand. This device produces very little noise; in stand-alone mode it can work up to two hours. A special display will help control the level of charge and length. The machine is very convenient to use, does not require special skills. Gathers the most positive reviews, customers are satisfied.

"Dewal Ultra" - the device can work both from the socket, and independently. Without an outlet, it can work up to an hour. The machine charges for about two hours. The set includes interchangeable knives - metal and ceramic. Together with the device you get four nozzles.

"Dewal Expert" - perfect for both home and professional use. Without recharging, this device can work up to three hours. It takes 3 hours to fully charge. With the help of a special display you can find out the charge level. A special "Turbo" button is able to increase the power of the device. The kit includes a replaceable metal knife, and the manufacturer also included four nozzles in it.

Customer reviews

"Dewal 03-051" It keeps charging perfectly. It can hold a charge up to ten days. The machine is not very heavy, the hand does not get tired. Convenient nozzles do an excellent job. "Dewal 03-051" mainly used for shaving. This device does an excellent job. Users note that it does not make noise and does not interfere with the vibration process.

"Dewal 03-828" usually purchased for professional activities - at a very low price. This machine has shown its best side. The display allows you to see the level of charge, which greatly simplifies the process. The machine does not make noise, it is very comfortable in the hand. The device fully complies with the declared characteristics. It gently glides over the skin, perfectly cuts hair. Very light and comfortable machine, does not slip out of hand.

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