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BaByliss Trimmer

The beauty industry is rapidly moving forward and constantly presents us with new devices for removing unwanted vegetation. BaByliss trimmers are considered the safest devices, due to which men can get perfectly even bristles without injuries to their skin.

What is a BaByliss trimmer?

BaByliss produces professional equipment for hairdressing salons from France. The trimmers of this brand are distinguished by a long service life and precise work. Using this device, you can make adjustments to the growth of vegetation on any part of the body, ranging from eyebrows to beards.

The trimmer is a machine for cutting hair and removing it. These devices do an excellent job with whiskers, help in giving the beard the desired shape, eliminate excess vegetation in the area of ​​the ears and nose. BaByliss offers a technique that helps in cutting eyebrows, and can also delicately eliminate vegetation in the intimate area. The equipment may have various nozzles that have differences in their purpose and the delivered result.

BaByliss men's face trimmers have attachments that can help the beard to find any shape. BaByliss for men devices can be equipped with a certain type of nozzles for working with excess vegetation in the nose and ears, for organizing eyebrows of the desired shape.

The manufacturer offers trimmers not only for the face, but also for the body. Such models will help to deal with unwanted vegetation on the back, in the armpit, in the groin and on the shoulders. The technique copes with any areas where excess vegetation is present. Some models are waterproof, which makes their use even more convenient.

Features and Benefits

BaByliss trimmers are very popular among many professional craftsmen. If we talk about the features of the device, the following parameters can be noted:

  • Instruments show excellent performance from electricity;
  • Continuous operation using a battery is 40-180 minutes;
  • Trimmers are characterized by high performance, which is achieved thanks to the double blades. The manufacturer uses innovative technology that allows the brand to be in a leading position;
  • In the machines there are auxiliary nozzles providing care for the mustache and beard;
  • If we talk about BaByliss hair clippers, it can be noted that there are numerous positions in them to adjust the length of the trimmed vegetation. This feature allows you to get the desired image without protruding hairs and bald spots.

Users note the advantages of the models:

  • The presence of a combined power system;
  • Vibration motor;
  • The presence in the configuration of various nozzles and auxiliary accessories for the care of equipment;
  • Each model has the perfect combination of price and quality;
  • The knife block is made of durable steel of durable grades.

Among the shortcomings, the lack of a transport cover, wet cleaning options were noted. Also inconvenient is the fact that when cutting, the hair flies in all directions and can get into the eyes. These shortcomings are completely covered by the advantages of trimmers that deserve attention.

How to choose?

The acquisition of a good clipper is considered a rather complicated process. When choosing the right device, you should remember a few rules:

  • Many people believe that they can buy the original model in any store where electrical equipment is sold. This opinion is erroneous, because a guarantee of purchase of a real BaByliss trimmer is considered to be a trip to a specialized store;
  • Carry out a thorough inspection of the machine, checking how convenient it is to hold the device in your hand;
  • Pay attention to the complete set of goods. If you need the machine to have several functions, choose devices with appropriate nozzles;
  • A powerful motor allows you to quickly get rid of hard hair;
  • Take a look at models with long battery life.

To determine which devices BaByliss offers to purchase, you should study a small overview with a description of the device options. When choosing a trimmer, consider for what purpose you need it. For example, there are models designed to work with a beard and mustache, like a razor E750E. Other devices can only work with ears and nose. There are multi-sets that work not only with vegetation on the body, but also with hair on the head. The latest representatives include E835E.

If you do not want to buy trimmers with numerous functions, you can consider highly specialized devices. Each model comes with instructions with which you can learn how to use the new thing in a short time.

Devices with a small number of functions are characterized by a more affordable price compared to universal technology. If you do not need additional options, do not overpay the extra money.


The manufacturer produces many models, studying which you can get confused. To get acquainted with the products of a well-known brand in more detail, you should consider the most popular devices.

2017 New Trimmer BaByliss E835Ewith many options. The device combines 8 functions, so that men can easily tidy their body, face and hair. The body of the equipment is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower. The machine can operate on electricity and on battery power. Offline mode reaches 40 minutes.

Trimmer E875E will help many men maintain their attractive appearance. The device is suitable for those who like to experiment with appearance, leaving a pleasant impression of their person. The device appeared after a long work of the company's developers and boasts the geometry of the WTech blade, which provides a more even grip of hairs. Due to this technique, you can create a stylish haircut yourself at home.

Model Babyliss E780E Designed to work with hair on the head, as well as to shave the beard. The technique is easy to use. The device has high-tech Tech knives that guarantee fast and high-quality results. The complete set contains movable blades of 39 mm, in which there is an electrochemical volume sharpening, along with fixed blades.

This multitrimmer has a pair of nozzles for working with hair 3-18 mm and 21-36 mm. Due to 32 adjustment modes, you can create haircuts with any length and constantly change your image. It is worth noting that the blades have the option of self-lubrication. The nozzle is removed, which allows you to rinse it under water.

In order to shave your beard, you will need a nozzle of five modes, the accuracy of which is 0.5-4.5 mm. Due to the intelligent control system, you can get the desired result at any angle. The machine is powered by electricity and offline. The device can work for 45 minutes from the battery.

With trimmer Babyliss E825PE You can quickly and effectively look after your mustache, beard, and even the vegetation in your nose and ears. The device combines several functions that will help you not to spend money on several devices. The manufacturer also produces a universal hair clipper. E956E, which helps to get an accurate haircut in a short amount of time. And in E886E there are 48 modes of operation, which every man will certainly enjoy.

Miniature Model E650E with a plastic case provides a comfortable location in the hand. The device can work with hair in the nose and ears. Due to its lightness, the device does not take up much space, and you can take it with you when traveling or on business trips.

Among the high-quality and inexpensive models can be distinguished: E826E, E696E, E962E. The devices showed excellent results in work and attract attention with an affordable price tag. If you want to buy a trimmer to work only with vegetation in the ears and nose, pay attention to E652E. This is an inexpensive device that runs on batteries.

Model E950E designed to work only with vegetation on the head. Different haircuts can be obtained due to 45 settings from 3-25 mm. If you want to buy a multi-trimmer, you can check out E791E. The machine received good recommendations E779E, E828RE.

How to use?

The use of the Babyliss trimmer depends on the capabilities of the model. For example, if we consider Babyliss Pro FX757E, then this unit can be sent to remove hair from the nose and ears. In addition, like many multi-trimmers, the device can trim eyebrows.

Depending on the nozzles present, you can work with hair of different lengths, use the machine on different parts of the body. Some devices can be used to work in the delicate area of ​​the bikini. If you are worried about back hair, armpits, shoulders and other areas, you don’t need to get upset, Babyliss trimmers will cope with any tasks.

Many cars have the ability to align sideburns. Almost every trimmer is aimed at working with a beard and mustache.

If you don’t know how to “draw” a beard, you can use the device to eliminate all the facial hair. Gradually, you will be able to master the precious skill with which newness will appear in your image.


Babyliss trimmers are considered the best hair clippers. Devices combine not only attractive cost, but also high quality work. Users who purchased the devices report that the blades cope well with vegetation and are able to handle even areas with stiff hair. No male machine tool is capable of delivering the result that any trimmer from the collection demonstrates.

X-10 Hair Clipper Set E837E tested by many users. Almost every customer claims that the purchase has become a great alternative to a razor. The model is almost silent, suitable for working with a short beard and antennae. However, the trimmer has a significant drawback, which manifests itself in the impossibility of replacing the blade.

Trimmer E751E It belongs to the category of budget goods. First of all, it attracts attention at its cost. The machine has a stylish design, lies comfortably in the hand and allows you to remove even hard hairs. Many people like the fact that the manufacturer offers a three-year warranty.

Machine E695E causes a negative discussion from buyers. Many consumers report that the device did an excellent job with its tasks, but very little time. Nozzles are distinguished by a fragile design, which quickly deteriorates.

Model T810E proved to be a reliable, convenient and safe machine for working with excess vegetation. The device works efficiently, does not pass or catch hairs. For its value, the device shows good results. Some users complain that they are afraid to break the nozzles during cleaning, which they think are flimsy, so you should carefully handle the trimmer.

Trimmer SH500E It belongs to the category of expensive goods, which are distinguished by an attractive design and an amazing result in work. The device is able to cope even with hard hair due to sharp blades. The model can be recommended to those who suffer from hard and thick hair. The trimmer will cope with any vegetation, making the skin smooth without cuts.

Below is a video review of BaByliss beard and mustache trimmer.

Watch the video: Babyliss FX787G SkeletonFX! My Review after 6 Months. (December 2019).


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