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Clipper Oster

Oster Professional Hair Clippers are market leaders in their field. The manufacturer produces only high-quality and reliable products, which makes it the most popular among professional hairdressers.


Professional hair clippers of this brand differ significantly from the products of their competitors. Among the main features are:

  • availability of own production facilities. Numerous components, as well as all major components, are available at Oster. This indicates high reliability and a minimum proportion of marriage;
  • Great build quality. Every detail is adjusted with particular care, the design of the device is ideal. For this reason, Oster cars do not loosen over time despite the constant exposure to vibration;
  • high quality knives are installed in the devices. They are well sharpened and can be used for various manipulations. For example, the edging can be done with the main knife, and the edging showed itself well in shaving;
  • low noise during operation;
  • multifunctionality. Oster cars are versatile for professional use. There are also narrowly targeted models, among which you can choose the necessary device;
  • affordable cost.

Oster offers its customers high-quality devices that will be an excellent choice for various user groups.


There are several models that are most widely used in their field. The most famous is the machine series Oster 616. It is called the basic foundation for professionals. Many hairdressers started the way with her. The model combines simplicity, versatility, as well as reliability in operation. The device is suitable for work at any level.

Another popular model is considered Oster 606 Pro-Power. It was developed specifically for experienced professionals who prefer to spend time at work in comfort. The device works quietly, without interfering with the master. The machine is characterized by a high level of power and can handle hair of any stiffness.

In a professional typewriter "Pilot" There are two knives and two combs. This is a reliable device with a vibrating motor, which is designed for long and active work. The model has an ergonomic body, due to which it is convenient to hold in hands. Knives can be easily removed, which provides convenience and ease of care for the device.

No less popular model Oster C200 Ion, made in accordance with the high requirements that are set for professional machines. It combines such qualities as quiet operation, an overheat protection system and reliability of a design. A microprocessor is present in the motor of the device, which maintains stability in efforts at slices irrespective of the charge level of the battery and the degree of hair stiffness.

This is a wireless machine that has a multi-level battery demonstration system. With it, you can control the entire charging process.

Due to the quick-detachable knife block, you can quickly install any nozzle. The kit includes 4 interchangeable nozzles, lubricating oil and a brush.

Good results show the edging machine Oster "Artisan Platinum". A powerful engine is installed in it, which carries out up to 6000 rpm. The machine can be operated for 60 minutes offline.

How to choose?

Each men's haircut, whether it is model or simple, should begin with the acquisition of a machine. Due to the wide range of products you can easily get confused and confused. To understand which machine is useful to you, you will need to familiarize yourself with the main criteria when choosing.

Connection method

There are fully autonomous devices, units that operate on electricity and combined. Cars that are powered by electricity may not be very convenient due to the wires, slightly restricting the movements of the master. Battery devices have mobility, but the charge lasts only 30-60 minutes, after which the device will require charging. Combined are considered the most convenient and expensive.

Device type

Cars are rotary and vibrating. Rotary models have a small motor that heats up during prolonged operation of the device. Many manufacturers try to eliminate this defect with the help of ventilation holes and the installation of a cooling system. The presence of a motor has a positive effect on power, which indicates the possibility of professional operation.

The vibrating apparatus is based on an electromagnetic coil, so the power of such models will be lower. The positive points include a small mass and an attractive price tag. Cars have a higher noise level, for which they got their name.


Blades - an important link in the design of the machine. The material from which the knives are made has a direct impact on the quality of the entire device. As a rule, manufacturers offer accessories made of stainless steel. They may differ in the type of spraying. Exists carbon and titanium. By spraying, the service life of the blades increases.

On some machines, self-sharpening blades are installed, which will need to be lubricated with special oil. When buying such a device, remember that you can only buy special oils for a particular model.

The main recommendations when choosing

The quality of the knives affects the smoothness and ease of movement. The sharper the blade, the easier it is to do the work. With stiff hair, only a powerful model can handle it. Engines with low power can not always cope with the tasks, which leads to omissions when cutting.

Do not forget to clean the device. Even if your model has the option of self-cleaning, do not neglect the processing of blades. In vibrating machines, you will need to independently remove the blades from the body. Therefore, if you plan to use the machine often, pay attention to rotary devices with removable blades. It is enough for them to clean with a brush or water.

Pay attention to the weight of the unit. Rotary models have a more impressive mass, as they have an engine. Too light a machine is also not considered the best choice. Try on the machine "by yourself", taking it in your hand and appreciating the convenience of contact with the device.

The complete set of the machine affects its cost and functionality. Depending on your goals, you can make a choice. If you need a simple device, do not overpay for extra options.

How to use?

To use the Oster typewriter for longer, you should adhere to of recommendations for use and care:

  • always wash and dry your hair before using the machine. This will help keep the working surface of the knives in good condition;
  • systematically clean the blades. It is necessary to ensure that the surface of the knives in contact with each other is clean;
  • if you want to clean the knives without removing them from the appliance, this can be done by lowering the blades in a container with washing agent. Turn on the machine for a few seconds to remove contamination. The manufacturer recommends using a similar method to clean new blades in order to remove the protective layer from them. For this procedure, only the original flush can be used;
  • blade lubrication should occur regularly. Perform this procedure every day after flushing. This will help to eliminate the drying of the knives, which can lead to overheating of the apparatus;
  • Use a special fluid to cool the blades. It will help reduce friction and prevent them from heating;
  • Before work, check the reliability of the fastening of the upper and lower knives.

These recommendations will help you use the machine with comfort, making cooperation as long as possible.

Men's hairstyle step by step

The simplest haircuts for men using machines begin with the removal of excess length. Only after this procedure can you start working with the device. If you decide to make a haircut yourself using the Oster, follow the following the rules:

  • You can cut dry or wet hair. It all depends on your preference. Before cutting, comb the hair thoroughly. The length is removed using a simple technology: with the middle and index finger on the left hand, which are used as a clip, you should skip a small strand of hair. Pull hair at right angles to the head. It should be cut as much as the hairstyle requires;
  • men should be cut against the direction of hair growth. The beginning of work is carried out from the back of the head. It is important to determine in advance the area of ​​the edging, since the movement should be carried out precisely to this area of ​​the head;
  • edging can be issued in different ways. If you choose a hairstyle in the style of "military", you can cut the back of your head, which indicates the appropriate edging. Make sure that the transition to the next length is not explicit;
  • go to the edging best with the nozzle number 2. The transition to the crown is carried out using nozzle No. 4;
  • cutting whiskey is a little more difficult, since this area is visible with almost any turn of the head. Beginners often make mistakes at this stage. Ask your client what kind of whiskey he wants. When working with this section, move as carefully as possible, in millimeters.

Using these steps, you can make a men's haircut. Professional Oster cars will help make the process as easy as possible.


Most of the comments about Oster professional hair clippers are positive, which once again confirms the reliability of the manufacturer.

A lot of users were able to evaluate the model Oster 616. This device has a long service life. There are buyers who praise their car saying that they have been working with it for 11 years. This period indicates the reliability of the device and its high build quality. Consumers appreciate the affordable cost of the device, quiet operation and the comfort of being in the hand.

"Pilot" also liked by many users. The machine has proven itself as a reliable unit that copes with its tasks "perfectly." You can use the device for a long time and this will not lead to overheating. “Pilot” works quietly, has high-quality knives and lies comfortably in the hand. For some people, the model seems heavy, so you should check your feelings at the time of purchase.

Oster 606 causes disagreement among consumers. Someone delighted with their purchase, refers to silent and high-quality work, other users complain that the device can make a lot of noise. However, everyone emphasizes the quality of the unit, which has been working without breakdowns for several years. The model is great for professional use.

Learn more about the Oster clipper from the following video.

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