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Manicure and pedicure

It’s no secret that one of the main attributes of a well-groomed woman and girl is impeccable legs and beautiful manicure. It was previously believed that grooming was the prerogative of an exceptionally weaker sex, but in our time, neat nails have become a necessity for many men, especially public professions. The beauty industry offers a huge number of options for home and salon care for hands and feet, and in this article you can find recommendations on how to most effectively take care of the beauty of nails.

What it is?

First you need to figure out what are well-known concepts. A manicure, in simple terms, is a set of procedures thanks to which the nails acquire a beautiful shape, and the skin of the hands and feet becomes soft and well-groomed. As noted above, it is performed either in beauty salons or at home. The list of activities included in this service can vary over a very wide range. Thus, the term "manicure" can be understood as the procedure for nail extension, and applying decorative elements to them, and massage, and baths for the skin of the hands.

Pedicure, in fact, is a procedure similar to manicure, but for the legs. However, this service contains a number of mandatory actions - giving the nails a beautiful shape, removing rough skin, treating the cuticle and foot bath. There are also various components of the service, for example, nail polishing, massage and even extension.

It is worth noting that, as a rule, manicures and pedicures are performed in the same style and combined with each other, although this is not mandatory and is limited only by the client’s imagination.


Both services have a wide variety of types. To begin with, they should be divided according to how the cuticle is brought into proper form. By this criterion, there are distinguished edged and unedged manicure, as well as hardware manicure should be noted for this classification.

In the price lists of the salons, the first two types are usually indicated as "classic" and "European". During the first of them, the cuticle is removed with special forceps or scissors for burrs, and European manicure involves more gentle methods - the cuticle is carefully moved away by an orange stick, which makes the procedure safer and reduces the risk of inflammation. In turn, hardware manicure is a modern technology that allows you to polish the cuticle with a special device, without touching the blood vessels, which allows the procedure to be performed as safely as possible.

Other types of manicure are very diverse, sometimes they differ in their purpose, the materials used for them and color schemes:

  • French. The most famous type of manicure that has not lost its relevance in our country for many years. Apparently, the point is its universality - the jacket is considered a kind of classic and implies a moderate length of nails, pastel color of the main part of the nail plate, highlighted on the outer edge of the nail with a lighter color.
  • American. According to the canons of this kind of procedure, the color of the varnish and the color of the lipstick must match. Also for her the optimal form of nails is "oval", medium or large length and bright color.
  • Medical. Designed to restore the damaged surface of the nail by applying specialized formulations.
  • Nail extension. A method that is gradually losing its relevance, but is still very common. This is the process of artificially increasing the length of the nail. Most often, acrylic, gel is used for this procedure, or these materials are combined.
  • Spa manicure. As a rule, this type of manicure includes massage, peeling, warm baths for hands and other procedures of your choice. The procedure is quite long in time and has a relaxing effect.
  • Express. The procedure is ideal for busy and business people. It does not always include the coating of nail platinum with colored varnish and almost completely excludes hand care. The main function is to give a visually acceptable look to the nails. It differs from other varieties in speed of execution - the whole procedure takes about ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Japanese. This type of manicure stands out among others in that it uses exclusively natural compounds. It is one of the options for therapeutic manicure, which allows you to create a kind of "cover" for the treatment of weak and brittle nails.
  • Spanish. This type of manicure differs from others in saturation and color depth, because according to his technique, several layers of varnish are applied to the nail, which create stripes and visually make the nail longer and more attractive.
  • Lunar. Also called "Dior Manicure". Only the hole in the nail bed is highlighted in color. The shade is chosen much lighter than the base. Sometimes this type of manicure is combined with a service jacket, highlighting two parts of the nail at the same time.
  • Space manicure. Due to the presence of the smallest particles (glitters) in the varnish, it allows you to create a starry sky effect on your nails.
  • Gradient. The peculiarity of this type of manicure is that one shade of varnish passes into another horizontally or vertically.
  • Nude. It is very popular at the moment because of a comprehensive fashion for naturalness. The main feature is delicate, pastel shades of flowers, which are sometimes supplemented with a french jacket or lunar type manicure, if desired by the client, but without a striking difference in shades.
  • Male. Representatives of a strong half of humanity have a thicker nail plate, so this type of manicure usually takes a little longer. The rest of the care for men's hands is generally similar to female manicure. It also comes in classic edged, french, spa, european and hardware. The main difference is that the color coating, as a rule, is not used, but a special colorless composition is used.
  • Children. In fact, this type of manicure is purely hygienic and is aimed at combating burrs. Cutting methods are not used, since such effects are too coarse for delicate baby skin. Therefore, the cuticle becomes softer under the influence of oils and shifts.
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In turn, the main varieties of pedicure are:

  • Classical. As well as manicure, it is divided into edged and European. The procedure includes a basic set of actions to bring the legs into a beautiful and aesthetic appearance - treating the nails and giving them the desired shape, softening the skin and massage.
  • Spa pedicure. It includes a set of classic pedicure actions with an additional service - a paraffin bath, caring procedures with algae, a mask with moisturizing properties, and the use of therapeutic mud.
  • Pedicure and stone massage. Represents foot massage with the use of warm and cold stones, has a therapeutic effect.
  • French. The execution, as a rule, is similar to manicure of this type - a pink or beige base and white varnish are used, which is applied to the tip of the nail.
  • Mini pedicure. Allows you to perform the procedure in a much shorter time than the standard pedicure. It includes the processing of fingers and cuticles, giving the nails an aesthetic shape. As a rule, the price is also inferior to other types of services.
  • Hardware. Hardware pedicure is safer and more protective on the skin than the classic version. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the procedure uses a softening agent, and not steaming the feet with water. Using this type of service, you can get rid of problems with the skin of the legs, for example, cure corns, corns and prevent their appearance.
  • Fish. A very original, most environmentally friendly and fairly popular method of skin and nail care. Fish pedicures can help clients deal with eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and is performed no more than once every two months.
  • Japanese. It has no striking differences from Japanese manicure. Brings visible results immediately after the procedure. Excluded inflammatory processes and injuries. The procedure is based on the treatment of the skin with essential oils and the subsequent use of scrubs of coral and pearl chips.

Despite the variety of species, all procedures, excluding mini-pedicures, include callus removal, nail cleaning and treatment, and foot massage. It should also be noted that some of the procedures that are offered by the masters are contraindicated for clients who suffer from a fungus.

How to care for your nails and give them the desired shape?

There is not always time to attend salon procedures like Shellac and SPA coatings, but to keep hands and feet well-groomed for everyone, even at home.

To achieve this result, you should regularly carry out only a few simple procedures, and nails will be a source of pride.

  • The first and main rule - processing of nails must be carried out in one direction and refuse metal files. They injure the nail and it is better to replace them with products made of acrylic or glass.
  • The second rule of quality nail processing at home is a mandatory cuticle care. First, it is softened with a specialized cosmetic composition. When the cuticle is sufficiently moistened, it is pushed back with a special stick. After this, the barbs are carefully cut with tweezers.
  • Third rule caution can be considered when choosing nail polish. It is necessary to use high-quality products and do not use products containing acetone to remove the coating.
  • Even less sophisticated foot care rulesbut nonetheless equally important. Especially the relevance of measures aimed at bringing the legs to a decent look, as a rule, increases during the beach season. Every evening they must be washed with soap containing moisturizing ingredients, then apply cream to them and put on cotton socks at the end. So that when applying varnish to the toenails there are no problems, you need to use specialized finger spacers. You should also prevent ingrown nails, for this you should not round the edges of the nail plate and consult a doctor at the first signs of the disease.
  • There are also care rules. and for accessories for manicure and pedicure, because the term of their operation directly depends on proper handling. Be sure to lubricate the friction surfaces of scissors and tweezers with specialized oils. It is required to sharpen tools in time and disinfect them before each subsequent procedure.
  • In addition to nail careAlmost every woman regularly updates their color. There are also indications on this score. For example, the color of the varnish on the hands may differ from the color on the legs, but the latter should be darker. A combination of different colors of varnish can be beneficial to complement both your everyday summer look and add zest to a light dress when traveling to the sea. It also must certainly be appropriate in every life situation.

How to do a pedicure at home, see the next video.

How to apply?

To smoothly and beautifully painted nails pleased with their appearance, first you have to study a little theory. In the most simplified form, the application of nail polish is preceded by the following steps:

  • Using a nail file, you need to give the desired length and shape to the outer edge of the nail plate.
  • Then special oils are used to soften the cuticle and it is pushed to the base and side rollers of the nail.
  • After the previous steps, the nails should be sanded with a nail file.
  • At the end of the procedure, cream should be applied to the hands.

When the preparatory activities are completed, you can proceed to the main procedure. First you need to treat the nail plate with nail polish remover to degrease, then apply the base under the varnish, which protects the nail from the effects of harmful substances that make up its composition. Then you need to wait until the base dries and after that paint the nails.

The varnish must first be applied to the middle of the nail - in one quick movement from the cuticle to the end of the nail. After that, add a few strokes at the edges. It should be ensured that the varnish on the brush is in moderation, since its excess or deficiency can lead to uneven coating. Then you can apply a second layer, which conveys the saturation of the hue in full. In the end, if desired, you can apply a top coat.

The procedure of applying gel polish, which can be carried out not only in the salon, but also at home, has recently gained special popularity. Its indisputable advantages are greater resistance, the absence of contraindications and a more gentle effect on the nail platinum. The downside is the need to purchase a large amount of equipment and supplies.

The procedure for applying varnish itself does not differ much from the standard, in addition to the fact that each coating layer must be dried in a special lamp. Also, staining nails according to this technique should be preceded by a mandatory degreasing, complete removal of the previous coating from the nails and safer unedged manicure at home.

How to apply gel polish at home, see the next video.

Design Ideas and Fashion Trends

In addition to the correct application, it is important to choose the colors of the pedicure and manicure, because with skillful handling, it can effectively complement clothes, accessories and the image created with other decorative cosmetics.

This year, at the peak of popularity was the style of nail design, which stylistically reveals the theme of relaxation on the seashore. It uses vibrant drawings and decorations.

Also, this year glamor returns to fashion again, which means you can safely use shiny nail polishes and catchy rhinestones. And in contrast to the bright trends, monophonic delicate coatings are also in fashion - beige, pink, delicate shades of blue.

If you wish, you can move away from the standard approach, even in French manicure technology. Light can be the basis of manicure, and the tip of the nail can be darkened with dark color. Combinations of blue and blue, red and burgundy look spectacular, you can even afford bold combinations of yellow - here you can give free rein to imagination and decide even on the craziest combinations.

A fashionable novelty of the season was also gradient manicure. The main principle of staining nails according to this technique is that each nail is painted in the shade of the same color or to make a smooth transition of the palette on each individual nail. If it is impossible to find five or four shades of varnish of the same color, you can get the missing ones by mixing the previous ones.

Many girls create interesting and accurate drawings on their nails, which some professional masters might envy. You can create a beautiful nail design with the most ordinary toothpick, having a little patience. It is only important to ensure that by the time the painting starts, the base has already dried up, but the edge of the toothpick soaked in paint does not have the color necessary for painting.

Regarding the length of the nails there are no restrictions, but do not go beyond the reasonable.

Secrets of specialists

After there were no unresolved questions regarding the technique of applying nail polish and types of manicure and pedicure, it remains to find out only additional subtleties that can be found out only by trial and error.

  • One of the little-known tricks is the use of white nail polish as a base for the primary color. This is a very good solution for those who have let down the saturation of the shade promised by the manufacturer.
  • Unexpectedly, you can easily remove blemishes in an already finished manicure if you do not wipe off excess varnish from the skin with a cotton pad, as many people are accustomed to, but with a thin eyeliner brush moistened with nail polish remover.
  • So that you do not have to use the previous tip and use a brush, you can lubricate the skin around the nail with Vaseline. This will not allow the varnish to harden on the skin and can be easily removed. There is also an original way to protect the cuticle from nail polish - you can simply cover it with a mask-film.
  • It's not a secret for any of the fashionistas that red nail polish is very difficult to wash from the skin and palms. But this problem can also be easily solved by rubbing your hands with an old toothbrush with whitening paste.
  • Professionals give interesting advice for the correction of varnish smeared from the nail plate. To remove the error, simply swipe it with your tongue.

Summing up all of the above, we can come to the undeniable conclusion that manicure and pedicure are an integral part of the image of an adult and a child. This procedure should not be neglected, and if properly executed, it can please not only the result, but also the process.

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