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Mini hair straightener

Each girl who owns lush curls has a special iron in her bathroom to straighten her naughty hair. Straightening tongs have gained immense popularity, because they allow you to put your hair on your own right at home and not spend money on the services of hairdressers and stylists. Curling irons allow not only to straighten hair, but also to slightly round the ends, add volume and lay bangs. But not every fashionista has a place to store standard irons, and some travel lightly and they simply do not have enough space in their hand luggage.

It was for such representatives of the fair sex that special mini hair straighteners were created that can freely fit in any woman's handbag, and even more so in a suitcase. These small road rectifiers have become an indispensable device for many girls, which is not surprising, because their compact size allows you not to occupy a lot of useful space.

Features and Benefits

Of course, the main advantage of these devices is their small size, due to which they are called "pocket". This is very convenient for many, especially when traveling, when you can fit in a suitcase only a certain number of things. We were able to appreciate the mini-irons and the owners of very magnificent hair, who need to always have a curling iron at hand due to possible rain or high humidity, because at this moment the hair begins to fluff and styling loses its beauty. And since small curling irons can easily fit in a women's handbag, they are lightweight and take up little space, you can always carry them with you.

Thanks to modern technology, it has become possible to supply mini curling irons not only with a straightening surface, but also with some additional functions. For example, most irons must have the ability to independently adjust the temperature, as well as a small display showing its level.

It should be noted that, regardless of the type of surface, a device with an ionization function practically does not damage the hair. Of course, this does not cancel the mandatory hair care procedures in the form of oil masks or special balms.

There are small curling irons with additional nozzles, which allows you to have a real travel styler to create a variety of styling and hairstyles. Some manufacturers offer for very busy ladies who do not have time to style their hair at home special mini curling irons with an adapter instead of a plug that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car.

The size of the device allows you to freely store it even in the armrest of a car seat and use it before work or an important meeting to improve the appearance of the hair.

Naturally, safety precautions should be taken and in no case should you use an iron while driving or when you are driving. In the first case, during sharp braking, you can get burned, in the second, become the culprit of a traffic accident. If you need to style your hair or bangs, you can safely do this by parking near the sidewalk or in a big traffic jam.

As a rule, most manufacturers supplement the iron with a storage case and a soft rug that protects furniture from the hot surface of the appliance. A long cord, which is not inferior in size to ordinary curling irons, makes it possible to freely use the device without restricting movements. Pocket irons are heated a little faster due to their small dimensions, the standard heating time is 20-30 seconds.

A big plus of such devices is the reduced power consumption, which will help save money.

Some of them have an automatic shutdown function, which automatically turns off the device after the time you specify. Many turn off automatically when overheating, that is, if the mini-curling iron is idle for a long time, it will turn off and cool down.

How to choose?

Most modern manufacturers began to make mini-irons and equip them with additional functions, which allowed pocket curling irons to stand almost on a par with larger devices. There are many criteria for choosing a device.:

  • Plate color. It should be noted that one of the important criteria is the color of the straightening surface, especially for dyed hair. The fact is that some paints, when heated, go to the mini-iron plate itself, because of which it takes on a not very aesthetic appearance. That is why girls with dyed hair are advised to buy appliances with a black or colored surface.
  • Material. The safety of the procedure for your curls depends on the coating material. Some are universal and suitable for any type of hair, while others, being ideal for some, can harm others.
  • Plate shape. The size and shape of the heating element also matter, because depending on the length and thickness of the hair, you may need a specific straightener. For example, if you are the owner of long and thick hair, larger plates and square shapes are recommended for you. In the case of a bang, it is desirable that the curling iron has rounded edges, so it will be easier for you to stack it. For a short haircut, it is better to use narrower and square plates, as they will allow you to work faster and more convenient. Some girls purchase mini-irons not only as travel devices, but also as a separate device for straightening their bangs.
  • Additional functions. Some manufacturers complement mini-irons with various functions inherent in standard curling irons. For example, Tony & guy supplied their device with a small steam generator, thanks to which it is possible to straighten not only dry but also wet hair. There are devices with interchangeable nozzles, which are more like mini-stylers. With their help, you can not only stretch your curls, but also create a corrugation effect or twist the ends.

Consider the types of surfaces:

  • Aluminum. This material is an attribute of the oldest models of irons, therefore it is rare enough, since it does not have a protective property and can adversely affect strands. Today, even on the most inexpensive devices, it is hardly possible to see the aluminum layer.
  • Ceramic. This type of surface of the straightening part is the most common and universal, as it copes with any type of hair, without damaging the hair and giving it smoothness and shine. It is worth noting that ceramics are often used as a protective layer for metal parts.
  • Teflon. Teflon-coated mini irons are the perfect helper for brittle and thin hair. The fact is that this material easily glides through the hair, does not stick to them and prevents damage to the structure of curls.
  • Tourmaline. Such a coating is not often found, but still it comes across and is recommended for girls suffering from electrification of hair after stretching. Tourmaline helps to relieve tension and natural hair ionization, which, in turn, guarantees smoothness and shine.
  • Marble. This is the rarest type of plate coating, but also the most sparing, which protects the structure from elevated temperatures. Such curling irons are suitable for girls with problem hair.

Rating of manufacturers and reviews

Judging by the reviews, a fairly large number of girls prefer mini-irons and are very pleased with them. The compact size allows you to carry them with you wherever you go, and in terms of quality of work, they are in no way inferior to their large brothers. It was these factors that became decisive during the purchase of the device. And the price of mini-pads, as a rule, is much lower, and it is much more convenient to straighten short hair or bangs with a small unit.

As for the brands that produce handheld devices for hair, in the first place, of course, are the devices of such a giant as Bosh. This company has long established itself as a manufacturer of quality products with a long service life. Mini irons are produced and companies specializing specifically in the manufacture of hair technology, among them were Remington and Rowentain whose lines you can find several small appliances. But the largest assortment of the company Braun.

See how to choose the right hair straightener in the next video.

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