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Curling Braun

In the world it is very difficult to find a girl who will not like curls or beautiful flowing curls, so in the arsenal of every representative of the fair sex there will always be curling irons and straighteners. Curling irons or in another way stylers from the famous brand Braun - This is not only excellent quality, but also a professional result that can please yourself without leaving your home. Next, we will take a closer look at the Braun plate models, talk about their features and advantages, and also share practical tips.

About Brand

Braun is a German brand specializing in the manufacture and manufacture of a wide variety of equipment: from home appliances and personal diagnostic devices to beauty, hair care and styling tools. Unsurpassed German quality on technology is very much appreciated among buyers of hair styling products, since European products always meet the latest quality criteria and rarely let their owners down.

Of course, the prices of certain goods may be slightly overstated, but the life of the equipment always meets the expectations of customers. In addition, Braun curling irons will never spoil or dry your hair, as they are made using exclusively proven and high-quality materials. Therefore, if you are still hesitating whether to buy curling irons from this brand or not, then, of course, yes.

Millions of women all over the world leave a lot of positive feedback about them and happily advise them to their friends. Also, professional stylists respond positively to brand products.

Choose a device

With this brand you will find a variety of options for stylers that will help you create both large and small curls, as well as luxurious Hollywood styling or sloppy strands with a light curl. For any occasion and for any occasion. Conical, ordinary curling iron or straightener. The choice is yours. First of all, you should think about which device it will be more convenient for you to work with, as well as the most comfortable way to hold it in your hand.

Equally important is the condition of your hair: for dyed, it is worth choosing the most sparing options for maintaining the health of curls and color. But for natural hair, you can choose a little more powerful options, especially if the hair is naturally tough and naughty.

Product range

To date, in the product range you will find several relevant models of pads for creating curls and hairstyles of various complexity. Braun stylers are chosen not only for home use, but also for beauty salons, so there is no doubt that the equipment is professional and meets all quality criteria. Next, we offer a short overview of the models that you will find in the current Braun range:

  • The curling iron Satin Hair 7 Color is, without exaggeration, the most real find for ladies with colored hair. This styler can easily help maintain the brightness and saturation of the hair, as well as prevent color fading from the use of styling devices. This curling iron has a special color preservation technology, which very carefully and delicately allows you to get the necessary curls without unnecessary injury. Satin Hair Curler evenly distributes heat and does not overheat hair. Also, this model has an ionization function, so that after creating a hairstyle, the curls become more radiant and smooth. Since this technology is aimed at filling hair with ions, they are not electrified and do not fluff in different directions. This curling iron has five temperature modes and a convenient display for a variety of hair types and their needs, as well as a convenient button for adjustment.

If your hair is not only dyed, but also sensitive, do not worry, because a convenient ceramic roller will not allow drying out even the weak ends of the hair.

  • An active ion Satin Hair 7 Iontec curling iron will help you create the hairstyle of your dreams without leaving your home. With this styler, you will fill the curls with a lot of ions, as a result of which the hair will be obedient, they will also not be electrified. In addition, with each curled curl, the hair will gain more shine and radiance, as if you had just done professional lamination. For the healthiest installation, Braun offers five temperature settings and a button for instant temperature control in problematic areas. A ceramic curling roller will help to make curls of medium width and will be suitable even for problem ends. The curling iron is equipped with a convenient display with backlight, which allows you to control the entire process of creating a hairstyle.

Some ladies perform curls with irons. Sometimes light waves may not work out the first time, however, we still recommend paying attention to Braun styling straighteners.

  • The Satin Hair 7 SensoCare styler with automatic temperature control and ceramic floating plates will make the hair straightening or curling procedure as convenient and comfortable as possible. It can be easily used to create wavy beach curls. This styler has a special thermal protection, which will provide unrivaled shine and hair protection from damage and injury. Also, this rectifier is equipped with a special edge to create a wide variety of waves in any convenient position.
  • No less interesting is the styler with a special function for creating curls Satin Hair 5 Iontec. Special edges on the straightener guide the hair into a circle to get the most desired curls. The plates have a special ceramic coating for the most smooth and safe gliding through the hair. Also, this styler will save your hair from excessive electrification and fill it with a luxurious shine immediately after the first touch. This rectifier has three temperature modes for a variety of hair types, in addition, it is very convenient to take with you on the road, since this styler is adapted for different voltages.

When using these or those styling devices, you can use various thermal protective agents and hair sprays for even more confidence that your hair will be protected as much as possible from external influences and damages.

Store correctly

In order for the curling iron to serve you for many years, it is very important to store it correctly. The best place to store it is dark and dry, it is very important not to wind the wire on the curling iron or rectifier, but simply fold it to avoid getting creases and equipment failure. If you have hair tongs, you can wipe them with a damp cloth as a care. Before removing the appliance, wait for it to cool completely.

It is very important to take care of the plates on the straightener and the roller on the curling iron, because they are made of ceramic, they must not be damaged or scratched, otherwise this technique can harm the hair.

Optimum temperature

In order not to harm the hair, it is very important to observe some nuances when choosing a temperature. Experts recommend dyed and weakened hair to wind at the lowest temperature, so as not to injure the curls unnecessarily. However, Braun curling irons, designed specifically for dyed hair, allow you to choose even an average temperature level without drying out or injuring your hair.

An average temperature level of 170 degrees is perfect for coarse hair that requires a more serious effect. But do not be afraid to dry them, because the ceramic coating is very gentle.


Many women express a lot of positive reviews about curling irons from the professional brand Braun, among which you can hear the following opinions:

  • Impeccable quality curling irons, serve more than one year, do not break, do an excellent job.
  • Even if you don’t know how to twist on tongs, with Braun learn if not from the first, then precisely from the second time.
  • Prices can be considered overpricedas some ladies say, however, the products justify themselves very quickly and are not in doubt.
  • Great coverage always takes care of your hair, even from frequent straightening and creating hairstyles, the hair is like brand new.

So if you are looking for a great hair curler, be sure to take a look at Braun.

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