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Radical root curling iron Harizma

Modern girls and women in everyday life increasingly use thermal tools for styling. The most popular are devices for making root volume. Curling irons are simple and easy to use, so the process of creating a hairstyle does not take much time. Particular attention must be paid to Harizma appliances.


Harizma root curling iron is popular among both beginners and experienced craftsmen. A feature of the model is the presence of special corrugation nozzles that can be used to create creative neat hairstyles.

Many hairdressers claim that the effect of using such a styler is better than from special shampoos to create volume.

The device plates have a grooved surface, which is one of its main features. Elements quickly and evenly warm up, due to this there is a reliable fixation of hair at the basal zone.

In addition, Harizma forceps can be easily used to create other hairstyles. Slightly careless curls have been a real trend for several seasons.

Models for basal volume have ceramic-tourmaline coating. Due to this, the hair does not dry out under the influence of high temperature and retain their original appearance and shine.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any equipment, the curling iron from the company Harizma has certain pros and cons. The main advantages of a thermal tool include:

  • comfortable and ergonomic design;
  • rapid heating of the plates;
  • the model is equipped with a rotating cord;
  • coating of the plates provides an antistatic effect during application.

In addition, a special heat-protective mat is included in the kit. This provides additional security while using the device.

It is worth noting that Harizma offers customers a fairly wide range of different thermal tools for styling and creating hairstyles. The models have an interesting and original design, good functionality, and of course, reliability.

Harizma Curling Iron perfect for owners of thin hair. With this device you can quickly create the desired volume. In addition, girls have the opportunity to adjust styling in individual areas.

As for the shortcomings, they are also available. The first significant minus is the deterioration of the condition of the hair. Even with a safe coating, high temperatures adversely affect strands. It should be understood that a temperature of 150-170 degrees can hardly be called suitable.

In addition, in the presence of rare or thin hair, additional styling cosmetics are required. In combination with high temperature, these compounds negatively affect the structure of the hair.

Terms of use

One of the important points is the proper use of the Harizma curling iron. The process itself is not difficult, but some girls argue that in the absence of experience in using the device, creating a volume can take up to 40 minutes:

  • So, first you need to apply a special protection product to clean hair. Due to this composition, the locks will not dry out and break under the influence of high temperature. Then the hair must be thoroughly dried with a hairdryer.
  • After this, the device must be well heated. The hair is separated by several even parts and then proceed to processing the strands near the very roots. Please note that you do not need to touch the hair near the face. This is due to the fact that after processing, creases may remain.
  • It is also not recommended to keep the tongs on the strands for too long. It is enough to wait 10-15 seconds until complete fixation.
  • At the final stage, styling should be slightly sprinkled with varnish. It is not worth spraying a large amount of the product, as the hairstyle will look too elaborate and unnatural.


In order for the Harizma device to serve you for a long time, do not forget to periodically care for it:

  • After prolonged use, the plates must be cleaned of styling agents.. It is also necessary to remove all contaminants from the housing and other elements. In order to clean the curling iron, you need to wait for the plates to cool completely. Then, with a damp cloth, carefully remove all dirt. It is best to use a soft cloth for cleaning, as coarse lint may damage the nozzle coating.
  • Professional craftsmen recommend removing dirt after each use of the curling iron. Otherwise, cosmetic formulations will accumulate on the surface. Over time, this will lead to loss of device functionality. The plates cannot evenly heat up.
  • If you notice that there is plaque on the surface, it is best to use special cleaning agents. They gently remove even the most severe contaminants from the surface without damaging the ceramic tourmaline coating.


You can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Harizma devices using the feedback of girls and women who already use this option to create a styling. Basically, most consumers are satisfied with the functionality and quality of the device. After application, the effect lasts 2-3 days. Many girls claim that the volume remains until shampooing. This point was highlighted by consumers as the main advantage.

In addition, the device is among the professional devices. For example, the functionality of the Harizma "creative volume" 10301 curling iron is in no way inferior to the well-known and sought-after version of Babyliss Pro. The presence of high-quality smooth coating provides higher safety when used in comparison with the second type.

Another advantage, according to customers, is the cost of the curling iron. Girls and women are pleased with the availability of professional styling devices. It is worth noting that all models from Harizma are designed for the average buyer.

But still, consumers identified one significant drawback - the lack of a temperature regulator. Users claim that this is not very convenient in the process of use, since you have to constantly ensure that the curling iron does not overheat. Basically, to create a basal volume, women use a temperature of 140 degrees.

In addition, another drawback is that Harizma models are not always found in online stores. This is especially true for options for creating a basal volume. In this case, you must contact the store that sells professional models for beauty salons and hairdressers.

If you have dry and brittle hair, but you can’t do without curling, use a special protective spray before using the device.

On how to make a basal volume, see the next video.

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