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Washing kitchen towels with vegetable oil

Work is constantly in full swing in the kitchen, and all the things used in the process are constantly polluted. Towels are no exception. So that they always look neat, you need to constantly keep them clean. There are many ways to clean towels with your own hands, using both chemicals and improvised products. You will learn about how to wash kitchen towels with vegetable oil as soon as possible from this article.


Every housewife must be able to cope even with complex pollution. Therefore, dirty kitchen textiles should not scare her. In the kitchen, it is best to pick up towels from high-quality fabrics that stretch well and are as easy to clean as possible. The best choice is linen or waffle towels. They are thin, dry quickly and it is much easier to care for them than terry.

To less mess with cleaning, just wash the towels on time. To do this, buy several sets at once, which can be regularly changed. Also try not to use towels to wipe off grease or to contact with dirty handles or covers. In this case, you will not even need to wash dirty stains or stains from them.

By the way, in addition to getting rid of dirty stains, it is important in the kitchen to rid towels of unpleasant odors. After all, textiles are very quickly saturated with unpleasant aromas.


It would seem that vegetable oil is the least logical product that can be used to clean the fabric. The greasy base of this product is absorbed very quickly into the tissue, so it is very illogical to use it. But in fact, if you use this product correctly, you can even get rid of complex pollution.

Vegetable oil is an excellent product to combat old pollution, which seems to be almost impossible to remove in any other way. In addition, he has one more plus - this product, which does not make colored things dull. So if you have bright, beautiful towels in the kitchen and you do not want them to lose their attractiveness, then you can safely use the following formulations for whitening.

The first option involves boiling tissue. In fact, even just boiling towels in clean hot water will already allow you to clean old spots. And if you supplement them with such a useful product as sunflower oil, this will only facilitate the process.

In order for complex contaminants to disappear during boiling, add two tablespoons of high-quality dry bleach to the water. Put a pot with this composition on the fire and bring to a boil. Then you need to add the vegetable oil itself. Mistresses advise adding as much oil to the water as bleach. The last important ingredient is some powder, which is also worth adding to boiling water.

When you have mixed all the ingredients, you can throw in water and towels. After a few minutes of boiling, the fabric will become much cleaner. If the stains do not completely go away, then you can use high-quality bleach. After you boil the towels, they need to allow to cool, and then rinse thoroughly. This will get rid of the remains of vegetable oil and foam.

Another use of vegetable oil is simpler. You will need to draw hot water. But in this situation, you will not boil towels. Just add three tablespoons of powder to the water, the same amount of vegetable oil and a little bleach. In this composition, soak your dirty towels at night. After a couple of hours, the dirt will “move away”. After that, you can wash your towels in the morning either in the washing machine or with your hands.

And the last way to use vegetable oil to clean dirty kitchen towels is to soak previously washed items in the solution. This allows you to wash off excess dirt that remains after all the preliminary procedures.

The solution you need for this consists of several liters of hot water (the exact amount depends on the amount of dirty things you plan to bleach), one or two glasses of washing powder, a spoonful of dry bleach and two tablespoons of vegetable oil. All these components are interconnected, whipped in soapy foam.

While this soapy solution is still hot, previously washed and dried things are put in it. Towels should remain in the dish with the solution until it cools down. After this, the textile must be rinsed again.

Some housewives still do not believe that such a fatty product, like vegetable oil, is able to clean the pollution. Therefore, they prepare the same compounds, but do not add it. This is a big mistake, because in this case the composition simply will not work and all the pollution will remain in place.


If using the tips suggested above you managed to wash your towels and make them as clean as possible, then you can improve the result in a simple way. This does not seem obvious to many, but if you iron a towel with a hot iron, it will get less dirty, and you will need to wash it less often. As a rule, many do not waste time ironing, considering it superfluous. But you can well see how effective this move is.

In addition to kitchen towels, thus also clean diapers, bedding and underwear. If the fabric turns yellow over time and has lost its former popularity, then in this way you will return it to its original beautiful appearance.

Vegetable oil, unlike many purchased bleaches, is able to cope even with fairly complex and poorly excreted contaminants. For example, remove stains from pigmented fruit juices, mashed potatoes, coffee, wine or milk. So for little money you will get a high-quality universal stain remover for solving almost any problems.

And in order for the result to be as effective as possible, you need to follow simple recommendations. First, vegetable oil should be added to the solution last, because otherwise a dense oily film will not allow the powder and bleach to dissolve.

If you boil towels in hot water, then it is better to do this in an enameled bowl. Some housewives who do this on an ongoing basis even buy special buckets with a lid. If you wrap them well, then the water will not cool longer, which will allow the solution to remove pollution to the maximum.

As you can see, in some cases, the source of contamination may well become an assistant in the fight against all possible spots on the surface of the textile. The main thing is to know how and in what quantities to use it, so as not to aggravate the situation, but rather, fix the problem. Follow the suggested tips, and at home you can achieve results that will surprise even yourself.

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