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How to put napkins on a New Year's table beautifully?

With the approach of the New Year holidays, we are devoting more and more time to their preparation, planning an entertainment program, creating a New Year’s menu. Often we select the most interesting and unusual recipes that are rarely used in everyday cooking.

At the same time, do not miss the opportunity to beautifully decorate the festive table with unusual serving. If you belong to people who like to devote time to creating beauty in various aspects, decorating the table with napkins will not pass you by. With their help, you can give the New Year table even more beauty and coziness, and guests will appreciate the efforts of the hostess in creating a festive atmosphere.


Not everyone can create an interesting decorative element from an ordinary napkin. Most hosts simply make the festive table full of delicious dishes. However, it is worth noting that the creation of the holiday is not limited to just an exquisite menu. Of great importance are additional elements, which include dishes, and tablecloths, and candles. Napkins are no exception.

First, you need to correctly place all the serving elements, correctly decompose the devices. Then you can proceed to additional decoration.

The choice of napkins should be based not only on personal taste. It is also worth considering the shade of the tablecloth and the general environment of the room.

Having decided on the color, the presence or absence of a pattern of products, it is worth considering how best to lay them out on a table.

The unusual design will not only help create a New Year's mood. The process of decoration itself can give you joy by opening up the creative element in you.

How beautiful to fold with your own hands?

Beautifully decorated napkins are a great way to decorate a table in the New Year, make it more bright and interesting. There are many ways and step-by-step schemes that will help anyone create a real masterpiece.

Various ideas will tell you how to fold, fold or wrap napkins so that you can make an interesting decorative element from the usual part of the serving. Many ways of folding napkins allow you to design a table with interesting figures (Christmas trees, snowflakes, stars, the image of Santa Claus, etc.).

Beautiful compositions from napkins can even be simply put next to plates or devices, emphasizing the rich decoration of the festive table.


If you have paper and ordinary napkins, you can easily make interesting serving items with New Year's theme. To do this, they simply stack in a certain way.

In order to create a figure of Santa Claus from an ordinary napkin, it is enough to take a paper napkin consisting of two layers. The bottom layer should be light.

Use an iron to get rid of wrinkles. After this, the napkin should be folded into a triangle, and then unfold it. The lateral edges should be bent so as to form two large triangles in the center. In this case, a small triangle should form on top. Further, the end of a large folded triangle bends 1 time and bends again, but in the other direction.

The last triangle is used to make a strip. Then the edges are wrapped around the base of the figure. After that, using the black pen, you need to draw the eyes. Such a miniature Santa Claus can be a worthy decoration of any table.

There is another interesting option for making Santa Claus from napkins. To do this, a head is cut out of the finished stencil and put on the upper corner of the napkin folded in a triangle. At the corner you can glue a small circle of white paper, which will depict a pompom hat.

An unusual decoration that can be put under the appliances will be a napkin in the shape of a snowflake. This option looks perfect under transparent dishes of any color. This design is one of the lightest. To do this, you just need to find the necessary template on the Internet, print it and cut it out.

Another simple, but no less creative idea for decorating the table for the New Year is a napkin folded into a tube and decorated with ribbons or tinsel.

From fabric

Most people prefer paper napkins, but there are those who use not only a tablecloth when setting the table, but also napkins made of fabric.

New Year has many characters. However, the most important and traditional is the Christmas tree, without which this event will no longer be complete. Its shape can be given a napkin in several ways.

Most folding a napkin into a tube shape and securing it with a ring or tape is simpledecorated with different decorative elements. These include balls, cones, flowers, small spruce branches. It is also possible to make an image of a Christmas tree from colored paper or cardboard and fix it on a napkin using a tape or "rain".

Those who do not want to give napkins a specific shape can simply fold each product 4 times, making a square out of it.

You can attach a small New Year's wish on top. And for more creative and creative personalities, there are many other ideas for decorating New Year's decor.

Below are a few options for Christmas trees made from ordinary fabric napkins.

Decoration and decor

The simplest, but unusual decoration for napkins are rings. You can decorate them with a wide variety of elements.

In order to make a napkin ring, you will need the following materials:

  • cardboard basics from paper or paper towels;
  • gouache (best acrylic) and a brush;
  • multi-colored buttons;
  • PVA glue;
  • hot gun;
  • various sequins, beads.
  1. Cut the paper sleeve lengthwise, then paint the inside of the paper green.
  2. When the paint is completely absorbed, the outside should also be painted. Then it is necessary to cut along each of the finished cardboard substrates into small strips of 5-8 mm in size.
  3. The next stage is the manufacture of branches. To do this, you need to prepare a certain number of strips, twisting the end of each of them around the brush to make a curl. The lower the branch is located, the less the strip is twisted.
  4. Then, using hot glue, all the branches are glued together and a few more branches are added on each of the sides.
  5. The sides are lubricated with PVA glue and sprinkled on top with sparkles. The decoration of branches with the help of multi-colored buttons, beads and sequins looks interesting.
  6. In the end, you should make the basics on which the resulting Christmas trees will be glued. To do this, given the number of napkins, cardboard sleeves are cut in half. Each of them is painted in red. After complete drying, a Christmas tree is glued to each of the halves. This decoration will be a great addition to the festive table.

Another original option is napkin rings, decorated with felt bud. To create such a decor element you will need:

  • leaves of felt fabric of pink and green flowers;
  • small beads;
  • cardboard basics for toilet paper;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue and hot gun.
  1. Cut the cardboard backing into an even number of pieces.
  2. Then, from the felt fabric, it is necessary to cut an element equal to the diameter of the cardboard sleeve. With glue, it is fixed around the cardboard part. To do this, you will need hot glue. The ring to which the flower is attached is ready.
  3. Petals of the future flower are cut out of pink felt (about 10 pieces per flower).
  4. To begin with, five petals stick together, overlapping each other with their ends.
  5. The remaining petals should be prepared first. For this, one of the ends of each petal is connected so that a corner is formed. After that, the finished petals are glued to the base of the flower.
  6. Beads are glued on top of the core. Then the finished bud with glue is fixed on the mug.

Good examples and options

Below are the design options for napkins for the New Year's table. Such creative decorations will delight guests and make the holiday unforgettable.

About how to fold napkins for a New Year's table beautifully, see the following video.

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