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Etiquette rules: who should be the first to enter the elevator?

In life, people often find themselves in awkward situations, from which they cannot find a way out simply because they do not know the norms of behavior in society. To minimize such moments in life, there is a collection of rules that includes various moral and ethical dilemmas. There are so many of them that they do not fit in the head. Therefore, you can often see a man or woman who does not know what to do in an unfamiliar situation.

In the modern world there are more and more such cases. After all, the rules apply not only to the treatment of people, but also to fashionable technology and vehicles. One of them is the elevator.

General rules

The rules of etiquette in an elevator are globally different from others. After all, in the first place - this is a dangerous form of movement. As a result of its malfunction, people can suffer. Therefore, you need to know exactly who should be the first to enter: a man or woman, an old man or a child, and who should be the first to leave.

The rules of conduct are as follows:

  1. It is necessary to decide on the order. Without a doubt, the first man to enter the elevator. It will seem to many that this is wrong, because everyone knows that everywhere it is necessary to let a woman forward, but not in this situation. The elevator is very dangerous, and the man as the representative of the stronger sex, stepping first to the site, shows the weak girl his strength and desire to protect her.
  2. The person who stands closer to the door, whether it is a man or a woman, gets out of the elevator. This rule exists in order to avoid crowds. It happens that the one standing at the door does not go out on the floor on which the elevator stopped. But according to the rules of etiquette, he must skip the exit, and after that - return to his former place.
  3. A person standing at the panel with buttons must definitely specify on which floor the person entering is going. First of all, you need to contact the ladies, and only after waiting for their answer, press the desired button.
  4. A child, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, always enters the elevator after an adult, but he leaves first. This is also done for his safety.

Rules of conduct at the elevator

There are only a few rules of conduct for the elevator, but everyone should know them.

Second floor rule

If you live on the second floor, it is better to abandon the elevator and walk. Such advice will be especially useful for women, because they always strive to monitor their figure. Passing a couple of spans is not at all difficult, and the body benefits from such a warm-up very much.

But if a person has health problems or is in old age, then the rule does not apply to them. In this situation, on the contrary, you need to help enter the booth, as well as exit. If necessary, give a hand. So you show your respect for older people.


At work, where there is an elevator, all are the same employees who are in a hurry about their business. Therefore, in such a situation, the one who stands at the door should be the first to enter the elevator; coming out does the same.

If the company is large, and there are two elevators in the office, then according to the rules of etiquette, people should stand in one line and go into the elevator that arrived first.

Elevator button

The person standing in the elevator always thinks whether to press the button and move on. There is no single answer to this question. But there are a few recommendations that will help solve this dilemma:

  1. If you are in the elevator alone, you must definitely wait a bit, suddenly someone will come up. So you will not make others wait and save an expensive mechanism.
  2. If the elevator is full, you can always press the start button. Sometimes even one person can overload him, which can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Rules of conduct in the elevator

Often, being in the elevator, there is discomfort from not knowing how to behave with strangers. To prevent this unpleasant sensation, you also need to adhere to simple etiquette rules.

If two people are in the elevator at the same time, they must always face each other.

At the same time, they should be at the opposite side walls. When the number of riders has grown to three or four people, people should still stay close to the corners, without disturbing the space nearby.

If five or more people are traveling in the same elevator, then you must definitely face the elevator door at about the same distance. Hands should be along the body. In this position, it’s easier to keep the balance, and it’s more difficult to hurt the neighbors.

Another unwritten rule is talking on the phone. When entering the elevator, it is advisable to stop them. It is not necessary to hastily break off the conversation, just tell the other person that you will call back in a few minutes. The same goes for ordinary conversation. Do not discuss personal topics or talk about business with outsiders. It is better to continue the conversation, having arrived at the desired floor.

The elevator is often crowded with strangers. This is also confusing. According to the rules of etiquette, you do not need to greet loudly. Just greet the satellites with a nod or a smile.

No need to stare at the people in the elevator - this is considered incorrect and causes discomfort.

Safety tips

Lifting elevators are a wonderful type of transport used by millions of people every day. It is characterized by increased security, while people are still afraid of elevators. Looking at the mortality statistics in elevators, we can say that it does not exceed twenty people a year, while on average about thirty thousand people die in road accidents. Compared to such data, this is not much.

But even so, you need to follow the safety rules, and then you can calmly cross the threshold of the cabin:

  1. It is necessary to teach the child to use the elevator correctly. From early childhood he should know that this is not a place for games, but transport for movement. Do not let the baby first into the booth so that he does not stumble or accidentally press the start button.
  2. If the elevator stops, do not try to get out of it yourself, you should contact the operator and wait for the repairmen. In such a critical situation, they will primarily save women and children, and only then - men.
  3. Never overload vehicles. Even if a person is in a hurry when he sees a large queue at the entrance to the booth, he must skip ahead those who are closer to the elevator and not make his way "over the heads."

If at least 70% of the population follows this rule, then vehicles can last a long time, and the number of accidents will be reduced.

From all this a simple conclusion can be drawn. Being in or near the elevator, you need to know and observe etiquette well, skipping ahead those who must go first according to the rules. This will not only show how educated a person is, but will also help in emergency situations.

See how to behave properly in the elevator in the next video.


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