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Mushroom picker: selection rules and features of use

Any interference with the natural ecosystem leaves a painful mark. Nowadays, in the face of a difficult environmental situation, every little thing is important, so all kinds of hiking in the forest should not bring the slightest harm to the environment. This fully applies to fans of the "silent hunt" - mushroom pickers. You should never forget that the mycelium, responsible for the further growth of mushrooms, is a living organism, not a factory.

The purpose of the knife

Gathering mushrooms, you need to carefully cut only edible and do not touch all the rest (inedible, overgrown, worms) in order to preserve the mycelium as much as possible. There are mushrooms that are densely growing in families (breasts, honey mushrooms, butterfish). The expression "mushrooms - oblique braid" is just about such mushrooms.

The knife, of course, is not a scythe, but collecting such mushrooms without it is problematic.

In the forest, a knife will be needed not only to cut mushrooms. They can cut woody cattle from a branch and turn the foliage without bending each time, looking for mushrooms. With a knife, it is easy to organize a bonfire to warm up or cook food, open canned food, cut bread, if you plan a long trip. An extreme situation can happen - even an experienced person who has gone on mushroom hunting more than once can wander into an unfamiliar forest and get lost. In such situations, the knife is simply indispensable.

It is not for nothing that the expression goes among hunters: "It is better to lose a gun in a forest than a knife."

How to choose?

Mushroom pickers say: which knife to choose - answer yourself this question yourself. There are no universal recommendations. Someone will prefer a compact folding tool, someone will like a more brutal product with a fixed blade. These mushroom pickers responsibly approach the choice of a knife and know what to pay attention to first of all:

  • workmanship - stainless steel, this will provide minimal care for the product;
  • comfortable grip from moisture resistant material (dense rubber, wood, special types of polymers);
  • narrow blade (in the area of ​​the butt optimally 2 cm);
  • good blade sharpening, in functionality, the key word is to cut (do not saw);
  • blade length 7-10 cm (preferred);
  • when choosing a model with a brush in the handle the pile should be tough.

In addition, you should think about security. You must understand that a sharp knife is not a toy, but a dangerous cold weapon. It is better to opt for a knife with a slightly rounded tip of the blade - this will reduce the risk of accidental injury. When choosing a knife with a fixed blade, do not neglect the scabbard.

In some models, the sheath is equipped with a special mechanism that provides a tight fixation of the knife for additional protection of the mushroom picker if a person trips and falls.

The color of the handle is also important. It is better to choose a bright option, as mushroom pickers often lose knives. The probability of finding a brightly colored object in thick grass is much higher. Not in last place and the cost of products. Loss of knives is a "professional disease" of mushroom pickers, which makes you look at the price not least when choosing.

Among mushroom pickers, the prevailing opinion is that folding knives are less convenient when you need to carry a mushroom basket in one hand and to lay out and fold a mushroom knife with the other. It is much easier to use a fixed blade product. It is easy to retrieve and sheath again.

Most often, the scabbard hangs on the neck on a special strap or is fastened with a carabiner on the waist belt.

Types and characteristics

Nowadays, in retail chains you can find mushroom knives of the most diverse assortment for every taste and budget. There is no universal design. Developers seek to take into account various subtleties. There are models with a fixed or folding blade, with a straight or curved blade, with a different shape of the handle.

In the manufacturers' lines there are models with a special brush mounted in the heel of the handle or on the side, which will allow you to quickly shake off small debris from the mushroom cap. Not every Russian mushroom picker, having cut off the mushroom, will start to sweep away sticky specks from it, but there will be people who want to bring home a basket of mushrooms in a more presentable form.

In the most modern developments, a compass is built into the handle of the knife - the most important attribute when hiking in the forest.

Among foreign manufacturers it is worth noting the French company Opinel and the Swedish company Mora. Their models of mushroom knives are compact, lightweight and have a convenient shape. Both Opinel and Mora use Sandvik laminated steel to make blades. A significant minus is the high price of the products of these companies. Not all lovers of "silent hunting" can afford to buy an instrument for 20-30 euros.

Products of Russian manufacturers are characterized by reliability and durability. Knife "Russian Damask steel" can confidently be called a business card. It differs from European models in the simplicity and brutality of the finish, may have a characteristic pattern on the blade. The blade is made of Damascus steel or 9XC steel, has high strength and resistance to external influences.

Parameters of Russian Bulat: total length 23 cm, blade length 11.3 cm, blade thickness 0.24 - 0.34 cm. The wooden handle is made of birch bark, it is famous for its ergonomic shape, due to which it "flows" into the palm of your hand. Such a knife can be used in many chores, and not just go pick mushrooms with it. Often to the question "why did you choose this knife?" buyers respond "for everything."

Another version of the knife of the company "Russian Damask steel" - a knife "small mushroom picker." This is a miniature model, the total length of only 20.5 cm, the length of the blade is 9.2 cm. It has a high-quality blade of increased strength (hardness index 60-64 units).

This allows it to be used not only for cutting mushrooms, but also in delicate woodwork.

Silent hunting brings peace-loving messages. To the silence of the silent forest, in which sometimes melodic sounds of bird voices are heard, it is easy to relax and indulge in relaxation, and even bring home the forest gifts of nature to prepare a delicious dinner. You only need to know very well the types of edible mushrooms and remember that even one poisonous mushroom can cause a very sad result. The constant rule is not to put the mushroom in the basket at the slightest doubt.

True connoisseurs of such a wonderful hobby as mushroom hunting know that tearing out a mushroom from a mycelium is comparable to damage to arteries in humans. All who love and protect their native nature will never begin to destroy it with "barbaric raids."

This will not happen if the mushroom picker has a special knife in its arsenal.

About which knife to choose for picking mushrooms, see the next video.

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