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Carp tent: features, selection and application

Fishing is a popular hobby of many men. If you are fond of this type of leisure, you probably know that such an activity may require not only your close attention, but also quite a lot of time. For example, the average duration of carp fishing can be 48 or even 72 hours. To ensure a comfortable wait for the moment when the fish starts to peck, experienced fishermen resort to a variety of tricks, in particular - they acquire special devices and equipment. So, an integral design in the process of carp fishing is a tent.

What it is?

Carp tent is a small in size, but reliable and stable tent, which is designed for a long stay. Inside it you can be not only in the process of carp fishing, but also spend the night. In such a design, 1 or 2 people can stay at the same time.

It is important to note that the design of this tent is quite solid and is able to withstand adverse atmospheric phenomena that can catch you in the process of fishing: for example, strong winds or heavy rain.

The described reliability is ensured by the presence of a rigid frame. In addition to it, the tent includes such elements: strong flooring, ventilation, doors (they can be of various types), mosquito nets. The distinctive features of such tents include aesthetically pleasing appearance, reinforced seams and material that has high waterproof performance.


There are a huge number of characteristics based on which carp tents are classified. In terms of size and capacity of the tent can be:

  • single;
  • double rooms.

Based on their stability and waterproofness, they distinguish:

  • tents of increased stability;
  • two-layer designs;
  • usually water resistant;
  • with the function of protection against various animals.

Type of construction:

  • frame (construction with curved arcs that are fastened by transverse arches);
  • umbrella (arcs extend from the center on the sides).

Floor construction:

  • cast;
  • detachable.

In addition, they share summer and winter structures, tents with and without a visor, with and without ventilation windows, with and without additional detachable panels. The height can also be different (high tents have indicators of 180 cm).

Popular models

Today on the market you can find a huge number of carp tents of Russian and foreign production of various models and varieties. However, not all of them are quality designs. In addition, often the ratio of price and quality is unjustified. Today in our material we present to your attention the top 5 models that deserve the love and recognition of experienced fishermen.

Fox retreat xl

This tent is quite large in size, as it is designed for 2 people. Users report that if you wish, you can even put a cot in it for a comfortable overnight stay. The frame of this tent is made of duralumin, which ensures the strength, reliability and stability of the structure. In addition to the basic design, the kit includes a visor, additional panels that can be unfastened or fastened as desired, windows for ventilation, a portable bag and fixing belts.

It is believed that this awning belongs to the class of "luxury".

Chub vizor

This tent was loved by many fishermen for a well-organized ventilation system, thanks to which the tent can be ventilated. But despite this, a sufficient level of heat is stored inside the structure, and you will not freeze in it even in adverse weather. The undoubted advantages of Chub Vizor include the fact that the tent is quite easy and quick to set up and assemble. In addition, she has a pretty attractive appearance.

Greys torsion

This model has a non-standard type of frame, which can be attributed to the umbrella category. Thanks to this design, it is quite stable - the tent can even be installed on uneven soil or ground surfaces.

The fact that in the Greys Torsion model you can adjust the dimensions (both height and width), as well as the angle of inclination, also attracts buyers.

Anaconda rockhopper

This tent is a shelter type. Contrary to the standards of this type, its design goes beyond the scope and is about 170 centimeters in height. Ease of use of the tent provides new and modern system called "Quick Lock". This design includes all the necessary elements, including telescopic racks, pegs for fasteners, a portable bag and built-in nets against mosquitoes. The total weight of the tent is 11.5 kilograms.

Pelzer home

This model of carp tent is a novelty, because it was released and produced recently. The main advantages of the design include its large size and spaciousness. Besides, You can buy Pelzer Home on the market at a very affordable price. The internal structure of the tent is characterized by increased comfort: there is even a so-called vestibule in which you can put things.

In addition, the tent has several entrances and exits, windows with mosquito nets.

How to choose?

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of carp tent, it is necessary to pay special attention to some characteristics of its design. For example, with regard to water resistance, its minimum performance should be no less than 3000 millimeters of water. However, it is worth considering that the indicated value will allow you to sit out in the tent only a little rain. If you want to protect yourself from more intense rainfall, then you should pay attention to designs whose water resistance is not less than 5000.

Often in the markets there are tents that have a water resistance of 1500. However, such structures are designed for dry climates, even with little rain they will leak. In addition to the water resistance of the tent cover, it is important to pay attention to the level of water resistance of its floor. It is best if this figure is 10,000 millimeters of water. Another characteristic that you should pay attention to when choosing is the material from which the arches of the tent frame are made.

Traditionally, manufacturers use 2 options: plastic or duralumin tubes. The first option is quite heavy in weight and breaks easily during installation. In order to correctly and safely install such a tent, you will have to look for a perfectly flat surface, which in natural conditions is not always possible. That’s why you should give preference to those tents, the frame of which is made of duralumin tubes (they can be thick and thin).

There is another sign on the basis of which the classification of tents is carried out, according to which one should make his choice - this is the number of layers. So, in this respect, single-layer and two-layer awnings are divided. The second option will turn out to be a more profitable acquisition, since the first variety will not protect you from temperature extremes and night cold. In addition, condensation forms inside it, which violates the comfort of staying in the tent.

Also, when acquiring such a design, you need to focus on how many people will stay in it at a time. Based on this, it is worth making a choice regarding sizes. The height of the tent exit is also important. It should help to leave the tent as quickly as possible. If possible, select tents that have a transparent exit.

Subtleties of use

It is believed that the process of setting up a tent should not take more than 10 minutes. Typically, detailed installation and use instructions are included with the device when it is purchased. These rules should not be neglected, on the contrary - It is important to be guided by the recommendations of specialists.

If we talk about generalized installation rules, it is important to say that this process is no different from the construction of any other tents. However, it is important to pay particular attention to some points. For example, experienced fishermen note that the rear strut should be set with the latch down. In order to install an awning, it is necessary to find the most even surface of the earth.

Obviously, in natural conditions, you are unlikely to find the ideal option, but to set up a tent, for example, on soil with a large number of stones is not recommended.

Do not violate the principle of spaciousness, otherwise the tent may break and become unusable. So, if it is indicated that the design is designed for one person to stay in it, then you should not settle the whole family inside. In order for the awning to perform its functions, follow the rules for its installation and assembly. Attach all optional components included in the kit.

See how the carp tent looks in the next video.

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