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Four-seater tents: description, varieties and popular models

The tent is one of the necessary accessories for every tourist and lover to relax in the lap of nature. It is indispensable for hiking, traveling by car, fishing and on vacation at the weekend.


The tent is a collapsible structure, covered with fabric material and which is a temporary home. The tent provides a safe rest and sleep in nature, protects from adverse weather and rain, shelters from the sultry sun.

Tents differ in their dimensions, weight, shape, number of entrances and the presence or absence of a vestibule. Capacity is also an important parameter: there are single, double, triple, and also tents for 4 people. Any tents, including 4-person ones, have their own characteristics, which are manifested in different characteristics.

  • Water resistant - this property protects the interior of the tent from moisture and rain. This indicator directly depends on the fabric used and can range from 1000 to 10,000 mm of water, and even higher.
  • Type of fabric which is used to make the coating. Most often these are synthetic fabrics made from two types of fibers: polyamide and polyester. Polyamide fabrics are nylon and kapron, they are distinguished by strength, low weight, wear resistance and low hygroscopicity. However, their disadvantage is that when wet, they tend to stretch and sag, and under the influence of sunlight they lose their wear resistance. Polyester fabrics are polyester, lavsan. They have greater strength and resistance to sunlight, but their cost is much higher.
  • The quality of the seams on the tent. Poor quality seams are a weak point because they can leak water. Seams are glued and boiled. Sizing of joints is carried out with a special plastic tape. It does not have high reliability and it is used on fabrics of lower quality. Welding is a better and more reliable method that ensures long-term operation.
  • Frame material. The frame can be made of aluminum and fiberglass. The aluminum frame withstands fairly low temperatures, which allows you to use the tent in the winter. The fiberglass frame (fiberglass) can only be used from spring to autumn inclusive.
  • Tent shape It can also be different: a hemisphere and a half barrel, a tent and a gable.
  • Tent weight. Tent capacity is one of the factors affecting its weight. The optimal weight is calculated according to this principle: 1-1.5 kg should fall on one berth. So, a double one will weigh within 3 kg, and a tent for four - already about 5 kg.
  • The type of construction provides for single-ball and double-ball tents or single and double-layer tents. In single-layer tents, the frame is covered with a waterproof synthetic fabric. These tents are light and compact. But they have a significant drawback - condensation forms inside the tent. In double-layer tents, the first layer is a berth. It is installed separately from the outer layer and has a mesh coating that promotes good air ventilation. An external awning is placed on top of this tent, which protects against moisture and bad weather.

Due to the passage of air between the sleeping and the outdoor awning, the thermos principle applies in such models: it will be fresh in hot weather and warm in cold weather. In addition, condensate formed on the inner surface of the outer awning does not penetrate the sleeping canvas.


Today there is a huge assortment of camping tents of various kinds. Four-seater tents occupy a special place among them. They provide an opportunity to spend a comfortable holiday with the whole family or with a small group of friends. Tents are divided into types according to several indicators.

Tent purpose

Depending on the purpose of use, tents are of the following types.

  • Tourist (trekking) or flat. This species is the most popular. They are intended for use during simple and short hikes and excursions along hiking trails, for rafting on rivers. These are simple tents that are easy to set up in the woods and lowlands.

However, their disadvantage is the low resistance to strong winds.

  • Expeditionary. This type of tent is similar to a flat one, but has higher moisture resistance and wind resistance. Such tents can be installed on the plain, and used in simple ascents to low mountains.
  • Assault (alpine). These tents withstand any weather and adverse climatic conditions. They are used by climbers, geologists, archaeologists.
  • Camping. Such tents are suitable for those who prefer traveling by car or for long (for several days) living in the lap of nature. Often they are used for recreation with the whole family, since they have a rather large capacity.

These are tall and large-sized tents, with a vestibule and providing a comfortable stay. But they are heavy and not warm enough.

  • Special. This type includes specialized tents designed for any specific conditions or purposes: for children and hiking in the winter, for fishing, and military tents can also be included in this group.

The form

Tents differ in shape.

  • Half-barrel. The half-barrel mainly happens with a vestibule. This extra space can be used to store equipment, clothes, shoes or for cooking. But the half-barrel has a drawback that manifests itself during its installation. Parallel arches of the frame require stretching and securing the end faces of the tent.

On sandy soil or a pebble beach, this is very difficult to implement. In addition, this species has a low degree of wind resistance, especially if the wind has a direction transverse to the structure.

  • Hemisphere. At the hemisphere, the frame is free, and it is not necessary to fasten it with stakes during installation. With such work can handle 1 person. In addition, they have a higher resistance to wind.
  • Gable tent in the form of a house. Such a tent is traditional, has long existed, and for a long time it was tarpaulin. These are currently compact, lightweight and inexpensive tents. But there are also disadvantages: there is no sufficient wind resistance, the installation has some difficulties, and there are also restrictions on their installation.
  • The tent. Such species are mainly used in expeditions. They do not have a frame and have a large capacity. A fixing stand in the center is the main element of the support; an awning covering descends from it to the ground.

Seasonal use

Depending on the season in which you plan to use the tent, you should choose a certain type of structure.

  • Summer can be used only in the warm period. They have the simplest design, light weight. They provide good ventilation, but are unable to fully protect against thunderstorms and strong winds.
  • Three season Designed for use during spring, summer and autumn. They are more durable and guarantee protection against cold, thunderstorms and other adverse weather events.
  • Universal. These tents can be used all year. They have high moisture resistance, wind resistance and great strength, they protect well from the cold.


There are tent frame and without frame. Modern frame models have a self-supporting frame, that is, these are tents that are free. In calm weather, they do not need stretching. The use of such models is quite widespread: they can be installed on decks in campsites, on concrete and asphalt surfaces, on sand.

Frameless models are set by stretching using trekking or other sticks. Their advantage is low weight and dimensions, and the disadvantages include some inconvenience in installation, poor wind resistance, lack of comfort.

Currently, it has become very popular self-folding automatic tent. It has a constructive solution that allows you to assemble and put up a tent in a very short time - 1-2 minutes.

This design allows the simultaneous installation of two layers at once (inner sleeping and outer awning) when opening an automatic "umbrella".

The lineup

The assortment of tents, like all other camping equipment, is characterized by a great variety. Tents are represented by a wide range and are distinguished by quality, purpose, capacity, weight and other indicators. The rating allowed to determine the best models of four-seater tents.

Outventure Camper 4 Basic

This model is a high comfortable tent with windows that can accommodate four people. A large vestibule provides for the placement of equipment and other baggage, thereby freeing up sleeping space. In its purpose, this model is camping view, and it can be used during spring, summer and autumn. The tent has the shape of a half barrel, inside two layers. The inner sleeping layer provides good ventilation and protects against condensation.

The outdoor awning is made of polyester, has strong glued seams and water resistance of 2000 mm water column, which is good protection against rain. The frame is made of fiberglass and can withstand gusts of strong wind. The weight is 8.7 kg, the dimensions of the outer tent: length - 4.6 m, width - 2.6 m, height - 1.8 m. Internal: 2.1x2.4x1.8 m, respectively.

For convenience, there are pockets and a loop for attaching a flashlight. The set also includes fixing storm guy wires (8 pcs.), A mosquito net.

Nordway Bergen 4

This model has the shape of a hemisphere, two layers and an inner fiberglass frame. The tent has two vestibules, two entrances, one bedroom, on the inner and outer layer there are windows for air ventilation.

The outdoor awning made of polyester has a water resistance of 1200 mm water column and reliable glued seams. The bottom is made of polyethylene, its water resistance is 10,000 mm. The dimensions of the internal space are: length - 2.1, width - 2.4, height - 1.85 m. External dimensions: 3.9 x 2.5 x 1.9 m. The kit includes reinforcing pads for tent corners.

The model is convenient and practical due to the presence of two vestibules with a length of 0.9 m each. But its disadvantage is low moisture resistance and insufficient wind resistance.

Tents from Easy Camp

Easy Camp is a well-known Danish manufacturer of travel, sports and leisure equipment. Among other goods, tents wandered wide popularity. The assortment is characterized by high quality combined with a very affordable price.

The lineup of tents is widely represented. They differ the convenience of a bed, the simplicity and ease of installation, reliability, guaranteeing protection against rain and cold, the strength of the material of manufacture and high functionality. For manufacturing, only modern and high-quality material is used - polyester impregnated with refractory polyurethane.

The range includes tents for various purposes: for relaxing with the whole family, for example, a model Easy Camp Boston 600camping tents - this is a triple Easy Camp Boston 300, and also for camping - the Easy Camp Boston 400 model.

Indiana Tunnel 4

Camping tent for 4 people. The model consists of two layers, has ventilation windows (4 pcs.), Two entrances, a vestibule and a canopy. The outer cover of the awning is made of polyester impregnated with refractory material and has strong welded seams. The water resistance of the bottom is 10,000 mm, and the awning is 3,000 mm water column.

Arc made of fiberglass. Dimensions of the external tent: length -3.35 m, width - 2.4 m, height - 1.45 m. Interior space: 2.15x2.4x1.45 m, respectively. The weight of the model is 6.2 kg. Of the shortcomings, poor ventilation is noted.

Greenell Trim 4 quick

An excellent option for a tourist 4-seater tent with a vestibule. This is a roomy model with a large vestibule where you can put luggage, provisions and other things. In the walls of the vestibule there are pockets for various small items. There are windows for ventilation both in the vestibule and in the sleeping compartment. This model is automatically folding. The automatic machine of high strength is made of anti-corrosion materials. It allows you to quickly install and assemble the model.

How to choose?

The comfort and safety of being outdoors depends on the correct choice of a tent. Therefore, you need to choose it responsibly and carefully. First of all, it is necessary to clearly determine for what purposes it is needed: for camping and recreation with the whole family, camping or climbing mountains.

It is also important to determine the seasonality of its use - only in the warm period or throughout the year. In addition, other factors must be taken into account.

  • Capacity and dimensions. The standard is the width of the berth within 0.6 m. So, for a comfortable stay, the width of a 4-person tent should not be less than 2.4 m. It is desirable that its height allows you to stand at full height. When choosing a camping family tent, you need to remember that a very large model requires a spacious and even soil surface. In addition, it has insufficient stability, and even a medium-sized wind is capable of knocking it down. In this regard, the best option would be a 4-person camping tent.
  • Weight. Since you have to carry a tourist tent on your own on hikes, this figure is of no small importance. Weight depends on the configuration, the size of the tent. The decrease in bottom area and height has little effect on comfort, but can significantly reduce the weight of the structure. Some models are designed with a slight narrowing to the front entrance side, which also allows you to lighten the weight, and at the same time does not lead to a loss in the size of the sleeping space.
  • Frame material. The frame made of fiberglass is a cheaper material, but of low quality, especially for opaque black fiberglass. Aluminum weighs less, its strength is higher, but it costs more.
  • Water resistance. All modern tents are waterproof to one degree or another. But it should be remembered that the water resistance of the outdoor tent should not be lower than 4000 mm, and at the bottom - 6000 mm of water. Lower water resistance does not guarantee protection against thunderstorms and prolonged rain.
  • Design features. Do not choose a model with a complex design. More reliable are models with a simple design solution. These tents are quickly and easily assembled and set up. The best option would be a model with a frame consisting of 2 cross arcs, and if there is a vestibule and a canopy, then with 3 arcs. It is better to purchase a tent with 2 layers. Living in it is more convenient, since condensate accumulates only on the outer tent and does not penetrate into the sleeping department.
  • Stitches must be glued or welded in a good quality, it is good if the corners of the model are reinforced. This protects against possible damage to the coating material and guarantees a longer service life.
  • Refractory coating provides safety in fire hazard situations. But when making small fires and away from the tent, such impregnation is not so important.
  • It is desirable that in the tourist 4-seater tent there were 2 entrances: this will ensure sufficient fresh air, which is especially important during the hot summer season. In addition, it allows you to freely enter and exit without disturbing your neighbors. One entrance is convenient when it is in the front side: in this case, any tourist can safely exit without disturbing others.

It is also important to pay attention to such small but important nuances.

  • mosquito net should be located quite high from the threshold, otherwise a strong wind will blow directly into the interior. This is true if the canopy is combined: from fabric and mesh.
  • The location of the sides the bottom should also be high. This is especially important if the bottom edge of the tent does not reach the soil.

Additional loops provide the best stretch of the tent and allow you to maintain the shape of the tent in strong winds, and also do not allow the canvas to flutter.

An overview of the four-seater tent machine Greenell "Trim 4 quick" see in the next video.

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