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Choosing a picnic mat

Going out of town with a fun company, you definitely need to bring along a convenient picnic mat. To date, such an accessory can be easily purchased separately or in a kit. What requirements should such a mat meet? How to choose a picnic accessory? All answers and recommendations are already in our material.

Features and selection rules

Going on a picnic, you should take care not only of food, but also of your comfort and safety.

Previously, everyone took a blanket or home blanket with them, but today most lovers of rural recreation prefer special picnic mats.

Taking with them the usual old bedspread from home, many run the risk of catching a cold, since the ground can be cold or even damp. therefore it is best to give preference to a quality and practical product that is ideal for such country trips.

A quality picnic accessory must be waterproof. As a rule, such rugs are two-sided: one side is fabric, made of soft and practical material, and the second is just one that does not allow water to pass through.

In addition, the mat should be comfortable and not too thin. Try to choose a product that has an additional layer, namely filler. This option will allow you not to feel discomfort during a picnic. Also, such a filler plays the role of an additional insulation.

Very important, so that a practical accessory is unpretentious in maintenance. The product must be made of a fabric that is not afraid of serious contamination and is easy to wash.

These rugs are made from a variety of materials.

As a rule, the upper side of such products is made of straw, fleece, oilcloth or even polypropylene. As for the bottom of the product, which will be in contact with the ground, it can be made of polyester, foil or artificial leather.


There are several types of rugs: folding and rugs that turn into a bag.


The most practical and convenient are folding.

A similar option from the company Baymax like many modern consumers. This is a waterproof mat that is practical and versatile. This accessory can serve as a rug or a tablecloth. The upper part of the two-layer product is made of a practical material that is easy to wash. And the second side of the nylon lining will not allow the fabric to get wet.

Company Wildman produces various folding rugs for a comfortable picnic. The double-sided accessory is made of cotton and polymer. The product is very light and compact, making it always convenient to take with you. The surface of the mat is soft and perfectly protects against various bumps.

Brand Accessories Mat also in great demand among modern consumers. The folding mat has a waterproof base, can be easily folded and fixed with a reliable Velcro.

With such a rug it will be comfortable to relax both on the beach and in a forest glade. In addition, this product comes with a special storage case, which is very convenient.

Plaid bag

A blanket bag has several features, thanks to which many picnic lovers choose this particular option - this accessory is very convenient to take with you, it is easy to fold and unfold. In addition, it is equipped with a special handle that makes it easy to carry such a mat.

A lot of positive reviews get the product from the brand. Spokey. This is a three-layer rug that can be easily folded and fixed thanks to high-quality Velcro. In addition, the plaid bag is equipped with an adjustable handle, which allows you to carry the accessory even on the shoulder.

The upper part of the beach accessory is made of fleece, and the bottom is made of aluminum foil, which ensures a comfortable stay. The product has a foam filler, so it will be soft, warm and comfortable to sit on such a rug.

Company Gsung also produces a practical product that folds into a convenient handbag. This option is perfect for a picnic and even for relaxing on the beach. The product is made of Oxford fabric and has a waterproof layer, so that it can comfortably accommodate a large company. The mat is equipped with convenient carrying handles.

Convenient folding mat with practical handle from Time eco also great for a picnic trip.

The product is double-sided and made of fleece fabric and polyester. The accessory is easy to maintain, has a water-repellent layer, does not take up much space, is simple and convenient to use.

See picnic mat overview below.

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