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How to choose the best PVC boat?

Riding a PVC boat is very easy and enjoyable. It allows you to perform almost any work on ponds. To achieve this result, you must first pick up a good boat.

Criterias of choice

Permissible carrying capacity

First of all, in order to choose the right boat, it is necessary to take into account its cargo capacity. A small payload class means that it can contain (together with passengers) from 100 to 200 kg of payload. Other categories are as follows:

  • the average level is 200-300 kg;
  • high carrying capacity - more than 300 kg, but less than 600 kg;
  • particularly large carrying capacity (such boats can move 600 kg or more).

The weakest type is naturally made of lightweight materials. It is characterized by relatively low strength. Since such PVC boats can weigh 14-20 kg, they are recommended for long hikes, only occasionally interrupted by overcoming sections of rivers, lakes, and seas. But fishermen, even those who do not pretend to have colossal catches, are better suited for the middle category of boats. She has the most balanced ratio of mass and practical properties.

For people of small (and with calm - and normal) build, an intermediate boat is also ideal. In this case, it can easily transport 2-3 people. A large category (300-600 kg) can be used in both oar and motor versions. In length, such boats reach 3-4 m. Motor versions are equipped with an inflatable keel, due to which the driving performance is improved. But boats of special capacity are designed primarily for commercial use. Some of them are longer than 6 m. Transportation is possible only by car. Mandatory moment - equipping motors from 5 liters. with. and higher. The assembled structure weighs at least 50 kg.

Number of pressurized bays

For greater safety, motor boats are divided into several segments. The largest models have 6 compartments. In this case, even damage to stones or as a result of firing 3 cylinders does not lead to loss of buoyancy. The number of compartments is advised to select according to the number of passengers who will ride the boat. All manufacturers now focus on maximum consumer safety.

Boats for 2 or 3 people are predominantly equipped with 3 compartments. But this option is more likely to suit fishermen or hunters. For rafting on inaccessible sections of mountain rivers, you need to choose boats with a large number of compartments. The typical design of modern models also includes external and internal cameras.

Such a design guarantees the maximum protection that can only be provided in practice.

Cylinder diameter

This indicator directly affects the practical passenger capacity. In most motor models, it is 0.4-0.45 m. If the transport is designed for increased carrying capacity, cylinders with a width of 0.5 m or more are used. Please note that the dimensions of the cylinders do not affect the overall structural strength, driving performance and reliability level.

Bottom type

Choosing a boat according to its parameters, this moment cannot be ignored. The lightest watercraft can be sold. without any flooring. Rather, it can be bought, but already in an extended configuration. Instead of the floor, a layer of polyvinyl chloride is used, glued to the sides. You can use these models, but you cannot get up to their full height.

Still have to beware of sharp things, otherwise the bottom may be damaged at the most inopportune moment. But if you compare the characteristics, it becomes, obviously, that small boats without a floor are very light. They are recommended for use by fishermen who are going to often visit remote shallow lakes. There is another option - with stretch decks. You can’t stand in such boats too, but mechanical damage will be less dangerous.

The stretched deck is mainly needed to store luggage and equipment. Passengers and helmsmen are accommodated on cylinders. Inflatable floors have been used in PVC boats for a very long time (and even earlier they were used in old rubber structures). But modern versions of pneumatic bottoms are not inferior to hard flooring. The only requirement is to handle such structures as carefully as possible.

A comparison of boats with rigid and inflatable floors shows that the second type is more compact. But the mass is not reduced significantly. Hardened variety of PVC in density is almost inferior to plywood. The boat is packed in one bag, if the boat is large, walking with this bag will be quite difficult. And one more caveat - inflatable floors are hard to wash.

Pretty popular right now are rack floors. They are widely used in the smallest category of vessels. The rack structure is an assembly of sheets of special plywood, covered with a layer of PVC from the bottom. It is not difficult to fold and unfold such a flooring. Some people do not remove the bottom at all, and after pumping the air out of the tanks, they lay the boat in one package. All this takes from 10 to 15 minutes.

The largest (longer than 3 m) inflatable boats mainly use hard decks. They cover the bottom 100%, which cannot be achieved with a rack structure. Therefore, the protection is almost perfect.

Rigid floorboards are absolutely essential on inflatable keel boats. In expensive models, floorboards themselves are made of aluminum, in budget models - from a special grade of non-slip plywood.


With all the importance of the floor, one cannot ignore the places for landing. The basic equipment may include hard seats, but even if they are not, to make such a design yourself is very easy. Soft landing structures are often bought ready-made and removed when the boat is not in use. Hard versions can be made from the following materials:

  • Baked plywood, broken into several layers;
  • plastic;
  • textolite.

Seats with special inserts in cylinders are very popular. They are fixed very securely. In another embodiment, monolithic plastic guides are used. They are attached to both cylinders. This solution allows you to move the seat from the stern to the middle.

As for fixing the seats with lacing, it is very reliable, but the installation will take more time.

Dimensions and Weight

For large water areas and boats should be large. A mandatory requirement in this case is the ability to enter the planing mode. Such designs are difficult to assemble, and a powerful motor is necessarily included in the package. The larger and heavier the craft, the more stable it is with a high wave. It can safely ride 2 or more passengers with a heavy load.

But a very serious boat causes serious problems when transporting by land. Even just lowering it into the water is not so easy. And to blow up a large building is not easy. A small boat (weighing about 200 kg with the motor) is used mainly in small ponds and for a single exit. Important: small dimensions do not mean that the material should not be strong enough.

Color spectrum

A number of sources write that fishing boats must necessarily have white or any other light color. However, in fact, much more depends on the skill of specific catchers. Curious fact: polls in specialized forums show that over 30% of people prefer a gray tone. Camouflage coloring accounts for 13% of all watercraft. Up to 28% of PVC boats are painted in 2 or more colors.

Top foreign brands

The list of premium PVC boats includes brand products Intex. The headquarters of the company is located in the United States, but production facilities are located in Chinese territory. The company has been operating since 1964. Its products are popular in various countries, including Russia.

The reviews also mention boats of a Canadian company Yukonaboats. You can meet these models not only in Europe and North America, but also in Southeast Asia. Yukonaboats entered the Russian market in 2008. Under this brand, both single river and serious marine boats are produced. Customers have a wide selection of options. 100% assortment certified. Considered very reliable Finnish boats of the Intex brand. This manufacturer can offer single and double models.

They are optimal for hunters, fishers and lovers to spend time in quiet small ponds.

But among the foreign-made boats, Japanese models stand out. Shows very good results Honda With aluminum bottom will be modification T30 AE2. This version has a default cylinder diameter of 0.43 m. Under the Honda brand, magnificent four-stroke outboard motors are developed. The watercraft of this brand use aluminum or inflatable bottoms.

In the first case, the carrying capacity varies from 0.61 to 1.05 tons, and in the second it is exactly 735 kg. The heaviest models are reliable and very stable in almost any weather. Lighter - easier to operate and very manoeuvrable. They are recommended for walking and fishing.

An alternative is boat Yamaran. Series Tender allows you to save money and get superior performance. In this line there are quite roomy versions. Products from the selection Sport will help you do all kinds of things. Clients can access not only fishing and hunting, but also hobbies such as:

  • scuba diving;
  • water skiing;
  • riding on bananas;
  • water trips with the whole family.

Rating of the best manufacturers of Russia

Regardless of the color and other parameters, it is necessary to pay attention to the specific brand of boat. Russian-made products are not inferior in quality to their foreign counterparts. A prime example is lifting boat "Rotan". This brand has entered the market since 2003. The developers refused to use wooden parts, so they managed to reduce the weight of the structure.

Very high quality are brand products "Mnev and K". This company has been operating since 1988. She managed to start production of almost 80 different models. Products "Mnev & K" is popular among fishermen, hunters, amateur tourists and even employees of rescue services. The "Moray" series, which is praised for such characteristics as:

  • good move against the tide;
  • excellent overcoming of waves;
  • excellent material quality;
  • long term of operation;
  • increased capacity.

Demanded products of such a manufacturer as HunterBoat. The company has formed a triple quality control complex. There are corporate service units. All boats of this brand have state certificates of quality. Consumers can choose both rowing and motor options.

Products of the company deserve attention "Boat Master", working in Ufa since 1993. The company promotes 5 diverse brands, among which stand out Aqua and Riviera. Proprietary developments are patented. Designers were able to offer original technical solutions. Products "Boat Masters" repeatedly participated in competitions, which allowed to detect a number of weaknesses and eliminate them.

Important! It is worth taking a closer look at products from Solar, Frigate and Flagship companies.

For information on how to choose a quality PVC inflatable boat for fishing, see the next video.

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