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PVC boat anchor eye: how to choose and stick?

A considerable number of people go fishing in the summer. For the convenience of fishermen, there are all kinds of boats, for example, some are made of PVC. But not all of them have the most convenient configuration, so some components need to be adapted yourself. Among them is the anchor eye.

What it is?

Anchor eye (also known as anchor eyebrow) is a device that fixes a hinge by attaching to an anchor halyard. The presence of such a mechanism saves time for tying and untying knots, but fishing time is very important. Due to the missed moment, you can skip the bite. People who used to fish without this device will appreciate this accessory.


Like many fishing paraphernalia, this device has several types, namely a different type of handle and duck. The anchor eye-duck for a PVC boat is a lock and a platform on which this structure is held. The castle has notches through which you need to draw a rope. For this eye to work, it is necessary to pull the rope against the notch tilt. In order to loosen the rope, you need to pull in the opposite direction.

Such a device allows you to use the anchor with the movement of just one hand.

An anchor eye-grip is an option for convenient transfer of a pressurized boat. It is desirable that the device was removable, and its main part was made of hard plastic. It is the plastic base that will not have much weight. Proper distribution of weight must be taken into account when gluing.

Motor boats can be equipped with a device with different rope thicknesses. It can be 6-8 mm or 8-12 mm. For the whole mechanism to work well, a suitable pair of eyebrows and ropes should be selected. If you install a cable of smaller thickness, then the anchor will be fixed weakly.

Where to install?

Since some models of boats do not have an anchor eye, you will have to choose a place yourself before gluing. If this device is already in the box, then do not think about its location and the quality of bonding, because the manufacturer had to do it correctly. To choose the right place for installation, do not forget about the size of your boat. Also consider where you are sitting. The design should not bother you while fishing.

It also happens that the rope begins to rub rubber. This happens when the cable has a point of contact with the boat. You can avoid this if you buy an anchor roller. It is fixed in the place where the friction occurs. In addition to protection against rubbing, this roller will facilitate the extension of the anchor.

Typically, installation is carried out on the bow of the boat. For large boats, it is possible to equip two anchors with the necessary equipment. The second mount can be mounted on the side.


In order to glue the eye as efficiently as possible, you will need to have the following items:

  1. Eye with PVC backing.
  2. Pump for pumping boats.
  3. Hair dryer for drying glue.
  4. A roller in the form of a cylinder to roll the eye. This is done for better adhesion.
  5. Solvent, preferably acetone.
  6. Several loads.
  7. Rope.
  8. Tool for marks. It can be a marker, pencil or marker.
  9. Adhesive for PVC surfaces, preferably polyurethane.
  10. Masking tape (for those who do not have much experience in gluing).
  11. Rag.

How to glue?

  1. After you have prepared all the necessary equipment, selected a place for the mechanism, you will need to mark the place where the entire structure will be installed. This mark will help you when applying glue.
  2. The whole process should only take place on a well-inflated boat, so that the eye ring fits very tightly to it.
  3. During the marking, you can glue the contour with masking tape. This procedure is carried out due to the fact that some people call in with a brush for marking, while they touch the glue with the skin. Then remove excess glue with a rag.
  4. You can heat the base of the device with a hairdryer. When softening the eye, it will be easier to bend to the base of the boat.
  5. Before applying glue, it is better to degrease the bonded areas with acetone (or any other solvent) and clean the surface on which the entire mechanism will be attached.
  6. For best results, apply the adhesive in two layers. This will increase work efficiency. After applying the first coat, wait 15 minutes for the glue to set. Then apply a second coat and wait about 5-7 minutes. Do everything according to the instructions that are indicated on the glue itself. At the same time, observe the temperature, which should be close to room temperature. If you stick the mechanism to the boat at low temperature, this can affect the bonding quality.
  7. Start to crush a little. Make sure that the glued surfaces do not go beyond the boundaries that you marked on the boat before.
  8. To avoid space between the boat and the eye, take a cylindrical roller.
  9. After the initial gluing, you can take the rope on which the goods will be. They will be needed in order to press the mechanism for some time.
  10. Lock the rope with the load on the eye, then wait about a day. During this time, the surfaces to be bonded must grip strongly. If gluing failed, then use a solvent, clean the surface of the boat from glue, heat the base of the eyebrow with a hairdryer and glue it all over again.

Manufacturers and Products

Among the manufacturers can be noted Chinese companies. They produce goods of good quality, but at the same time with a low price. There is also production in Russia. The company is engaged in this. Admiral. This company is distinguished by high quality products. It is durable and resistant to environmental conditions. Some Italian companies are involved in the production of eyebrows. They sell high value goods, however, there is no doubt in their quality.

Cheap analogues have a straight leg. This means that gluing the mechanism will be more difficult. It will be necessary to press the device to the boat harder. Expensive options have a curved base. It is convenient for gluing, as well as for transportation. The increased contact area with the boat will make gluing stronger.

The price of this item varies greatly. It ranges from 300 to 8000 rubles (2019). This is due to the fact that some mechanisms come fully loaded. It includes fasteners and an anchor roller. Also, the price depends on the diameter of the rope, which fits the eye. The thicker it is, the more expensive the mechanism. Stronger material guarantees efficiency when using anchors.

This device can help while fishing, as it saves you time and effort.

See how to stick the anchor eye in the next video.

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