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Riviera boats: the best models and selection recommendations

Today, PVC boats have become an integral part of many people's lives. Nowadays, inflatable boats help to cover the whole range of entertainment on the water, while such watercraft are relatively inexpensive. There are boats for gatherings with friends, peaceful fishing or hunting, as well as for the most trivial wave breaks. Everyone will be able to find something suitable in the assortment of such products.

Due to the frenzied popularity of such products, many companies working in this field have appeared, but they produce some of the most reliable boats domestic company "Master Boat". We will analyze the features of the popular Riviera model.

About the manufacturer

The Master Boat company, which appeared in 1993, from the first years began to win a name for itself in the domestic market for the production of PVC boats. And it is not surprising that consumers began to give their preference to this particular brand. The company adheres to all European production standards, uses only the highest quality materials, and also independently monitors the customer base and the sale of goods. Master Boat covers most of the inflatable craft market segment. Now, under her leadership, five independent brands have been created: Riviera, Taimen, Aqua, Apache and RushEach brand produces its own unique boats for different purposes.

Such vessels are completely original products that have emerged as a result of the introduction of the latest technologies and new engineering ideas.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before buying any product, you should familiarize yourself with all its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of boats "Riviera":

  • reinforced PVC keel;
  • spray canopies included;
  • functional, compact seats;
  • high tonnage up to 1 ton and capacity up to 7 people;
  • light weight of the craft 60 kg with installed NDND (inflatable bottom of low pressure) technology.


  • insufficiently good handling at high speeds;
  • decreased mobility when moving against the stream;
  • shale coating, increasing the friction of the boat on the water surface;
  • large sizes of some models.

The lineup

Now let's move on to the list of the best PVC inflatable boats. Here are the technical specifications of the most popular models ("Riviera 4000, 2900, 3400SK, Premium 3600С, 3200С"):

  • distance from the nose to the engine - 400 cm; 300 cm; 370 cm; 350 cm; 320 cm
  • the distance between the sides - 186 cm; 150 cm; 185 cm; 178 cm; 165 cm;
  • the number of inflated compartments - 4 pcs.; 3 pcs.; 4 things.; 4 things.; 4 things.;
  • cylinder diameter - 54 cm; 56 cm; 63 cm; 54 cm; 42 cm;
  • tonnage - 900 kg; 450 kg 58 kg; 500 kg; 467 kg;
  • number of seats - 4 people; 2 people; 3 people; 4 people; 3 people;
  • maximum number of people 6 people .; 3 people; 4 people; 5 people; 5 people;
  • engine capacity 30 l. with; 5 l with; 12 l with; 24 l with; 17 l with;
  • bottom type - NDND; NDVD; NDND; NDND; plywood;
  • inflatable keel - no; option; there is; there is; there is;
  • bank fastening - lyktros / lykpaz;
  • the density of the coating material is 2 kg / m2; 1 kg / m2; 1.3 kg / m; 22 kg / m2; 1 kg / m2;
  • plywood thickness - 16 mm; 10 mm; 13 mm; 17 mm; 11 mm;
  • the thickness of the feed cut is 25 mm; 18 mm; 23 mm; 23 mm; 20 mm;
  • the length of the feed cut is 1.2 m; 1m; 1.5 m; 1.7 m; 1m;
  • explosive valves - present;
  • connection of seams - rivets; rivets; glue; glue; glue;
  • stringers - present;
  • boat weight - 70 kg; 37 kg; 44 kg 54 kg; 50 kg;
  • reservation - partial; full; partial; not; complete.

"Riviera 3200 SK Compact"

In this model, updates began already with a carry bag. It has become more comfortable, compact and durable, as it is made of canvas. The slate is made of laminated marine plywood, A-shaped joints were provided for its installation, which firmly fix all the details. The seats are covered with a varnish waterproof solution. The boat itself is pumped with air in about 8 minutes.

This effect is achieved due to the fact that air first enters the rear of the cylinders, and then into the front. The transom is framed at the edges with PVC tapes to prevent moisture from entering the plywood. Small visors were added to the gantry beam to protect the cockpit from splashing.

Riviera 3600 C

Inflatable motorized PVC boat is compact, easy to operate and assemble. Suitable for fans of long fishing trips, as it has a fairly wide space on board to comfortably accommodate, as well as comfortable mobile seats, so you can find the most suitable position for yourself. High tonnage will allow transporting up to 500 kg of weight. Stationary mounts are provided for the motor.

They can put an engine weighing up to 23 kg. The manufacturer also provided user safety measures.. So, in the kit are 2 life jackets and rail mounts on the sides, for which in an emergency you can catch and climb aboard.

This model has a fairly high maneuverability due to the inflatable keel, which helps to stabilize the boat at high speeds.

"Riviera 3400 SK Premium"

The secret of the popularity of this boat is determined by the quality of workmanship and a spacious cockpit. Cylinders consist of 3 inflatable compartments: rear, middle, front. The bottom of the vessel is equipped with an inflatable keel with additional reservation. The keel runs along the entire length of the boat for better handling. Transponders are installed near the aft section, which evenly distribute the weight of the boat on cylinders. The drain button has been moved closer to the stern.

It is possible to install a fuel tank in front of the boat, this is necessary in order to maintain the balance of the vessel with uneven loading.

"Riviera 2900"

The boat goes in two forms: with a flat bottom and with an inflatable keel. Along the perimeter there is a shockproof fender bar with a water strider, to which you can attach additional elements in the form of rail partitions and mounted awnings. The slan is made of light but durable waterproof wood. It has connections according to the book principle and is fastened with PVC tapes in the kit.

In the basic configuration there are lyktros / lykpaz mounts for the seats, 2 handles on the stern, a front anchor mount and a newly introduced skipper handle, which is needed to ensure the safety of the control boat. A universal plywood pad for installing almost any motor is installed on the aft section. PVC mud flaps are sewn onto the back of the cylinders.

The cockpit is designed for a maximum of 3 people, which is quite enough for fishing or for relaxing.

"Riviera 4000"

Oversized boat, representative of the new range of NDVD boats. The shape of the boat has changed: the bottom has become protruding, keel-shaped, the cylinders are now at a greater distance from each other. Such changes increase the comfort of passengers, as well as improve handling, increasing the floating ability of the vessel. So, with an engine of 30 l / s the boat can easily turn at full speed and go on planing.

Moreover, due to the ribbed bottom shape, the speed at maximum load can exceed 40 km / h. The cockpit in the area is about 586 cm, which will easily accommodate 5-6 people on board, saving enough space for cargo, for which special fasteners are provided for stringers to prevent it from moving freely around the cabin. On the bow are integrated seats for landing a frontal awning.

Criterias of choice

Often in stores when choosing a boat we can get confused, not knowing certain criteria, thereby choosing the wrong product, from the use of which we will not get the desired effect.

  • Before going to the store, clearly determine for what purpose you need a boat. This can be fishing, family vacations, hunting, swimming, and many other activities. Not only the design and size of the boat will depend on this criterion, but also the engine power, which will certainly affect the price.
  • In the store, pay special attention to the feed cut (transom). For a better understanding, a transom is a connecting part for mounting an engine on the surface of a boat. The aft section is often made from lightweight materials such as plastic or plywood. Its size plays an important role, because it depends on whether you can install this or that engine. The size of the transom is selected based on the size of the reservoir. For example, for navigation on the lake you will need a small motor, and on this basis a small transom. In large bodies of water, the opposite is true - the larger the engine, the longer the aft section.
  • The interior of the boat should be sufficient for the sphere in which you use it. So, for ordinary lonely fishing, you will have enough capacity for 2-3 people and a distance between sides of about 150-170 cm. And for a family vacation, it is better to choose boats with a passenger capacity of 6 to 9 people and with a distance between sides of 180 cm.
  • When choosing, look at the material of manufacture. It is better to give preference to strong polymer rubber, armored plywood or impact-resistant wood in the form of a bottom. Neoprene, hipalon and reinforced PVC are perfect for cylinders and sides.
  • Do not forget about the most important criterion - safety. Check the PVC boat for special rails on the fabric inside and out. Still on the boats there must be handles on the outside, they are needed there so that in an emergency, falling overboard, you can grab hold of them in time. And in order to further increase the level of safety, in addition to the boat, purchase life-saving belts that are installed on the seats before the first exit to the water.

Operation tips

When using the boat, we may not even notice how we are violating certain rules, thereby trimming the ship’s life with our own hands. Following these tips will minimize wear and extend the life of your boat.

  • Keep your boat clean of dirt, sludge, algae, fish oil, and anything else that can be found in the water. Aggressively active substances that they contain can destroy the structure of boat tissue.
  • It is necessary to clean not only the boat itself, but also all its elements - from oars to fences and seats.
  • Before packing the boat, make sure that it is completely dry. Otherwise, mold and microcracks may appear on it.
  • The boat should be dried in the position on the side and on each side, so the vessel will dry faster, completely getting rid of the water.
  • Before preparing for winter or long storage, wash the boat with a soft cloth and ordinary soap. Do not use caustic chemicals or metallic sponges.
  • Before descending, clear the coast of sharp stones and branches.
  • Keep all sharp objects in special plastic containers so as not to perforate the rubber.
  • Avoid high temperatures. Do not smoke near the boat or leave it near an open fire. Heat and ash can melt the material, making further use impossible.
  • When folding, make sure that small stones or dirt do not get inside the convolution with the boat.
  • Do not drop the boat without explosive valves in the sun. Due to internal overheating, it may burst and become unusable.
  • Do not install homemade seats.
  • Storage temperature should not go beyond 0 to 25 degrees.
  • Make sure that there are no rodents or other pests in the storage area of ​​the boat.

Review Owner Reviews

Regarding user reviews, they vary quite a lot. Many complain that defective goods are found in stores, which are offered to customers and are persistently trying to sell it. But do not forget that the "Master Boat" takes care of its customers, therefore If you find a manufacturing defect during the purchase or after, feel free to contact customer support.

Also in the shortcomings noted the low power of some boats and insufficient capacity. Of the pluses distinguish: good design, convenient storage, ease of operation and high level of security. In PVC boats, you can find both its pros and cons.

In the average value, the Riviera boats have good ergonomic properties in all models, but the technical characteristics vary from the activity that this or that boat is aimed at.

Review of the inflatable motor boat "Riviera 3400 SK Compact" see in the next video.

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