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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Extra long jackets

More and more fashionable clothes can be seen on store windows, as fashion does not stand still and steps hand in hand with time, bringing more and more wardrobe attributes to the light. One of these novelties, thanks to Coco Chanel, was the appearance of a model of a women's jacket, which is a variant of the upper women's clothing, reminiscent of the cut and style of the coat, but having a significant difference in the form of length and quality of fabric. Consider which models of jackets are more popular, from what fabrics they are created and with what clothes are best combined.


It would seem what kind of variety can be in the lineup of elongated jackets, because it is itself one of the varieties. But fashionable gurus come up with more and more variations of various fashionable clothes, therefore, among the models of elongated jackets there is a lot of variety. We will consider the most popular models.

Without collar

Recently, on the streets of the city you can increasingly notice girls in jackets without any collar. The neckline of this model is made simply in the form of a round shape, sometimes decorated with chains or inserts of a different color. Such a model looks, although simple, but incredibly stylish and goes well with various stoles and scarves around the neck.

V neckline

This type of cutout is characteristic of a jacket model with buttons or smell. Perfect for girls with a beautiful neckline, emphasizing delicate, sophisticated features. In addition, having an external resemblance to the classic type of jacket, it is quite suitable for use as a part of a business style.

Mid-thigh length

This length of the jacket will look great with skinny models of trousers and jeans, emphasizing slender legs. In addition, this model will go well with tight dresses and skirts.

Without sleeves

The sleeveless model is perfect for the summer period, since it has absolutely no functional features. It will not protect you from the cold and wind, but will serve as a wonderful addition to the image as an accessory.

With stand-up collar

A stand is an elongated model of the collar, which, usually, has excellent use in cool weather, since it will protect your neck from drafts. As for purely visual qualities, a jacket equipped with a stand-up collar looks best on slender girls with a thin neck.

Fitted fit

Slim fit jackets are common and would have the greatest resemblance to the classic jacket model, if not for an elongated style. Such a model is quite suitable for owners of curvaceous forms, since it best helps to hide excessive volumes.


Elongated straight-cut jackets, too, will well hide the flaws of the figure, but can give the silhouette excessive obesity, since they do not emphasize the waist line, but are simply sewn in the style of hoodies. Look great in models with a round neck, without a collar.

With pockets

It should be more careful when choosing a model of an elongated jacket with pockets. Since some of them look very massive and unnecessarily overload the image. To prevent this, it is worth taking a closer look at models with small side pockets, as if it were an invoice option or a sewn-in option.


In addition to various variations in the lineup, elongated jackets also differ in the quality of the fabric from which they are made. For each season, to a greater extent, a certain material will be relevant, since they differ not only in appearance, but also in fiber density. Consider the most popular options for long jackets from a variety of fabrics.


As a rule, denim elongated jackets have either a stand-up collar or a V-neck, with a corresponding collar. Denim models are stylishly combined with light things, as well as with some shades of dark, for example, black, gray, navy blue. As for the combination of jeans, it is worth noting that it is better that they are in the same color scheme, otherwise the image may not be accurate.


Knitted cardigans are perhaps the most popular because they are suitable for both casual style and some sports style options. Perfect with skinny pants, jeans or leggings. But do not wear a knitted jacket in combination with a dress, because they will not fit together stylistically.


Having a coarse and hard pile, tweed fabric is very suitable for cool weather, as it retains heat well and is resistant to strong winds. An elongated tweed jacket can be used as a thin coat option and combined with absolutely any other things.

What to wear?

You can combine elongated jackets with many other things. For example, a model without a collar, straight cut, is best combined with narrowed models of trousers and jeans, as well as with narrow options for dresses and skirts. Denim and knitted models are best combined with trouser options, since with dresses and skirts they are completely knocked out of the stylistic concept of the image.

Beautiful images

Let us consider in more detail, with specific examples, which models of jackets are best combined with certain things, as well as examine in detail several images that are at the peak of popularity this year.

An elongated tweed jacket of variegated colors, in brown tones, will go well with black trousers and a classic white cotton shirt. This combination looks reserved and fits perfectly into any version of the dress code.

A wonderful elegant look will turn out if you combine a black guipure skirt above the knee length, a simple white cotton top with neat embroidery and an elongated jacket without buttons, made of milk-colored cotton fabric. Such an outfit is quite suitable for a business meeting taking place in an informal setting, and in addition to black boats and pearl jewelry, the image will look restrained, but elegant.

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