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Editor'S Choice - 2020

White jacket

For any stylish girl, a basic wardrobe is a must-have item, the presence of which is not even discussed. For the most part, these are inexpensive things that can be purchased at almost any clothing store. The white jacket in this list takes the first places in the rating. If you can harmoniously alternate it with various things, no one will notice the fact that you do not take off your jacket for several days. This is the advantage of basic things.


Extra long jacket

For two years, an elongated style is an extremely fashionable trend. It resembles a light raincoat, which if it does not warm, it will definitely add femininity and elegance. It goes well with bright flashy colors. In addition, it helps to hide small flaws in the figure, smoothing the silhouette.

Cropped jacket

This is mainly an everyday option. You can make an image with him both strict and easy, laid-back. It all depends on the things with which you will combine it.

Jacket with inserts

The most original and catchy model. Now additional parts are very popular, such as - lace, a canvas of a different quality. They can be located on pockets, collars, sleeves, as well as be part of the thing. Designers can make sleeves or backs entirely out of a different fabric.

Short-sleeved jacket

Rescue on a hot day and squeak this season. The most recognized length is ¾. A little secret - if you have a regular cut jacket, you can carefully roll up your sleeves yourself - this is now also a sign of good taste.

Jacket with flared sleeves

If you pay attention to world-class stars, you will notice that at social parties flared sleeves of the most stylish women. It is rather an evening option, in combination with banal everyday clothes, the thing will simply be lost. Putting on a first date - you will not lose!

Fitted jacket

For those who want to emphasize that it is not in vain that sweats in training. Usually in such models there is a button in the center, it then helps to emphasize the wasp waist. Choose jackets either with a secret fastener or with an extremely original one. If anything, you can replace it yourself.

Sleeveless jacket (vest)

The right thing in the wardrobe of any fashionista. Choose an elongated option, short ones are not in demand now. It is easy to wear with a thing with long sleeves, and without it at all. Looks perfect with jeans and straight cut pants.

What to wear

White jacket and jeans

The most sought after everyday look. Of course, the top will not be combined with every jeans model. Best suited boyfriends, skinny black and blue shades. You will not lose and, having put on a jacket with a torn bottom, at least this season, such a combination is very close. An elongated jacket and a regular shortened one will look good.

From the shoes choose a heel, best shoes. This will harmoniously complete the image, giving you, despite the rough bottom, femininity. And girls with curvaceous forms will visually save a few kilograms.

Jacket and dress, skirt

White top will add an image of freshness, lightness. Choose a dress or skirt of not very dense materials. Otherwise, it will make the bow heavier. The most suitable style of the skirt is a fitted pencil. If you focus on vivid combinations, then get rid of unnecessary rigor.

Depending on the canvas of things, choose shoes. A win-win option - pumps, sandals. If the fabrics are light, like cotton, then you can safely wear sneakers. Maybe it would have seemed funny before, but now it will only prove that you are well versed in fashion.

White jacket and pants

And it is not at all necessary that this be a business image. Bright color trousers add ease. Choose a straight fit, shortened options. If you stop at the white bottom, then dilute with other colored things, for example, a bag or shoes.

Perhaps, boats and sandals will fit any sets with a white jacket. Sneakers will also look very good with trousers. Here, in general, there is much more choice - light booties, espadrilles, moccasins, etc. Convenient and comfortable bow for every day.

Jacket and shirt

This is just in case you want to look formal. For the bottom, stay in straight trousers or a skinny version. It can be colored or black tight jeans, and there may be pastel trousers. Choose a shirt depending on the color of the pants, light flowing fabrics. The least profitable, but also a pencil skirt will be stylish.

Shoes and only shoes! With other shoes this classicism will not be sustained, everything will be in vain.

Jacket and shorts

Now, in general, the combination of an open bottom and a closed top is very popular. But the best with this bow will be a jacket with shortened sleeves. A jacket is suitable, as well as a shirt, and a T-shirt with fashionable, bright prints. Shorts can also be of various paintings and colors, even the leather version will become a stylish highlight.

Sandals, sneakers, and any flat shoes will look good. By the way, if you choose shorts made of silky fabrics and put on shoes, then such an outfit can easily be worn for an evening party.

Beautiful images

The combination of a white jacket with pastel colors will make the look light and elegant.

Completely monophonic combinations refresh, perfectly look beautifully on tanned skin.

A particularly relevant trend this summer. Ideal for any figure, hide unnecessary centimeters.

Experiment, try something new, your own, and follow fashion trends.



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