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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Tweed Jackets

There are things that have gained such lasting popularity that they have the right to be called cult. Many more years will pass, and the tweed jacket will still be in demand among admirers of style and beauty. I must say many thanks to the legendary Chanel for this brilliant discovery.

Tweed Features

The heavy and dense tweed fabric is made from specially processed wool. It perfectly retains heat and is extremely durable. In cool weather, a tweed jacket can replace a jacket.

Initially, the fabric was intended for tailoring men's suits and coats, but the revolutionary-minded Coco Chanel won the find for women. The invaluable virtue of tweed is its durability. And he looks very stylish in any color scheme and gives things an aristocratic look, thanks to the noble embossed texture

Tweed is quite elastic and soft, despite its density, wearing it is a pleasure. It practically does not crease due to the twill weaving technique that is used in the manufacture.

Tweed is capable of self-healing. If suddenly there is a puff, just pull the fabric in different directions, and the popped thread will fall into place.

The owner of a tweed jacket should remember that tweed, like a fabric made of natural wool, is afraid of moths.

The specific texture of tweed things can add age to their owner. This problem can be solved by choosing a model of careless youth style for your wardrobe.


The latest fashion trends have revealed the strict framework of a classic tweed jacket. We have the pleasure to observe shortened and long models, with sleeves of various lengths and without them at all, lapels, stand-up collars, various kinds of decoration and decor.

The color scheme from the meager tones of natural origin has expanded to ultra bright colors and prints. Dark or light leather inserts in tweed jackets look harmonious.

The rules for choosing a model are the same - consider your height, body type and age. Elongated models are suitable for tall girls, and a short jacket will be a godsend for a miniature lady. Dark tones will hide the extra pounds, and slender women may not be afraid to wear a light jacket.

What to wear

A prim at first glance tweed jacket can be combined with almost any item in your wardrobe. And here are the most popular and winning options:

Tone or contrast skirt - flare, pencil, mini or maxi - a perfect pair of a jacket. After all, initially tweed was intended for costumes, which means that the jacket needs its own pair.

Jeans combined with a tweed jacket is a versatile and comfortable casual option. Add a pullover or turtleneck for everyday wear, and a shirt or blouse to work in the office.

The dress will fit a short tweed jacket. It is better if the fabric of the dress is light and airy - this is the perfect combination to create a romantic look. If the jacket is elongated, make sure that the dress underneath is shorter, so you get the effect of a cardigan or coat.

Shorts are also appropriate in the image with a tweed jacket, if they are made of dense fabric and are not provocatively short.

As for accessories, their main task is not to get lost on the background of textured fabric. If the jacket is mean for decoration, you can decorate it with a large brooch or volumetric pendant. Sports-style accessories, like similar clothes, will look out of place in tandem with a noble jacket.

Beautiful images

A business image that is not without a share of romance. A gray tweed jacket is in harmony with skinny indigo jeans, and a white blouse with frills and contrasting trim gives a unique touch of formality, bordering on an artistic elevation. The highlight of the image in the voluminous finish of the jacket.

The same version of a friendly pair of tweed jacket. A light gray jacket with cropped sleeves is geometrically trimmed with fringe and pockets. Loose linen trousers with large patch pockets meet his tone. The image does not become boring due to contrasting accessories - ribbons on the neck and a small clutch.

A classic tweed classic jacket trimmed with zipper at the waist line lends seriousness to the fuchsia dress. Brown shoes complete the look. A universal combination, both for a celebration and for a serious event.

An elongated tweed cardigan with fringe detailing in blue tones contrasts the image with a black top and tight trousers. A great choice for walking - practical and not without uniqueness.

The presence of a tweed jacket can not create a mischievous image? No matter how! Extra long denim shorts, a modest gray sweater, and a neat straight jacket on top. And so you turned into a fun little girl who knows how to control herself. The presence of accessories is necessary - a black belt, massive bracelets and a hat to match the shorts.

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