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Summer jackets

Fashionable summer jackets help girls look stylish and business-like even in the summer heat.


Most summer jackets are sewn with short sleeves. It saves from heat in summer days. But one cannot say that such jacket models look bad. In addition to the classic sleeve in ¾, there are bell sleeves, models complemented by assemblies or ruffles.

Volumetric decorated sleeves are suitable for girls of short stature, but for tall women it is better to choose a classic sleeve without decorations. Also, do not bypass sleeveless jackets. They look more stylish and restrained than simple vests, so you can create more interesting bows on their basis.

Also, models of summer jackets feature fasteners. The classic version is the buttons. It can be a row of buttons, or one big one. Also, the jacket can be fastened with a zipper, or, like a cardigan, be completely without fasteners.

Buttonless jackets You can wear wide open, showing others a stylish dress or top worn underneath. But more often they are supplemented with a belt or belt with a thin buckle, which allows emphasizing the thin waist.

Of particular note is the type of summer jacket, as peplum jacket. This is a classic jacket, complemented by the Basques, which actively conquers the world of fashion. Of course, such a model is very popular among full girls, since the Basques successfully covers the stomach and “ears” above the hips. Thin young ladies also get their pluses - a jacket with a peplum allows you to make forms more round and feminine.

Length options

Although the length of the jacket plays a significant role in creating fashionable bows, designers do not give clear guidance on her choice. Each girl can choose a jacket that suits her length exactly her type of figure.


Elongated jackets that extend to the middle of the thigh are well suited for cool summer evenings. The fitted long jackets look very elegant and feminine and go well with dresses.


Classic-length jackets are a thing that always stays in trend. From models popular in the distant 80s, modern jackets are distinguished by the original cut and the presence of additional jewelry. Modern designers often complement their creations with large pockets, cuffs or inserts from another fabric, such as lace, or leather.


Shortened jackets that reach the middle of the waist are called "spencers." They are equally good, both in the office, and on a walk or a romantic date. With this model, cropped trousers, skinny or short shorts are perfectly combined. Also this season, stylists recommend paying attention to voluminous shortened jackets.


In summer, it's time to put aside tweed and woolen jackets and replenish your wardrobe with products made of light materials. One of the most versatile options is cotton jackets.

Cotton belongs to the category of natural materials. It passes air well, so in any weather you are not hot, and you are not sweating. The same can be said of thin linen jackets.

Summer openwork jackets will look amazing. Thin knitting and interesting patterns are a great way to emphasize your femininity this summer!

To make women's jackets look more elegant and gentle, they are often complemented by various decorative elements. Designers actively use bows, ribbons, patch, fringe, original accessories and other decorations.

Color solutions and prints

If we talk about the colors of jackets, then the most popular now, as before, is a monochrome classic. The most trendy models sew in white, gray and black colors. The most popular of summer flowers is white. A light white jacket will suit all girls, especially in a tandem with a smart chiffon dress or shorts.

However, in the summer you can not put off bright colored things on the far shelf. Shades of red, blue and purple are popular this season. The trend is now carrot and tomato tones, as well as tender coral and peach. Designers allow combinations of bright contrasting shades, as well as combinations with lighter colors that muffle them.

As for prints, the trend is abstraction and geometric patterns. Also in the summer, it's time to pay attention to floral and floral prints.

What to wear

Summer jackets became fashionable in the middle of the last century. Initially, they were worn only complete with classic trousers or no less formal skirts. But now this previously strictly business item of clothing is part of everyday life.

In addition to trousers and fitted skirts, jackets go well with jeans, and in the summer heat with shorts. The combination of a jacket with light dresses of chiffon or cotton looks easy and feminine.

Jeans and shorts look best complete with a loose-cut jacket, which in itself looks quite informal. But under a pencil skirt or shorts with high waist, it is better to choose a shortened jacket.

Beautiful images

Using summer women's jackets, you can make any image flirt with new colors. For example, picking up a tone jacket for a bright coral skirt and adding a light t-shirt to your bow will give you good image for going to the office. A jacket with short sleeves and a skirt to the middle of the thigh will fit into the dress code, but at the same time will make you feel more comfortable than in an autumn outfit with long sleeves.

Instead of a skirt, you can use classic pants. It will look stylish low bowmade in monochrome tones, but successfully diluted with bright details. For example, a bag and shoes of scarlet color.

A summer jacket is a great addition to both an official bow and a simpler, everyday look. In this outfit you will feel comfortable in hot weather, so if your wardrobe does not yet have a light summer jacket, it's time to buy it.

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