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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Women's cardigans-coats

Model Features

A cardigan coat will never be an extra thing in your wardrobe. Such a product is useful on a cool summer day and a cold autumn day, and adding original and bright accessories to it, you can create a stylish look for going to a restaurant or for a festive celebration.

The product has such a name, since it is made of dense materials, but has no lining. Such a warm cardigan can have buttons, but often it just has a garter belt, and the product can also have a fur collar, patch pockets and welt pockets. Each year, cardigans in the form of a coat acquire an interesting and original appearance, so you can choose a model that emphasizes any thing in your wardrobe.


Modern and stylish models of cardigans-coats differ not only in cut, color and style, but also in material. Since this is a cardigan in the form of a coat, thick warm materials are used for sewing, which can warm in early spring or autumn. If you want to buy a cardigan coat, pay attention to what style you prefer. A thick knit coat will look perfect with simple knit skirts or trousers, as well as chiffon blouses. If you want to choose a cardigan coat from thin knitwear, keep in mind that thin and light things should also be worn under it.

A woolen cardigan in the form of a coat will become a stylish and luxurious addition to the image. Such a product must be combined with no less elegant dresses, as well as classic trousers and blouses made of crepe de chine or knitwear. You can choose a stylish woolen cardigan coat long to the middle of the thigh or to the knees, in this outfit you can go to work in the office or go to the restaurant in the evening.

How to make a stole?

Given that the stole looks luxurious and feminine, a coat made of stole will emphasize your delicate taste and original style. Such a cardigan can be used as a cape on thin short-sleeve blouses or separate clothes. In this case, you should choose a dense product, since the stole most often has a large knit.

To make a stylish stole cardigan, you should choose a belt in tone or, conversely, a contrast product.

The drap product looks presentable and elegant. If you prefer clothes in a classic style, such a cardigan coat will not be amiss in your wardrobe. Knit a cardigan coat will be a great choice if casual style prevails in your wardrobe. A stylish look with a knit cardigan, skinny jeans and a light t-shirt will be in demand this season. Also, a knitted product can be thrown on a knitted dress, such a bow will be an excellent choice for going to school, work or a festive celebration.

Famous designers offer the most original models of cardigans in the idea of ​​a coat, which will ideally combine with classic things and casual looks. But for your bow to be one, you need to choose the right materials, prints, models and styles of cardigan, basic clothes and shoes. Straight and loose models of cardigans in the form of a coat go well with mini and midi dresses, skirts, straight trousers and dark skinny jeans.

The top for the cardigan should be selected depending on the materials, it can be knitted blouses or sweaters, as well as chiffon tunics or t-shirts. Under these outfits, you can put on classic boats and sneakers, the main thing is to withstand the style of the image.

What to wear?

Knitted patterns are best combined with simple natural products, decorating such an image with a stylish handbag and a matching belt. Suede boots or boots are perfectly combined with knitted cardigans; you can also choose stylish ankle boots in color with a handbag and strap. Drap and wool products must be combined with skinny trousers or jeans, turtlenecks and tunics.

So that the image is not boring, you can add a bright accent in the form of a belt and clutch. Under the light coat-cardigans, you need to pick up the same light and laid-back things, most often it can be light chiffon dresses, miniskirts and blouses or T-shirts. Sandals or wedges or boats will be the perfect complement to such a summer bow.

Stylish looks

Cardigans in the form of a coat of delicate and warm colors will be popular this season. An original addition to such products will be fur collars, patch pockets and unusual buttons.

Also in fashion prints in the form of a strip or ethnic pattern. To keep you always in the spotlight, complement the pastel models with bright accessories.


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